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Hull Breach is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Far Harbor side quest: Hull Breach
Talk to the Mariner.
Recover the power tools from Eagle's Cove tannery.
Bring the tools to the Mariner.
Sell the tools to Machete Mike.
Reward: 300 XP
450 caps
Combat shotgun
~4 shotgun shells
Reward: 2000 caps or 2750 (with barter)
Far Harbor side quest: Hull Breach 2
Talk to the Mariner.
Eliminate the trappers at MS Azalea.
Reward: 300 XP
400 caps
Far Harbor side quest: Hull Breach 3
Talk to the Mariner.
Collect 3 mirelurk carapaces at Haddock Cove.
Return to the Mariner.
Reward: 300 XP
615 caps
Defender's Harpoon Gun
Leads to: The Great Hunt

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Part 1Edit

Go to the Mariner; her office is to the immediate left upon entering Far Harbor. She asks the Sole Survivor to find her a special set of tools to help improve the capabilities of the hull. The tools can be found in Eagle's Cove Tannery which is occupied by feral ghouls. Recover the tools and return to her. Exiting the tannery through either the front or back door will lead to the player character meeting a man named Machete Mike, who claims the tools are a rare set of Pelman's. He offers 2000 caps for them (2750 after a Speech check), wherein one accepts the offer, but fails the quest; or, refuses the offer without any further conflict.

Mike may be killed after refusing his offer, netting the around 3000 caps, but will restrict advancement in the questline. However, if one tries to pickpocket Machete Mike, he will turn hostile and attack; at this point, one can kill him in self-defense and loot the caps from his body or simply run away without being penalized (inconsistent), and the quest can be continued. However, even killing Mike in this way may still result in the player character being barred from starting the second and third portions of this quest. Return the tools to the Mariner to receive the caps and experience. The next time Far Harbor is visited, large spiked barriers will be found on the outside of the Hull.

Part 2Edit

During, or after completing, Rite of Passage, the Mariner will offer a second opportunity to improve the Hull even more. Conversing with her reveals that she desires completion as soon as possible due to the doctor diagnosing her with an incurable illness.

She sends the player character to the MS Azalea, to clear it of the occupying trappers. After killing the leader, Bilge, the Sole Survivor must return to Far Harbor to accept the caps and the Mariner's respect. The next time Far Harbor is visited, two large sections of the Azalea's hull will have been attached to sections of the Hull.

Part 3Edit

During The Changing Tide, the Mariner needs one more task completing, in order to finalize the Hull's defenses, primarily against the corrosive acid of mirelurk queens. She sends the Sole Survivor to collect three mirelurk carapaces to coat the Hull with, making it acid-resistant.

While any mirelurk will do, a particularly rugged type can be found at Haddock Cove. Collecting the carapaces takes the Sole Survivor back to the Mariner, who thanks them and rewards them with a Legendary harpoon gun, of varied effects. The next time Far Harbor is visited, three overhangs built out of the carapaces will be added along the walkway above the Hull.

Quest stagesEdit

Hull BreachEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Get power tools.In order to reinforce Far Harbor's wall ("the Hull") the Mariner needs special power tools. I've agreed to go to Eagle's Cove Tannery and collect them.
200 Give the Mariner the tools.I've picked up the power tools the Mariner needs to repair and reinforce Far Harbor's walls ("the Hull"). Now I need to give them to her.
250Icon checkQuest CompletedInstead of delivering the power tools to the Mariner, I gave them to Machete Mike for a much better pay day.
300Icon checkQuest CompletedI delivered the power tools to the Mariner.
400Icon checkQuest Completed
9000Icon crossQuest Failed

Hull Breach 2Edit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Clear Trappers at the MS Azalea.`The Mariner plans on reinforcing Far Harbor's walls with part of a ship's hull. In order to do this, I have to clear out the trappers at the MS Azalea.
200 Return to the Mariner.All of the trappers at the MS Azalea have been eliminated. Now I just need to give the Mariner the good news so she can salvage part of its hull to help defend Far Harbor.
300Icon checkReport to the Mariner.The Mariner rewarded me for securing the MS Azalea. Soon the defenses of Far Harbor will literally be a Hull.
400Icon checkQuest Completed
9000Icon crossQuest Failed

Hull Breach 3Edit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Collect 3 Mirelurk carapaces.In the Mariner's continuing effort to overly-reinforce Far Harbor, she wants three mirelurk carapaces. Any of the shelled mirelurks on this island have the carapaces I need.
200 Give the carapaces to the Mariner.I have all the mirelurk carapaces I need. I should deliver them to the Mariner so she can use them to defend the town.
300Icon checkCarapaces deliveredThe Mariner received her mirelurk carapaces. The walls of Far Harbor should be even more impregnable now.
400Icon checkQuest Completed
9000Icon crossQuest Failed


  • Killing Machete Mike during "Hull Breach 1" will cause "Hull Breach 2 & 3" to become unavailable. Likewise, if he is killed by any feral ghouls that may be roaming the area. However, killing Machete Mike before he can make the offer or before he has a chance to talk to the Sole Survivor will allow advancement in "Hull Breach 1."
  • Hull Breach 2 and Hull Breach 3 are designated as separate quests within the Pip-Boy.
  • Upon completing Hull Breach 3, mirelurk carapaces can still be found on dead mirelurks on the Island. They have no use besides being sold and do not appear on mirelurks outside of the Island.
  • If one chooses not to sell the tools to Machete Mike, Old Longfellow and MacCready will dislike their choice.
  • Old Longfellow will also dislike seeing Machete Mike killed his caps looted.
  • Nick Valentine likes it when the player character refuses to sell the power tools.


Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone If you enter Eagle's Cove tannery through the basement door, Machete Mike may not appear. [verified]

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