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Track down your target and eliminate them!

Hunter/Hunted is a PVP-enabled repeatable side quest in Fallout 76.


Four players are required to start this quest. Player characters must be at least level 5 to begin the quest by tuning into the Hunter Hunted station. This quest is unique in that the hostiles involved are other player characters. Player-versus-player combat is automatically enabled between all participants. Each participant will be given a target to hunt and kill to complete the quest.

Participants will also need to survive attacks from their own hunters, who may or may not be their targets. This quest enables player characters to sneak attack others at full damage, which is difficult outside of this quest because of reduced damage and of the need for other players to attack back to start PVP.

Quest stages

Quest stages
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Entering a Shelter will count as a forfeit and will remove you from the quest.

Behind the scenes

Hunter/Hunted was designed by lead level designer Daryl Brigner. Lead producer Jeff Gardiner cited it as an example of Brigner's independent style of content creation.[1]


  1. Bethesda_DE: Interview with Jeff Gardiner and Emil Pagliarulo at Gamescom 2020 (reference starts at 00:47:12):
    Alina Ullrich: "Ivo wrote her favorite one is the Shining house in 76, which is cool."
    Jeff Gardiner: "Oh, yes. That was our lead designer, Daryl Brigner, and, ah, yes, that is great. That's an example of somebody, he just goes in and does this stuff. Right? Hunter/Hunted is another example of Daryl Brigner, again, like, I'm just naming him. I get in trouble naming people. But like, he just goes in and does this stuff, and you look at it and go, 'this is freaking great.'"