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Hunter/Hunted station is a radio station in Appalachia.


The Hunter/Hunted station broadcasts the Defense Intelligence Agency HUNT exercise, which operatives utilized to practice covert operations on American soil.

Transcript (preparation)


Frequency Active. Defense Intelligence Agency covert operations liquidation exercise initiated. Hotel Uniform November Tango. Waiting for opt-in from required number of embedded operatives.


The radio broadcast has no physical location in the game.


Hunter/Hunted Radio Announcer
Line Form ID
Stand by for new target... 003CFB15
Ping frequency indicates target proximity. 003CFB16
You are the last surviving operative. Congratulations, you are the victor. 003CFB17
Two operatives remaining. 003CFB18
Three operatives remaining. 003CFB19
Hostile operative liquidated. 003CFB1A
Operating commencing. Safety protocols -- disengaged. Repeat, safety protocols -- disengaged. Happy hunting. 003CFB1B
Be advised: you are being hunted. 0043178B
Operatives, be advised: fourty-five minutes remaining in operation. 0043178C
Exercise time expired. Stand down. Operation has ended with no victor. 004F954B
One minute remaining. 004F954C
Two minutes remaining. 004F954D
Three minutes remaining. 004F954E
Four minutes remaining. 004F954F
Five minutes remaining in operation. Maximum aggression is called for. 004F9550
Ten minutes remaining in operation. Locate and eliminate your target immediately. 004F9551
Operatives, be advised: fifteen minutes remaining in operation. 004F9552
Operatives, be advised: thirty minutes remaining in operation. 004F9553
Target evasion detected. Reestablishing target location. 004FA784
You have been eliminated by a hostile operative. Exercise terminated. 0050D67D
Voluntary opt-in complete. Hotel, Uniform, November, Tango. Defense Intelligence Agency covert operations liquidation exercise commencing shortly. Be aware: safety protocols will be disengaged for this operation. 0051EAA5
Frequency active. Defense Intelligence Agency covert operations liquidation exercise... initiated. Hotel, Uniform, November, Tango. Waiting for opt-in from required number of embedded operatives. 0051EAA6
Assigning target... complete. Target location... acquired. 0051EAA7
Operative eliminated. 0051EAAB