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Hunting is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape is found on the desk next to Ranger Simons' terminal in the Ranger district office location.


Ranger Simons: You going to turn that thing on every time I walk over here now?

Ranger Ross: You going to keep physically abusing me every time I tell you "no" about something?

Ranger Simons: You're such a baby.

Ranger Ross: No, I'm a caring and sensitive individual, which is precisely the type of person we need protecting our wildlife.

Ranger Simons: If you had your way, no one would even visit the park!

Ranger Ross: And if you had yours, we'd let in every maniac with a gun to shoot up the place.

Ranger Simons: Not everyone with a gun is a maniac, Ross. And there's nothing wrong with hunting. It's a manly sport, a time honored tradition --

Ranger Ross: It's murder.

Ranger Simons: It's hunting.

Ranger Ross: Why are you a Ranger, anyway?

Ranger Simons: Because I love nature, and I want to preserve it so that people can enjoy it. Same as you.

Ranger Ross: By "enjoy" you mean "destroy," right?

Ranger Simons: For Christ's sake, Ross! I'm not a monster - Hey, what's that?

Ranger Ross: A trashcan?

Ranger Simons: So that's where my Dandy Boy Apples went. Into your goddamn mouth.

Ranger Ross: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ranger Simons: Gimme that!

Ranger Ross: Get away from me!