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Hugo must pay is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


Can be found at the Old Crimora Mines, near the password sheet.



Haven't spoken to another person in so long. I'm going crazy. Just going to write out some thoughts, see how it feels.
The bombs saved my life. If they hadn't dropped exactly then, well I'm not sure I would have gotten away from that lunatic that Hugo sent. Funny thing, that.
I wonder if Audrey even got my letter? Am I ever going to see her again? Did she make it to the Vault in time?
For a while, finding her is the only thing that kept me going... but as time passes, my real purpose for survival has become clearer by the day: Make Hugo suffer. I know he's somewhere, safe in a cozy Vault - sitting pretty on throne made the dead that stood in his way. But not me. You didn't get me, you bastard. And best of all, I'll break Audrey free. Away from that psycho.