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Stop the attacks on the Wayward for good.

Hunter for Hire is a main quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


Duchess would prefer for her bar to be left alone by the various raiders that started plaguing Appalachia as people start returning in droves. She hires the veterans from Vault 76 to put a stop to the attacks for good - but first, they need to know who they're stopping. With only a name to go on it will require a bit of subtlety.


The quest starts immediately after dealing with the unruly customer from the previous quest, as Duchess offers the player character a job in getting rid of Crane to stop the attacks for good. To figure out his whereabouts, she instructs one to construct a special radio beacon that doubles as an advertisement post for Crane Treasure Hunting. By impersonating Crane, she hopes they'll be able to learn the whereabouts of Crane himself. Mort can offer instruction tapes on how to use a C.A.M.P. for the uninitiated.

Constructing the beacon requires two steps. First, build the beacon itself at a C.A.M.P. (available under the quest category). The beacon does not have to be powered for this quest. Second, load the broadcast tape into the terminal at relay tower EM-B1-27. Afterward, return to the C.A.M.P. and wait for arrivals.

The first arrival will be a treasure hunter and the player character can name-drop the Wayward. The second group will consist of Free Radicals (Davey and an unnamed member), who can be traded with, intimidated (Strength 2+), or tricked (Luck 2+) to give up the location of Crane at WV Lumber Co.. The Free Radicals carry the Bring me Crane! note, so killing them immediately will also suffice to find the location of Crane, though this happens anyway through the Luck conversation option as the other Free Radical thinks Davey double-crossed them and turns hostile. If Davey survives by the player's intervention in killing the other Free Radical, he will turn hostile and will need to be killed anyway, whether by the player character or their C.A.M.P.'s defensive turrets.

After reporting back to Duchess, the next goal is to clear out the location. Mort will suggest alternative approaches, such as visiting Anchor farm and the Tyler County fairgrounds to find information that would allow for a less violent confrontation at the lumber yard. At Anchor farm, talk with Daniel and pass a Perception 3+, Charisma 3+, or Strength 3+ check to learn about his deal with the raiders and the password to the hideout. Alternatively, take the Agreement with Radicals holotape from the safe underneath the stairs.

Next, find Liebowitz at the Tyler County fairgrounds for three Stealth Boys. He will ask one to retrieve a deathclaw egg from Deathclaw Island. With an Intelligence check of +4, one Stealth Boy can be obtained to use while obtaining the egg. The entire task can be avoided with a Strength 8+ check. After giving the egg to Liebowitz, the player character will receive the promised Stealth Boys.

Lastly, the player character must go to WV Lumber Co. to confront the Free Radicals. They can either be killed, or with the password, one can talk with the leader over the intercom to gain access to the compound. The following conversation equates to convincing him to leave the Wayward alone or promising him to find the treasure for him. After this, return to Duchess to complete the quest.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak to Duchess
? Read the "Plan: Crane Treasure Hunting Sign" schematics from your inventoryDuchess gave me plans for a sign to build at my C.A.M.P. in order to draw in the thugs that have been bothering "The Wayward." First, though, I need to read the schematics I've got in my pack. Duchess also said I can talk to Mort if I have questions about C.A.M.P. construction.
? (Optional) Speak to Mort about building at your C.A.M.P.
? (Optional) Build a Weapons Workbench at your C.A.M.P. to scrap items (Category: Crafting)
? Build the "Crane Treasure Hunting Inc." sign at your C.A.M.P. (Category: Quest)Time to build this sign at my C.A.M.P. so I can lure in these thugs. Duchess said I can scrap the materials she gave me at any workbench (which she also suggested I build at my C.A.M.P.) and if I still have questions about C.A.M.P. construction, Mort can help me out.
? Connect the "Crane Treasure Hunting Sign" to a generatorI built the sign and it spit out a holotape. Seems if I plug this into the local radio system, it'll send out a broadcast to draw in the thugs. All I have to do is take this holotape and load it into any radio broadcast terminal.
? Load "Broadcast Tape" into a Radio Tower and activate the connection
? Repair your "Crane Treasure Hunting Inc." sign
? Return to your C.A.M.P.Success! I've triggered the broadcast! Now I can return to my C.A.M.P. and wait for these hooligans.
? Wait to see who the sign draws inI've returned to my C.A.M.P. Now it's just a matter of waiting...
? Learn the location of the ganger's hideoutA couple of thugs have shown up looking for Crane. Time to see if I can get the location of their base from them.
? (Optional) Follow the gangers without being detected
? Share what you found with Duchess
? Talk to MortMort suspects the thugs bothering "The Wayward" might be tougher than they initially thought. I should talk to him to find out what suggestions he's got for taking them on.
? Report what you found to DuchessI found the location of the thugs' base - the West Virginia Lumber Company. I should check in with Duchess and let her know what I discovered! OR
? Kill the gang leader
? OR Convince the gang leader to leave the Wayward alone
? (Optional) Question the family at Anchor FarmMort's directed me to check in with two groups - a family at Anchor Farm, and a scrapper at Tyler County Fairground - to help me take on these thugs at West Virginia Lumber Company. Of course, if I want, going in guns blazing is always an option.
? (Optional) Speak to the scrapper at Tyler County FairgroundsMort's directed me to check in with two groups - a family at Anchor Farm, and a scrapper at Tyler County Fairground - to help me take on these thugs at West Virginia Lumber Company. Of course, if I want, going in guns blazing is always an option.
? (Optional) Fast travel back to Vault 76
? (Optional) Search the farm for information on the gangI've learned a password that will get me safely inside West Virginia Lumber - Blue Danube. I should now be able to get inside the mill unbothered in order to speak with their boss - or gun him down without having to deal with the guards.
? (Optional) Collect the egg for LiebowitzI met Mort's scrapper - Liebowitz - at Tyler County Fairground. He asked me to get him an egg from a nearby island... but won't tell me what kind of egg it is. I should be on my guard.
? (Optional) Deliver the egg to LiebowitzTurns out the egg belonged to a Deathclaw. Fun! Now I just have to return it to Liebowitz. OR
In return for getting him the egg, Liebowitz gave me several Stealth Boys. Invisibility tech like this could really help me get the drop on those thugs - or sneak inside more easily to work things out with their boss.
? Leave the gang a messageRoper's dead. I should leave a message for his men so they'll know to leave "The Wayward" alone - permanently. OR
I've left Roper's men a message - no one messes with "The Wayward." Time to head back to Duchess and let her know the good news.
?Icon checkTalk to DuchessI've agreed to split Crane's treasure with Roper in order to get him to leave the Wayward alone. Now to tell Duchess... and see if she can help me find it. OR
Thanks to my talents, I was able to convince Roper to leave the Wayward alone for good. Time to tell Duchess the news.


  • Contrary to the quest log, the broadcast tape must be loaded into relay tower EM-B1-27 in order for the quest to progress.

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