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This is a transcript for dialogue with Hugo Stolz.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00766463 007664F1 This was easier than anticipated...
2 007664F2 Right... moving on.
3 00766464 007664EC You've made enemies with the wrong person!
4 007664ED You've just made the worst decision of your life.
5 007664EE I'd say you'll regret this... but you won't live long enough to do so.
6 00766466 007664B5 What are you? Aus Zucker gemacht?
7 007664B6 Be embarrassing if you got beat by the blind man.
8 00771DA2 I expected much more from you.
9 00771DA3 Come, my friend, you can do better!
10 00771DA4 A shame it's come to this.
11 00771DA5 You're outmatched, I'm afraid.
12 00771DA6 I will not be stopped!
13 00771DA7 There's still time for you to run.
14 00771DA8 I'm fighting for love. For family. Do you not see that?
15 00771DA9 I'm more than your common Lost, my friend.
16 00771DAA *Maniacal laughter*
17 00771DAB Ha, is combat always so exhilarating?
18 00766467 007664B9 Oww! You traitorous bastard!
19 007664BA Aua!
20 007664BB Ouch!
21 007664BC This all you have?
22 00771D9B Ack!
23 00771D9C Damn... you!
24 00771D9D Argh...
25 00771D9E Ack! Not finished yet!
26 00771D9F Oof!
27 00771DA0 Argh! Dammit!
28 00771DA1 Ugh!
29 00766468 007664D0 I didn't see this coming...
30 007664D1 Anything is worth it for my dear Cassie...
31 007664D2 Need some assistance over here!
32 007664D3 I surrender...
33 00767C99 007664BF Oh my dear Cassie... what are we gonna do?
34 007664C0 What would Cassie do?
35 007664C1 Right Hugo. Keep it together. You're a Stolz. Act like it. Be proud. Hugo is giving himself a little pep talk
36 007664C2 Would there be sound if a tree fell with no one around?
37 007664CA Hallo. You keeping busy?
38 007664CB The early bird catches the worm!
39 007664CC Life is no Pony farm.
40 007664CE What?! Never seen a blind man?... Yeah... Me neither.
41 007664D9 Hallo.
42 007664DA Auf Wiedersehen.
43 007664DB Ja.
44 007664DC Nein.
45 007664DD Danke.
46 007664DE Sorry.
47 007664DF Of course.
48 007664E0 Get back to your assignment.
49 007664E1 Back to what we were discussing.
50 007664E2 We're not done yet.
51 007664E3 I don't think we have anything else to discuss.
52 00767C9A 007664BE Where could this damn key be? Hugo is in a rush.
53 007664C3 I knew I shouldn't have hired that dumb nut to get the job done. Now we have the salad.
54 007664C4 There must be a false snake on the inside....
55 007664C5 I must hurry and visit Cassidy at her favorite place.
56 007664C6 Gah! Keep stepping into the water when I go see Cassie. My socks are soaked again.
57 007664C7 Wonder if the cat is alive or dead?
58 00767C9B 007664CD I could use some help over here.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00766429 00766519 She had to go. She poses too much of a risk to my family and business.
2 She got away last time, and look what's happened!
3 Taking my Cassie... Attempting to kill her?
4 No... no we cannot have that... Even if we stopped her this time, she'd only try again. She just had to go.
5 00766431 00766502 I had to guarantee that she'd die this time. And if you weren't doing the dirty work..
6 ...well then I had to!
7 00766433 0076651C She's still too naïve and young to realize the luck she has had being born into this family.
8 She might one day.
9 But for now she will blame me for not letting her do all the things she wanted to do.
10 But that's children for you!
11 00766435 00766505 Ha! It'd be nicer if she'd listen!
12 A stranger would certainly not talk back at me like she does...
13 But we keep business safe. Close to home. It is better this way.
14 00766437 0076651F She was starting to be less and less present... we knew it was imminent... her turning feral...
15 I tried to help... tried to prevent it... I think it's fair to say the treatment was... incomplete.
16 Her coma is the consequence of my failure in keeping her safe...
17 00766439 007664FC We met at a Gala. I'd say it was... love at first sight, but I don't think that would speak true for me...
18 Her voice was the most beautiful in the room. She was so captivating, so intelligent.
19 We spent hours talking and before we knew it she was describing the sun rise to me.
20 We always had something to talk about, something to debate... I miss those conversations...
21 0076643B 0076650D Sometimes it would be business.
22 But for the most part we would debate quite philosophical dilemmas.
23 Oh! Maybe I'll present you with one of those dilemmas sometime! How fun!
24 0076643C 00766524 Well of course!
25 Her moral compass was very strong, and to me business has always come first.
26 But she knew at the end of the day, I was right.
27 0076643D 0076650A That was not enough. Everyone suffers now because I was unable to fix it. To see through.
28 The road to hell is paved in good intentions, hm? But we haven't arrived at the end just yet. There may yet be hope.
29 0076643E 00766521 For now, perhaps... But I suggest you watch your tone.
30 00766450 00766517 Hear you? No, not quite I'm afraid.
31 Just as their above ground counterparts, their interpretation of the world around them is very limited.
32 However, our unique bond allows me to pacify any fear that may over take them.
33 Even as we speak, I'm feeling their anxieties lower. They recognize you as a friend. My friend.
34 00766451 007664FD Live our lives in peace. Together.
35 My ambitions end here, you know. There's nothing left to achieve.
36 It wasn't the road I intended to travel, but the destination is the one I had hoped for.
37 This is our heaven on Earth.
38 00766452 00766514 They are simply buzzing with joy, let me tell you.
39 I understand your hesitation. Their world is foreign to you.
40 But I assure you. Happiness does not begin to describe it.
41 00766453 007664FA Ha! A fierce negotiator! How nostalgic.
42 No, I'm afraid that is all we have to offer.
43 You're resourceful, though. I'm sure you'll put them to great use!
44 00766454 00766511 Remember: You're always welcome here.
45 Auf Wiedersehen.
46 00766455 00766528 By unexpected chance, I believe.
47 You see, my fellow Vault-mates weren't necessarily aware of the true potential of this weather machine.
48 It isn't easy to get Vault-Tec to sign a check. Not without something to gain.
49 We knew from some inside sources that certain electromagnetic forces could "modify" ones thoughts...
50 00766456 0076650E No. Not if they still wander the Earth above I'm afraid.
51 Any who stray too far will be outside my influence.
52 This is perhaps my only regret. I had hoped this last attempt would reach out to all of the Lost.
53 Perhaps in time my power will grow, and so too will the reach of my voice.
54 00766458 0076650B How crude! How... science fiction! No, my friend, no.
55 Pacification of aggression. Something like... electroshock therapy
56 As Overseer, I had agreed to test out ways to mass-pacify a population using atmospheric changes.
57 The ATLAS project had hoped to weaponize weather.
58 We hoped instead to make it a blessing.
59 0076645C 00766508 As I said, getting Vault-Tec to sign a check isn't easy.
60 Especially for a project and a Vault of this size.
61 But you make it sound so fantastical! Again, no mind control.
62 Pacification. Tranquility. Peace.
63 Did they place their hopes in this, or was it just one of many in a long list of ideas.
64 It mattered not to me. I gave them the answers they wanted and they provided what I needed in return.
65 0076645D 00766515 Oh heavens, no!
66 My intention was to gather everything we'd need to live and thrive in the event of war.
67 And I mean it when I say thrive.
68 Shelter. Protection. Extended life. Prosperity.
69 The weather control killed two birds with one stone: it could appease our backers...
70 And, if we're lucky, maybe it'd provide us with a leg-up in agriculture in the new world.
71 The potential for its mind-altering side effects were really only of interest to me later.
72 When we learned of... going feral.
73 0076645E 007664FB I'm afraid not.
74 The storm is something of a lifeline for us.
75 Perhaps someone had told you already, but we cannot venture far from it.
76 Our research has shown leaving its proximity is certain death.
77 00766460 007664F9 And where else would we go, my friend?
78 Do you think we could hop on a plane to Paris? Dinner in Milan?
79 Perhaps this isn't paradise in every sense of the word, but given the alternative...
80 The storm is the only shelter we need.
81 00766461 00766510 We've seen no indication that the storm will dissipate without external intervention.
82 I couldn't be bothered with the details, but we believe it's self sustaining.
83 Hm... Maybe I should try to bring some of the better scientists back to the Atrium.
84 If I can find where they've wandered to that is!
85 00766462 00766527 Yes? What can satiate your curiosity?
86 0076646B 007664E5 Did you need something? Said impatiently
87 007664E6 Well?
88 007664E7 Did you want anything?
89 007664E8 Please get to the point. Said impatiently
90 007664E9 *Grumbles* Yes?
91 007664EA Hello friend.
92 0076646C 007664D6 Of course! We're just glad to have you here.
93 007664D7 Of course.
94 0076646D 00766507 Yes? What can satiate your curiosity?
95 0076646E 0076651E We've seen no indication that the storm will disapate without external intervention.
96 I couldn't be bothered with the details, but we believe it's self sustaining.
97 Hm... Maybe I should try to bring some of better scientists back to the Atrium.
98 If I can find where they've wandered to that is!
99 0076646F 00766504 And where else would we go, my friend?
100 Do you think we could hop on a plane to Paris? Dinner in Milan?
101 Perhaps this isn't paradise in every sense of the word, but given the alternative...
102 The storm is the only shelter we need.
103 00766471 00766501 I'm afraid not.
104 The storm is something of a lifeline for us.
105 Perhaps someone had told you already, but we cannot venture far from it.
106 Our research has shown leaving its proximity is certain death.
107 00766472 00766512 Oh heavens, no!
108 My intention was to gather everything we'd need to live and thrive in the event of war.
109 And I mean it when I say thrive.
110 Shelter. Protection. Extended life. Prosperity.
111 The weather control killed two birds with one stone: it could appease our backers...
112 And, if we're lucky, maybe it'd provide us with a leg-up in agriculture in the new world.
113 The potential for its mind-altering side effects were really only of interest to me later.
114 When we learned of... going feral.
115 00766473 007664F8 As I said, getting Vault-Tec to sign a check isn't easy.
116 Especially for a project and a Vault of this size.
117 But you make it sound so fantastical! As I've said, no mind control.
118 Pacification. Tranquility. Peace.
119 I don't care to understand the wants and desires of the board.
120 Did they place their hopes in this, or was it just one of many in a long list ideas.
121 Mattered not to me, I gave them the answers they wanted to provide what I needed in return.
122 00766475 00766526 How crude! How... science fiction! No, my friend, no.
123 Pacification of aggression. Something like... electroshock therapy.
124 As Overseer, I had agreed to test out ways to mass-pacify a population using atmospheric changes.
125 The ATLAS project had hoped to weapon weather.
126 We hoped instead to make it a blessing
127 00766477 00766523 No. Not if they still wander the Earth above I'm afraid.
128 Any who stray too far will be outside my influence.
129 This is perhaps my only regret. I had hoped this last attempt would reach out to all of the Lost.
130 Perhaps in time my power will grow, and so too will the reach of my voice.
131 00766478 00766509 By unexpected chance, I believe.
132 You see, my fellow Vault-mates weren't necessarily aware of the true potential of this weather machine.
133 It isn't easy to get Vault-Tec to sign a check. Not without something to gain.
134 We knew from some inside sources that certain electromagnetic forces could "modify" ones thoughts...
135 00766479 007664AC Remember: You're always welcome here.
136 Auf Wiedersehen.
137 0076647A 00766520 Ha! A fierce negotiator! How nostalgic.
138 No, I'm afraid that is all we have to offer.
139 You're resourceful, though. I'm sure you'll put them to great use!
140 0076647B 00766506 They are simply buzzing with joy, let me tell you.
141 I understand your hesitation. Their world is foreign to you.
142 But I assure you. Happiness does not begin to describe it.
143 0076647C 0076651D Live our lives in peace. Together.
144 My ambitions end here, you know. There's nothing left to achieve.
145 It wasn't the road I intended to travel, but the destination is the one I had hoped for.
146 This is our heaven on Earth.
147 0076647D 00766503 Hear you? No, not quite I'm afraid.
148 Just as their above ground counterparts, their interpretation of the world around them is very limited.
149 However, our unique bond allows me to pacify any fear that may over take them.
150 Even as we speak, I'm feeling their anxieties lower. They recognize you as a friend. My friend.
151 0076647E 0076651A *Grumbles*
152 Watch what you're saying.
153 0076647F 00766500 You are right! I did what I could...
154 Sure everyone in this vault had to suffer the consequences...
155 But I did my best, and my intentions were good! And that's what counts, afterall.
156 00766480 00766518 Well of course!
157 Her moral compass was very strong, and to me business has always come first.
158 But she knew at the end of the day, I was right.
159 00766481 007664FE Sometimes it would be business.
160 But for the most part we would debate quite philosophical dilemmas.
161 Oh! Maybe I'll present you with one of those dilemmas sometime! How fun!
162 00766483 007664EF Of course... I am the Overseer here after all. What would you like to know?
163 00766485 00766516 You may ask, but I reserve the right to privacy, should I disapprove of your questions.
164 00766487 007664A7 Oh this is the good bit! What sparks your interest? Enthusiastic
165 00766489 007664B1 Auf Wiedersehen.
166 0076648B 007664A9 To shelter humanity for a new tomorrow. What other purpose could it possibly serve?
167 I would advise you not to speculate any further.
168 0076648D 007664AD What is they say? "It's all about who you know?" In my case, that would be everyone of importance in assuring such a thing came to be.
169 My position and connections are both expansive and unique. Such a thing comes with many privileges.
170 0076648F 007664C8 Great vision can often be at odds with time, I'm afraid.
171 It's hard to say how things would have been differently if we'd finished when the bombs fell. To see my dream come to fruition.
172 Oh but to dwell over "what ifs" will bring you nowhere! So we shall move forward with what we have.
173 00766491 007664AE All a part of my grand plan. I wanted a Vault that wasn't just about preserving the past, but continuing to build a new future.
174 Climate control, increased life expectancy, and the deadliest weapons to ward off would-be survivors of the Apocalypse.
175 This fell through once we were afflicted with this... "ghoul" phenomenon, With radiation and illness no longer seeming to be a concerning factor.
176 Then much our research became focused on improving our new standards of life.. and preservation against the "feral" affliction.
177 But... I tire of retracing the past. Our priorities have continued to evolve along with the dangers of the world above.
178 00766493 007664D4 The machine hadn't been fully operations for many years-- not since the first "accident."
179 I am less clear on the most recent slip-up-- the one that shook the Earth and created this storm-- but that has left it broken again none the less.
180 00766497 007664A6 Is it such a surprise? In case you hadn't noticed yet, we used to move in high places and were very influential people.
181 Getting on the board was inevitable. Creating a seat as an Overseer... Well, was much more challenging.
182 00766499 007664B0 I had a way with money, but Cassidy... she had a way with people. Oh, I wish you could have seen her. They danced for her like a puppet on a string.
183 Of course, the smell of money will always be the best conversation starter... but it takes true talent earn true, unending trust. She was a marvel.
184 Oh Verzeihung! I got carried away there. Another topic, please.
185 0076649B 007664A8 Go on then.
186 0076649D 007664B2 Family Business! This business goes a looong way back.
187 It was absolutely out of question to ever do anything, but this.
188 Mein Vater was a very intelligent man. He taught me everything I needed to take over, and I like to believe that I haven't let him down
189 0076649F 007664AA I wouldn't say I'm quite Lost. I am still of sound mind.
190 My new condition has granted me a way to see, though, which has been a big change... But certainly one I've welcomed.
191 The world I live in now has made me stronger. I venture to guess the Lost above have also grown in power, but simply lack... direction.
192 007664A1 007664B3 Well business, of course! My position on the Vault-Tec board required a permanent move as things escalated. Escalation refers to incoming, all-out world war
193 I'd frequented this country many times, of course. This is how I met my Cassie. Perhaps the best summary of what brought me here is simply "her."
194 007664A3 007664AB Interesting? It's far more than that. It is powerful! A privilege to carry this name.
195 It means pride. And pride we have.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0072EE0B 0072EE1B So, shall we begin? There are some tasks that I'm unequipped to handle myself, and I need your assistance. Eager to get started
2 0072EE1D You there! I don't know you! Why are you in my lab?!
3 00732677 I believe you have something for me.
4 00733843 What the hell are you doing in here? Get your filthy hands off her! Hugo walks in on player removing key off his comatose wife - he is unaware that she has the key so he perceives this differently.
5 0072EE0C 0072EE1E Who told you?! Never mind.
6 Yes. I am indeed Audrey Stolz, and you are a sore thumb sticking out in my lab. Great, introductions are out of the way.
7 You know, there's enough chaos around here as it is, with the machine being broken, the clutter everywhere, and the electrified lunatics roaming about...
8 So unless there's something you're here for, would you kindly get the hell out of my lab?
9 0072EE0E 0072EE17 What's this? Oh the blueprints!
10 Fantastic! Did my father send you? Are we hiring outside help for the mail room now -- never mind that, it doesn't matter.
11 All that matters is that I finally have these!
12 0072EE10 0072EE19 Excellent. As you've hopefully been made aware by now, the source of the weather phenomenon outside is a device that is under our control.
13 Or rather, the lack thereof-- control, that is.
14 In order to solve this error, we'll need to acquire the weather machine's blueprints. They are in the wall safe just over there.
15 0072EE12 0072EE18 Well, as you can see... I cannot. Or, at least, not in the same way you see the world. Empathize "I cannot". He can literally NOT SEE, since he is blind.
16 More precisely, while I can navigate just fine, there are a number of optical challenges that my... condition does not account for.
17 Normally, I would have someone assist me with that, but, well, we're getting ahead of ourselves. So, shall we begin?
18 0073266E 00732676 Spoken with confidence! Personifying the boat, like a true sailor.
19 For this exercise, I propose we conclude the opposite. Just humor me a moment.
20 00732670 00732675 Er, no... I'm referring to a theoretical boat, my friend. You know, picture one in your mind.
21 00732672 00732674 Ha ha! Right you are, my friend. Both in the origins of the question and its complexity.
22 00733836 00733842 Very well, but I am sure you wouldn't appreciate a stranger... manhandling your spouse!
23 This arrangement is in her best interest.
24 00733838 0073383A What's that? Oh... I understand...
25 00756613 00756644 Sure is... biologically anyway... Can't say he's ever acted much like a father...
26 Nowadays, he's more my boss than my dad.
27 A boss that keeps interfering with my professional and personal life... All said angrily/irritated under her breath and an annoyed sigh at end. Emphasis on "and"
28 Anyway, you were saying?
29 00756614 00756638 Well, the name says it all! It used to be a machine that did the weather.
30 You know, monitoring it... controlling it... Just the usual stuff.
31 I think we picked it up as a way to sweeten the pot when my father was getting the board to approve this Vault.
32 A bit of nepotism later, and here I am. My father refused to listen when I told him my talents are wasted on this machine, but...
33 In the end, the research fell off after the bombs fell... Later, we found a very important reason to look into again, of course.
34 Which... I'm not really comfortable sharing more on. Sorry, we did just meet after all.
35 To summarize. This machine is important, my father wants it fixed, and I'd very much like father to stop pestering me about it...
36 00756615 00756647 Yes, yes, very excellent parcel delivery. Off with you then.
37 Actually... wait a moment. A helpful minion could be quite useful... Could you, er, give me two seconds to read this?
38 Here's a little reward for you. Count your bottle caps while I go over the blueprints. Come back when you're ready for more work.
39 00756616 0075663B Oh, is it? Really? It looks perfectly FINE to me.
40 Clearly something went wrong here, don't you think? An astounding observation, just ground breaking!
41 I... sorry. I'm a bit on edge. I'm still trying to figure out how to repair the weather machine...
42 But the documentation is missing, and much as my father wishes I could magically be as brilliant as my mother, I just...
43 Anyway, I'm sorry about the outburst. Did you need something?
44 0075661D 00756649 Oh, and before you go off to Audrey, I would like you to indulge me in another thought exercise I've been meditating on.
45 If you were to repair a ship by replacing it plank by plank, piece by piece...
46 So much so that no single piece of wood from the original vessel remained, would you have a new ship?
47 Or would it still be the original, only improved?
48 0075661E 0075663D Let's say, for this example, that we can agree that eventually it is a new ship.
49 Because, I think the more interesting question is at what point does it become so?
50 0075661F 0075663F Oh, please, just humor me a bit longer, hm?
51 00756620 00756631 Interesting. If this is the case, then... at what point does it become a different ship?
52 00756621 00756643 I don't think it's anyone's business to see my wife whenever they wish. I am sure you wouldn't like that either, if you were in her position.
53 Just exposed for anyone to see, like some animal in a zoo? No, not my Cassie. She deserves peace and quiet to recover.
54 00756622 00756635 Nothing. She's perfect. Always has been. Always will be.
55 The same incident that has put me into my condition, well it made her... quiet. Tired.
56 She'll be right in no time. All the more reason for you to get a move on with those weather machine blueprints, no?
57 00756623 00756642 Apologies for the confusion. I often forget just how unusual my situation has become.
58 I was born blind, and lived that way even after becoming a "Ghoul", as you put it.
59 However, as I've mentioned, an accident at this facility altered me. Not unlike the "Lost" that wander the surface.
60 I see the world in pulses, wavelengths -- a universe of violent synaptic connections carving out and outlining every object and person. Trying to describe his new vision, making up a description as he goes. This is no easy task for someone who could never see before
61 Navigation is trivial for me now. I was able to spot you in these sacred grounds even from my office.
62 To the "Lost", I imagine this vision is a curse, a terrifying cataractous cloud that distorts their world. To me, it is a new life.
63 Needless to say, I don't find myself bumping into things while getting around the Vault anymore.
64 00756624 00756634 Yes, very well. Hugo is gathering his emotions again.
65 If you would excuse me, I would like a moment with my wife.
66 Come find me when you have the blueprints.
67 00756626 00756639 You will? Oh wie Wunderbar!
68 Best of luck.
69 00756627 00756645 Ha! I dare say I barely understand it myself. Prior to certain circumstances, I was blind -- born that way.
70 Since... said circumstances, I've come to be able to see, but not in the traditional sense.
71 Alas, written text -- paper and terminal alike -- remain my mortal foe.
72 Discussing the boring details any further are for another time, though. Please, let's return to the matter at hand.
73 00756628 00756636 I am concerned for my wife's privacy. Her notes could include audit reports and other sensitive information.
74 While it means nothing to a stranger like you, it could sow discord in our vault.
75 I'd rather not have files go missing or rumors spreading. You understand, don't you?
76 00756629 0075663C The safe can only be opened with a key. A key that my beloved wife Cassie has chosen to hide in a very secure location.
77 So secure that only she knows where it is. This is... problematic, as she has been unwell and unresponsive for quite some time.
78 That said, she is... was, a diligent note keeper. I'm certain you could find out where she moved the key to, if you were to search through her notes.
79 You should find them all in our room upstairs. It is unlocked, so you should be able to just walk in.
80 With my condition as it is, I am unable to do this myself. And thus, my new friend, the task falls to you.
81 0075662B 0075662E I've been known to be a bit creative with resources in the past, but I'm not that wasteful.
82 0075662C 00756632 Ah, if only it were that simple.
83 0075662D 00756641 Aber Natuerlich. Please come back if you can help. Hugo goodbye line
84 0075E381 0075E38E After half of the planks? After the final part is replaced? Perhaps, the rudder, or mast?
85 If we were to change piece by piece, at what point do we become something entirely new?
86 Hup! One moment, let's perhaps hold on an answer.
87 I'd rather that linger with you a bit. And you have important business to attend to. Now, off with you to see Audrey.
88 She's buried in her books in the Meteorology Sector. I hope you have some good hiking boots, it's quite the trek. Safe travels.
89 0075E382 0075E38A Oh... the best. She is the most beautiful person. She keeps me balanced.
90 We were never apart and we collected the most wonderful memories together.
91 Ahem... Excuse me. This makes me rather emotional.
92 0075E383 0075E38F Ah, you would have ranked among my best in the glory days. No nonsense, all action. A chuckle as he says this
93 0075E384 0075E38B I'm happy to hear it.
94 0075E385 0075E390 Did I ask you to snoop around in our personal affairs? That was, and is, none of your business. A little heated, but not furious
95 Forget the petty gossip and focus on the task at hand. Am I making myself clear to you?
96 Now. The blueprints. Have you found them yet?
97 0075E386 0075E38C It is a step, yes. You'll be provided more information shortly, do be patient -- remember this is all new to you, but years in the making for us.
98 0075E387 0075E392 Ha! Well they're no good to me! I can't read them.
99 Go deliver them to my daughter, Audrey. She is the one who is leading the effort to repair the weather machine.
100 Oh.. and before I forget... erm.. our conversation earlier? In Cassie's room? Water under the bridge, yes?
101 I do hope we can keep that just between us. I'd hate for rumors to flutter about.
102 0075E388 0075E391 Is that what I've said? I... suppose I revealed too much with too little context. Forgive me.
103 Now isn't the time to discuss such things. Not before you have a better grasp of what we're contending against here.
104 0075E389 0075E38D I apologize... truly. I am just very protective of her, you know? She was... IS... my other half and life is just not complete without her...
105 Of course she has the key herself... I should have known...
106 0076AAA2 0076AAA3 Do hurry.
107 0076AB1D 0076AB24 There was another copy, but... I don't even want to get started, to be honest. Intellectual property can be so tricky to keep locked away.
108 Perhaps chasing down the problem is something we could look into another day. For today: the safe is our solution.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0075A8F2 0076161C Good. You're here. The situation has developed and we're short on time.
2 0076161D Time for chatter is over. Get going, now!
3 0076161E You did a helluva good job back there. I knew you'd do the right thing.
4 00761620 How could Uncle Hugo have planned this? What did he see that I didn't?
5 00761622 Finally, I thought you'd never make it.
6 He's locked me out, but I've bought some time by disrupting the start-up sequence.
7 It's only a matter of minutes before he gets it up and running again, though.
8 I can't believe it's come to this... I hate him... so fucking much.
9 00761623 Hi... I, uh... Don't really know what to say right now.
10 I never thought it'd end like this.
11 00761626 I underestimated... your strength it would seem.
12 I... suppose this is an unfortunate turn of events for me, isn't it?
13 00761627 Wilkommen! Oh, it's good to see you here.
14 A new day has dawned, my friend. My family and I thank you, truly.
15 0075A8F4 0075A915 If that is what you think best, so be it.
16 0075A8F6 0075A90F Just make it quick.
17 0075A8F8 0075A916 Thank you...
18 0075A8FA 0075A910 If that's what you think is best...
19 0075A8FC 0075A917 Just make it quick...
20 0075A8FE 0075A911 Thank you...
21 0075A900 0075A90B If that's what you think is best...
22 0075A902 0075A912 Just make it quick...
23 0075A904 0075A90C Thank you...
24 007614D5 00761605 Please, my friend. Help me...
25 00761606 Ah yes, we should speak of rewards.
26 007614D6 007615C1 I trusted you... I fucking trusted you...
27 007614D7 00761608 Good, he's still breathing. Hurry up and power down that machine.
28 We'll come retrieve him when it's safe.
29 007614D8 007615C8 Don't even think about it! We need Hugo alive! You hear me?!
30 007614D9 0076160F Dear god... Move, Audrey, we have to get up there!
31 007614DA 007615CF Stop it! You're going to kill us all!
32 007614DB 00761616 In the meantime we'll sort out the mess the sorry SOB left us. So, rest easy.
33 But, uh, look. I can't give you a medal of honor-- don't have one to give.
34 But I would, if I could. This goes without saying, but you've more than earned my respect.
35 I hope that means something to you.
36 Don't go turning into a stranger, alright? That's an order.
37 007614DC 007615D6 Well, look, we're not evil.
38 So, no promises, heh.
39 007614DE 0076159C If he wasn't the solution to all this, I'd have put him in a body bag myself.
40 He should feel lucky that he's valuable enough to keep alive.
41 007614E0 007615DE Couldn't have said it better myself.
42 007614E2 007615A3 I'm sure it feels like he got off easy, but I assure you that's not the case.
43 He's sedated for now, and still recovering from that proper ass whoopin' you provided.
44 But once he wakes up, the time for rest is over. The research begins.
45 He's the key to solving the Lost, and we'll see to it he remains a silent contributor.
46 007614E3 007615E5 Damn right he did. He brought this on himself.
47 007614E5 007615AB Don't. That's exactly how he's manipulated us for years.
48 His mask's off now. He's got no hold over us anymore.
49 007614E7 007615ED And a fine job at that.
50 007614E9 007615F5 You've been a good soldier for us. I'm glad we put our trust in you.
51 Yep. You're one of the good ones, alright. No doubt about it.
52 I'm just glad we're on the same team. Hate to go toe-to-toe with someone like you!
53 007615F6 Hard to believe you're the same wise-cracking outsider from when we first met.
54 I had my share of doubts about you. Okay, I thought you were hopeless.
55 But you came through for us. I'm proud to have served beside you.
56 007614EA 007615B9 You've done... enough.
57 I'm sorry, I should be more grateful. Truly, I wish I could be.
58 But you're to blame for some of what transpired as well, whether you intended to or not.
59 I think... No. No, I'm sorry.
60 You're a victim of his manipulation too.
61 Thank you for the offer, but we need to stand on our own for a while.
62 If that changes, I'll let you know.
63 007614EC 007615FD The first thing I'm going to do is work toward opening up the Vault as a shelter.
64 We are to blame for what's happened in the region, the least we can do is offer safety to those that wander here.
65 From there, well... One thing at a time.
66 007614EE 0076160B I'm sorry for the part you were made to play in all this. But I'm glad it's over.
67 Goodbye, outsider.
68 007614F0 007615CB *Sigh* What am I talking about? This is what I asked for. What we all needed. There was no other way.
69 And our problems aren't over. The Lost are still out there, the storm is still raging.
70 We're going to ride this thing out, no matter how tough it gets.
71 007614F1 00761612 That's cruel... but fair. This is my problem now.
72 I've just never felt so alone in my entire life.
73 007614F3 007615D2 You're right. They do need me.
74 But I need... Well, the people I need are all gone now.
75 007614F5 00761619 You make it sound like it's nothing. Like it's easy.
76 "Just get back up, dust yourself off. Keep moving." God... that's exactly what he used to say to me when I was little.
77 007614F7 007615D9 I've just got to keep going now, don't I?
78 007614F8 0076159F I... know. It's just that...
79 I've never felt this way before. I'm so mixed up inside.
80 007614FA 007615E1 You're right, but... it's hard for me to believe that I'll ever be normal again.
81 007614FC 007615A7 I don't know. What... if I was wrong?
82 When I saw him in there, trying so hard to save Mom... To save them all...
83 007614FE 007615E8 With our research concluding, I've had our friends here strip down much of our equipment.
84 I believe the components and materials from them could be of great use to you back in the world above.
85 And I will, of course, generously compensate you with plenty of these "Caps" you covet so dearly.
86 Now, I don't wish to hold you too long. I'm sure you've many adventures ahead.
87 Be well, friend, and thank you, truly.
88 00761500 007615EF What a question! Of course! To be together, to be family again?
89 What else could I have asked for?
90 00761502 007615B4 Oh come now, don't sour the mood.
91 Change can be disorienting, but you'll see soon enough how happy we all are.
92 00761504 007615F8
93 00761506 007615BB To be here together again. Parents and children, friends and neighbors.
94 You've mended a broken world, my friend. You've healed us.
95 Truly, I am thankful for your cooperation, from the bottom of my heart.
96 00761507 007615FF Indeed. I gathered them here for a hero's welcome.
97 00761509 007615C2 You've done the right thing. You've brought my family back together.
98 0076150B 007615CE No... they are found!
99 Ha! I apologize, I'm just so overwhelmed with joy.
100 0076150D 00761615 *Huff* It's alright... I got her. She's been subdued.
101 I'll head to deal with Hugo shortly. You head back to the Atrium, we'll talk more there.
102 0076150E 007615D5 No, let go of me! God damn you, both of you!
103 0076150F 00761629 Audrey, stop! Put it down, now!
104 00761510 007615DC ... ... ...
105 I'm sorry, James. This madness ends here. All of it.
106 It's over now... It's finally over.
107 Power the machine down. I'll see you at the Atrium... I need to be alone for a moment.
108 00761511 007615A1 You fool! Stay there, we may be able to extract more from him while he's still--
109 Wait, Audrey, what are you doing...?
110 00761512 007615E3 I can't believe this is happening...
111 00761513 007615A9 What are you doing? Are you crazy? You can't help him!
112 00761514 007615EB Please, my friend. Help me...
113 00761516 007615B0 You do not realize what it is you ask.
114 No, I can never let you wander into that fate. This is my family's curse, not yours.
115 00761518 007615F2 I will see you again at the Atrium when the process is complete.
116 Now, go while you can!
117 0076151A 007615B7 Please, leave while you can. I'll need to activate the machine before the others can stop me.
118 0076151B 007615FB I'm... speechless. Thank you.
119 0076151D 007615BE Please, help me... mein Freund.
120 00761521 007615C5 Business to the bitter end? A fitting fate for me, I suppose.
121 You'll be well compensated. Not just in your new world currency, but in supplies.
122 Years' worth of research have come to an end. We have supplies and technology free for the taking.
123 00761523 0076160C They will be safe. With family again.
124 This won't just transform them into the violent, chaotic Lost you have seen.
125 We will move together again. They'll be in my orbit, at peace.
126 00761525 007615AF Cassidy... I'm sorry love... I tried.
127 End it then.
128 00761527 007615F1 I've no strength to fight... Do what you will then... Fool.
129 00761529 007615B6 Just walk away.
130 Get clear of this place, and allow me to finish my work.
131 I will make it worth your while, if you just let me bring them all home again.
132 0076152B 007615FA There is another way... You don't have to end this.
133 You can still help me. If only you'd see things my way for a moment.
134 If only you'd see the sparkle in her eyes. There's hope. She is in there. They all are.
135 I can be the bridge. I just need your help this one final time.
136 That pull between us. Every footstep... perfectly placed once more.
137 So please... Help me.
138 0076152C 007615BD Not my last words, no. Please, there is more to be said.
139 0076152E 00761601 We aren't finished just yet. Please, listen.
140 00761530 007615C4 So that is your solution? To lock me away like some caged animal...
141 So short-sighted.
142 00761532 0076160A This would imply it was a failure.
143 It wasn't.
144 00761533 007615CA En Garde!
145 00761534 00761611 Ah, my friend... I'm truly sorry that you've been sent here in their place.
146 But I cannot risk more coming to your aid. Prepare yourself.
147 00761536 007615D1 You know nothing. I can see that now.
148 Free will? Violence is the only will your ilk understands.
149 00761538 00761618 Neither you nor God could ever offer penance for my sins, I'm afraid.
150 0076153A 007615D8 I will allow you to try and make me, my friend.
151 0076153C 0076159E For months, I've pushed Hilda and Audrey toward the solution.
152 I knew it was in me, the signal to shepherd them. I just needed them to isolate it, decode it... replicate it.
153 To teach our machine to dance to my song, to forge a true bridge between me and our lost children.
154 But, truly, the last missing piece was you, mein Freund. Without your drive... we'd have been stuck.
155 So before we end this for good. I do want to thank you again, for being a catalyst for change.
156 Now, let's finish this, shall we? I have business to attend to.
157 0076153D 007615E0 You are right. But the only way to save me is to bring them back.
158 0076153F 007615A6 For now, perhaps, but that's why we must finish this.
159 00761541 007615E7 Only for brief, fleeting moments.
160 00761543 007615A4 I made great progress in my second attempt. I was able to calm my Cassidy.
161 Suddenly, she responded to my will. She followed my footsteps. She looked me in the eyes again.
162 In that moment of bliss, we fled away back to the atrium.
163 Hand in hand... Like school children we ran while this devilish machine spun on, sowing destruction.
164 I learned something important about the power I hold. I'm the gravitational force they need.
165 I am a vessel for this storm. I can move them. Save them.
166 00761544 007615E6 I'm nothing if not consistent.
167 00761546 007615AC
168 00761548 007615EE
169 0076154A 007615B3 Months ago, before we ever crossed paths, I stood here with Cassidy, just as we had a decade ago.
170 I ran this machine again. Hoping, begging for a solution. And at worst, a release from this solitary life.
171 The results were unexpected, more severe than my first attempt.
172 The storm you see? The shattering of the land around here? A result of that brave step.
173 0076154B 007615F7 What would you know of us?
174 How can you begin to comprehend what we are.
175 0076154D 007615BA Ah, but it has! Before we ever met, even.
176 0076154F 007615FE You are a child. You understand nothing.
177 00761551 007615C0 Do you not see? My darling, standing right here beside me?
178 She walked here with me, followed my every step.
179 Do you not understand what this means? I know the others wouldn't, but surely you do.
180 00761552 00761607 You're naivety is beginning to lose its charm on me, you know.
181 00761554 007615C7 Ha! I hadn't taken you for someone frightened by something like "grave danger".
182 00761556 0076160E Too late? Too late for what? For a solution to our problems?
183 00761558 007615CD What's the status? We're not vomiting up electricity, so that's a promising sign.
184 Wait, we still haven't gotten to him yet? Pick up the pace, we've got to hurry!
185 00761559 00761614 Got it! You're almost there. One more to go.
186 Oberlin! God, you almost gave me a heart attack.
187 0076155A 007615D4 It's too late for that. Please. End this for good!
188 0076155B 00761628 Soldier, you know your orders. Do not let emotion guide you. We need him alive.
189 0076155C 007615DB James, it's too risky to keep him alive. He has to die. He has to.
190 0076155D 007615E9 What do you mean kill him?! Are you crazy?!
191 No, we need him alive!
192 0076155E 007615AE It's open! Get in there!
193 0076155F 007615F0 Okay, that'll get you in.
194 Just focus on the Lost while I work on the next grid.
195 00761560 007615B5 You don't understand. Oberlin thinks we can still fix all of this. But we can't.
196 We're out of options. The experiment proves that.
197 If he's left alive, he might break free. He might try this again.
198 He's not just a monster, he's a manipulator. He has to die. It's the only way.
199 Please, we need to end this.
200 00761562 007615F9 That's not my Father in there. That's a lunatic. A killer.
201 Both of my parents died during the accident-- no, when he made his choice.
202 He's going to do it again, and this time, he's taking all of us with him.
203 But, enough, we don't have time for this!
204 00761564 007615BC Believe me, I know I'm starting to sound like I'm losing it too. But this is the only way.
205 I'll begin unlocking the doors to the top floor, just make your way there.
206 The area is crawling with Lost. Probably his doing. Be careful.
207 I'll be in touch over the loud speakers. Please, go.
208 00761566 00761600 He needs to die.
209 My god... Did I really just say that? This is really the only choice he's given me, isn't it?
210 But, no, it's true. Please, he has to die, he can't do this again.
211 00761567 007615C3 I know. Upstairs. But, you should know...
212 00761569 00761609 Yes. We are. For good.
213 0076156B 007615C9 Right? That must be the case...
214 Otherwise... how could he?
215 0076156D 00761610 I never really believed it when people said it, but...
216 I just don't know anymore, Uncle Hugo...
217 0076156F 007615D0 Please. You need to help.
218 00761571 00761617 Huh? Me? I... I don't know.
219 00761573 007615D7 Do you think he wants to control them all?
220 Papa too? His own brother...?
221 00761575 0076159D Expect resistance, but remember: bring him in alive.
222 Dismissed!
223 00761576 007615DF You're derranged if you think anything like that matters now.
224 Survival here in Shenandoah is all we have left.
225 There's no more time for this!
226 00761578 007615A5 Do the right thing.
227 0076157A 007615B1 Thank you.
228 0076157C 007615F3 We need him breathing if we want to learn more about this affliction. It'd be years of research lost.
229 0076157D 007615B8 Oh he will pay, but his life alone isn't worth what he owes.
230 0076157F 007615FC Good.
231 00761581 007615BF No! Wait, we need to discuss what you'll do when you get there.
232 I'll be brief: I need him alive.
233 00761582 00761603
234 00761584 007615C6
235 00761586 0076160D The weather machine was already set to the parameters we just tested.
236 This was a final trial run before the real deal.
237 We can discuss our terrible choices later. We have to act now.
238 00761588 007615CC There's only one place.
239 He's likely to reach the Meteorology Sector any minute now, up at the Hawksbill Weather Station.
240 Audrey already left to try and stop him. But even with Cassidy, he's gotten too much of a head start.
241 0076158A 00761613 We've discovered that Hugo didn't leave alone. He's taken Cassidy with him.
242 That can only mean one thing: he's going to activate the weather machine already.
243 Bastard... This experiment was just to distract us. He already had all the pieces he needed.
244 0076158B 007615D3 If only. Listen up.
245 0076158D 0076161A Here's the sit-rep.
246 0076AFE9 0076AFEA intentionally blank - gun shot SFX
247 0076EDFD 00761625 My friend! Schön, dich wieder zu sehen.
248 I apologize for pulling the wool over your eyes earlier. I needed a suitable distraction to hold their interest.
249 But I should warn you, any attempt to dissuade me will be made in vain.
250 I recommend turning back while you can.
251 007828AA 007828AB intentionally blank - used to make it so Audrey does not play any other Idles


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00743E74 00743E83 Password?
2 0075DD71 How dare you come in here interrupting our ritual and killing my little mothlings!
3 007665DF You either have a password or you better get a move on.
4 007665E0 Hey! I don't remember your face?!
5 007665E1 Right! I got my equipment together.
6 Let me see how you did in placing the part...
7 007665E3 Huh? Oh, good day! My name is Bry... eh Blair! My name is Blair. Blairs real name is Bryan. He is still getting used to being Blair.
8 I'm still a bit new around here - who are you?
9 007665E4 What's with all the flutter?
10 007665E5 Hello again fellow... believer. Follower of the winged one.
11 007665E6 Hail the holy moly. The holy Mothman.
12 007665E8 Hey! I don't think I've met you yet?! Odd. I thought I knew all our believers...?
13 Anyway, I'm Scarlet and you are?
14 007665E9 Ah! Eager to learn more? Good!
15 007665EA Have you finished your prayers already?
16 007665EB Hello again.
17 00766A90 You are back! Good.
18 I trust you have taken care of everything and I can send my men out to get Cassidy?
19 00743E77 00743E7F *Chuckles* Do you think I got into my position because I said "please" ?
20 00743E79 00743E7E I don't believe in magic. And your little spell didn't work, so guess you just proved me right.
21 00743E7B 00743E80 Well if he is, he better know the password.
22 0075DD69 0075DD6E If I were you I wouldn't challenge me.
23 I've got nothing left to lose. Trust me when I advise that you do not fuck with me.
24 You better think of your next words wisely. Why are you here?
25 0075DD6B 0075DD72 And why would I do that?
26 00766533 00766A81 I am glad you can see that. Now if you could just make Audrey see it, too, that'd be fantastic.
27 Back to my previous question though: Can I send my rescue team out? Is my Cassie safe?
28 00766534 00766A89 You get used to it.
29 0076653A 00766A7B Fantastic!
30 Oh I wish I was there to see it! You know in a more figurative sense...
31 0076653B 00766A84 Oh that? Clever right?! Hugo is pleased with himself
32 I had some of my engineers develop the mechanism years ago! I knew it would come in handy at some point.
33 And what a lucky coincidence that I held on to that book, too.
34 I take it was a success then? Alex is dead?
35 0076653C 00766A92 Fantastic! I knew you had that kind of fire in you. A good hitman pays well, you know.
36 0076653D 00766A83 Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions in business. But I don't expect you to understand.
37 Neither did Alex. Always twisting reality. Playing the victim.
38 You don't believe that manipulative schemer, do you?
39 0076653E 00766A8F Enough of this nonsense. I have done what I needed to to ensure the safety and survival of my family.
40 You may choose to believe whatever fairy tale villain-esc interpretation of my actions you want, but I regret nothing. Fuming, but not outright yelling
41 The only thing I want to hear from you now is whether or not I can send a team to retrieve my Cassie.
42 0076653F 00766A8E So dramatic. Please, it was a necessary move and you will be paid in kind for your involvement in it.
43 00766540 00766A8B How could you be so naive? Didn't you realize my Father would stop at nothing to see her dead? Murder is nothing to him, it's a short cut.
44 You hear me father, that's all you are - a bloodthirsty murderer.
45 I mean what is Alex's life to you? Just a little bit more blood on your hands.
46 Shouldn't make much of a difference, right? Whatever it takes to get your way. You're a psychopath.
47 00766542 00766A8C You're unbelievable. You just couldn't let it go, could you? The only solution you have is to just kill, and kill.
48 I can't believe I came up here to try and talk this through, to try to make you see some reason. But I seem to have forgotten how... efficient you are.
49 After all these years of not knowing if she was still alive, I had a tiny spark of hope that I could see her again... and now she's gone. For good.
50 And there is no one else to blame but you. Both of you.
51 00766543 00766A80 Ah, well thank you! I knew you would understand that sometimes drastic measures must be taken.
52 00766544 00766A8D With that matter settled, I'll notify a team to conduct a rescue effort to bring Cassidy home. I am truly grateful, my friend.
53 00766545 00766A85 Of that I am certain.
54 00766546 00766A7C Audrey, hang on, you still don't understand!
55 Alex kidnapped your mother!
56 Err... No talking sense into that one... She always just runs away...
57 00766547 00766A7D For a moment I really thought you were one of the good ones.
58 But no, you're no different. Just taking orders from my mad father and killing innocent people.
59 You're both just heartless murderers.
60 00766548 00766A87 No, she's not. Every word of it is true. If only she could see why none of that is a problem. It's just the way of the world.
61 0076654A 00743E84 *grumbles* You may pass.
62 0075DD6F Rargh! You can sure try! Like a scream going into combat/war
63 007665DA Knew I could count on you.
64 Now you better get going. I will deal with Audrey. Meet me back in the Atrium when it's safe to get my dear Cassie.
65 I will send out some people to transport her back safely once you've completed your mission.
66 007665DB I must get word to the rescue team. Bis später.
67 0076AB2C Hey, any further and I start killin'.
68 0076654B 007665A8 I agree.
69 0076654F 007665B9 For some of them, it's just a matter of saying the right thing. Mothman showed me this, Mothman showed me that... Next thing you know, I'm a prophet.
70 The rest...? Well, we share a common interest. They're my wolves hiding in moths clothing. We have one goal: get back at Hugo.
71 Do you know what that bastard did to these people? How he used them? Stole their homes? Left them for dead?
72 00766553 007665EE Audrey was the only one who ever got me.
73 Ran into each other in a bookstore, in the before times. That nerd. God I miss her.
74 Her dad hated us being together. Thought I was a bad influence on her.
75 Maybe I thought he was a capitalist pig.
76 The family business was everything to him. Anything that stood in his way had to be... eliminated.
77 I guess I stood in the way.
78 00766555 007665C3 Hugo caught wind that I was still in contact with Audrey after they moved to Shenandoah. He sent a goon to kill me. Keep me away.
79 The bombs fell as I was being attacked. Probably the only reason I managed to escape.
80 I was out in the woods by myself. Barely alive, getting my strength back. Until this lot found me and made me their leader. Lucky me!
81 They've turned out to be a great help to make my revenge against Hugo a reality.
82 I'm not alone in that. Many here want to see Hugo suffer.. and I won't let you get in the way of that.
83 00766557 007665AA Of course it was a trap. Let me guess, Hugo's doing, right?
84 Well it don't matter no more... He got what he wanted.
85 If you see Audrey, will you tell her I never stopped loving her?
86 00766558 007665C7 Wait hang on...is this?
87 No can't be! This book, I gave it to Audrey, way back...
88 Maybe you're on to something after all... if this thing is the real deal that is.
89 0076655B 007665CA I doubt Audrey would even know I'm still alive...
90 Our love has no chance anymore.
91 Too much has happened. Too much has changed. Including myself.
92 0076655D 007665B0 Hugo sent a what? Yeah, right.
93 He cannot be trusted and you're a fool to listen to him.
94 It's not too late to change sides you know, why not join up with me?
95 0076655F 007665CD What a weird time to ask questions. I guess we can spare a few seconds.
96 I like to get to know my victims a little anyway.
97 00766561 007665B2 That pig can get lost. Soon he'll know the pain I felt when he took Audrey away.
98 00766563 007665D1 That's not gonna happen. And if you interfere with our ritual, we'll make you our next sacrifice.
99 00766565 007665B6 Watch your mouth, or I'll make you our next sacrifice, you hear me?!
100 00766567 007665D5 I like you, new blood.
101 I'm sorry I can't help you with the password, but you might find something that could help around Alex's room.
102 00766569 007665BA As you were.
103 0076656B 007665D8 Err... is he playing all important again?
104 If I did, I'd tell you, but he won't tell me again either since I told a few others last time.
105 He gets on my nerves.
106 He keeps spreading his novice interpretations. But I can't spread the password?!
107 The word of the Mothman is as clear as is the light that shall consume us.
108 Unlike his passwords, which are very unclear.
109 0076656D 007665BD What a stupid question. She is our leader, you fool!
110 I almost envy her. She has been chosen by the great Mothman. Oh how I wish I was chosen.
111 No, Scarlet, envy is an ugly thing. No place for envy amongst believers.
112 The Mothman shall receive all us believers equally and consume us with the light.
113 0076656F 007665DD Holy Mothman. Holy. And he has been guiding my path for quite some time now.
114 But Alex has been a true prophet. We are all so excited for the big ritual. Enthusiastic
115 We are so close to being consumed by the light. She is looking forward to this.
116 00766571 007665D6 Suit yourself.
117 Not like I got anything else to do in these dark tunnels anyway.
118 00766573 007665BB Well presumably for the same reason you are? Aren't all the non-believers here for the same thing? Said quieter for no one to overhear
119 To get back at Hugo for going back on the deal, and just generally being total filth. Said quieter for no one to overhear
120 He screwed us over... Big time. Made promises that upended our lives, and put all us at risk.
121 It's about time he gets what he deserves. I'm sure whatever he did to you makes you feel the same.
122 00766575 007665D9 Shh! Don't let them hear you say that! Said quieter for no one to overhear
123 You can't put our disguise at risk, not now that we are so close to completing our vengeance. Said quieter for no one to overhear
124 00766577 007665BE Ah. Me too.
125 Good... err... praying's!
126 00766579 007665DE How dare you putting my faith in question!
127 Wait... either? You're one of us! He says this a littler quieter for no one to overhear.
128 Oh thank Go- I mean, um thank the Mothman.
129 0076657B 007665C1 Yep. All ready for the big sacrifice.
130 Just sitting.. in the dark... waiting for the light to consume us.
131 0076657D 007665A7 Truly an inspiration.
132 We shall follow her lead. She's on to something big. Bigger than anyone here realizes.
133 Make sure you do what she requests for this ritual.
134 0076657F 007665C4 Hope you don't waste my time again when you come back.
135 00766581 007665AB What do you mean you don't know who I am?
136 I am Pepper, and you better not make me an enemy. I am a good ally to have.
137 00766583 007665C8 Well.. no.
138 Maybe... Audrey has a point with that whole happiness thing...
139 And maybe you have a point about that whole violence thing...
140 Anyway! Can we focus on getting my wife back safely.
141 00766585 0077E970 intentionally blank
142 00766587 007665CB We can't say for certain... but the gun I hired never returned so it's possible she survived.
143 And let's say that "joining a cult" isn't outside the realm of possibilities when it came to her... eccentricities.
144 But, even if it isn't the same Alex, whoever has kidnapped my wife deserves to die.
145 00766589 007665CE Disguise! Don't become one of them ...
146 But yes that is the brief in a nutshell.
147 0076658B 007665B3 Preferably. Yes.
148 Err. *Pause* But... I guess you're right. It only led to more chaos hasn't it?
149 I guess you could try and talk some reason into her? I do have this book you could use it as a peace offering from me? The book is trap to kill Alex. The player wont find out about this until later. Hugo tricks the player into taking it, well knowing what he is doing.
150 I took it off Audrey. It appears to have been a gift from Alex. I thought it best to remove anything that might rouse up sentimental feelings.
151 You know the sorts. Silly young romances. Anyway, I think this could be enough to... persuade her and invite her into this family.
152 Yes. If that's the price I have to pay to get Cassidy back alive, then I guess I will come to terms with Alex being in our lifes.
153 0076658D 007665B7 No... not gone like that.
154 She's not in her room. Someone has taken her.
155 They've left a note, Oberlin read it out to me. Some gibberish about a Mothman.
156 0076658E 007665C6 What do you mean gone? I thought she was in a stable condition?
157 0076658F 007665AC Audrey? Audrey! Hugo is in a panic but relieved when he finds his Daughter
158 I thought I heard your voice in here. Oh! And our new friend is with you! Good we might need you.
159 We have an emergency... your mother... she's gone!
160 00766590 007665C9 Mhh... Passable. You forgot to hook up a few of the connectors, but a solid attempt for a first timer at weather machine repair.
161 All that's left now is to get a scan of my mother's eyes.
162 She is the only one in this Vault authorized to override security checks when we reboot it.
163 00766592 007665AF
164 00766594 007665CC
165 00766595 007665B1 Didn't you say they were connected to an Alex?
166 So... if this Alex is connected to these cultists... and the cultists kidnapped my mother?
167 Could it really be her?
168 But why would she take mom?
169 00766596 007665D0 Alex? In a cult? No... that can't be. I took care of her. Hugo says this to himself, almost more as a whisper.
170 00766597 007665B5 What did you just say? Angry disbelief. Audrey confronts her father.
171 00766598 007665D4 Hm? N-Nothing my dear. I misspoke.
172 00766599 007665B8 No, no. You definitely said "I took care of her".
173 Want to elaborate on how you took care of her, Father ?!
174 0076659A 007665D7 *Sighs* Okay... look... I didn't intend for you to find out but...
175 She was a risk to your future and that of our family business! I had to ensure you would stay here with us.
176 I only did what I had to do.
177 0076659B 007665BC Why am I not surprised. I had a feeling you were behind her disappearance.
178 How was your own daughters happiness ever a risk?
179 Every single bit of my life has always been dictated by you, and I have been miserable for all of it.
180 0076659C 007665DC Now now... That's not true! You've always loved all this tinkering and such!
181 All I did was make sure you were safe and would focus on what's important. The family business.
182 And look around, look how well it has worked out. This machine you've helped build and maintain... it's a true masterpiece!
183 0076659D 007665BF Are you delusional?! Look at us! Look at those mad Lost running around? Mom is in a coma for god's sake!
184 How has any of that "worked out well"?
185 I cannot reason with the unreasonable. I need some air to process this. This is directed to the player
186 0076659E 007665ED She'll come to her senses. She's always a flair for the the dramatic. Takes after her Father, I suppose.
187 We have more important business to discuss, anyway. We need my wife back. Pronto.
188 And you've more than proven yourself capable of the task. So, please, I could use your assistance.
189 007665A0 007665C2 Wunderbar!
190 Getting this machine repaired is in everybodies best interest.
191 Now the note left behind mentions something about an old abandoned mine.
192 I remember there was only one within the park. Nearly purchased it at one point for some... actually that's not important.
193 Try and blend in as one of the cultists, I fear they may harm Cassidy if they spot an intruder.
194 Find where they are keeping her and get rid of Alex. I expect you to do a better job than the last person I sent to deal with her.
195 007665A2 007665A9 We don't have time to get into this.
196 She was a bad influence on my daughter. A threat to the family business.
197 I had to protect the business, and most importantly Audrey, from her communist ideas.
198 Now can we focus on the real issue at hand please, and take care of Alex?
199 007665A4 007665B4 As much as I'd like to trust Audrey, I had to make sure she wouldn't turn against me.
200 Cassidy had to authorize any major changes or security checks, to make sure Audrey is keeping on the right track.
201 Thinking of it, it may have not been the best idea to only have one person authorized to do all this.
202 Well, it's done now so you better get going before they kill her.
203 007665A6 007665D3 Oh that stupid letter is what got us all into this situation in the first place!
204 I should be telling you off for putting your nose in what's none of your business.
205 But I think we have long passed that point.
206 Cassidy and I were shocked to read the note. Such vulgar language. To think she is well read is beyond me.
207 But enough of that. Back to your assignment!
208 0076AB06 0076AB25 The history of this park ain't so simple. We still had homes here, even after the lines were all drawn up.
209 But when that snake slithered his way in here, our rickety old homes stood in the way of his grand scheme. And a spot for his mega-mansion.
210 We told him no money could ever buy our land, so he offered something else... Safety. Security. A spot in his fancy Vault.
211 He said he couldn't make a contract, though. It'd contain too much sensitive, top secret information. Handshakes only.
212 That slimy bastard shook each of our hands, grinning from ear to ear. We cleared out so his crew could move in.
213 When the bombs started dropping, we all rushed back to the park. Their security was waiting on us... We never even stepped a foot on Shenandoah dirt.
214 The bastard said everything we wanted to hear to take our homes, and then left us for dead.
215 0076AB08 0076AB2D Whatever. I don't need to know why you're here. Just keep quite about the non-believer stuff, all right?
216 0076AB0A 0076AB26 There's so much about that man, that family, that you barely understand. Allow me to enlighten you.
217 0076AB0C 0076AB20 Not to the cultists, moron. To innocent people. Before the bombs.
218 0076AB0D 0076AB27 There was a small town still in this park when Hugo arrived. Right where he wanted to build his precious Vault.
219 When they refused a buy-out, he offered them all a safe spot when the bombs dropped. They accepted.
220 If you know Hugo, it shouldn't surprise you that he went back on that deal. He left them all for dead. Scared them off, and kept the land.
221 He is a parasite. Sucking dry the innocent. Making no compromises that stand in the way of his vision.
222 0076AB0F 0076AB21 Maybe now you understand who you're working for. Why I can't let you take my prisoner away.
223 0076AB11 0076AB28 Typical. Now I see why you've been sent here. Just another crony on a job, hoping to get a pat on the head from daddy Hugo.
224 You're pathetic.
225 0076AB13 0076AB22 It doesn't take much time around the Stolz's before this story starts to make perfect sense. Hugo feeds off the vulnerable. Always has.
226 0076AB15 0076AB29 I am sure she would understand. But also look at me. Look what I've become. She would never take me back anyway.
227 0076AB17 0076AB23 Stop. Talking.
228 0076AB19 007665C0 That's really easy. Surprised you couldn't figure that one out yourself. If I can't have Audrey, then Hugo can't have Cassidy.
229 Getting her was simple. Just convince some of our Ghoul members that the Mothman has spoken. He demands a special sacrifice.
230 Got them dolled-up in some clean 63 jumpsuits and had them sneak in during the night. Good thing that door in the basement is wide open.
231 Now they're all abuzz about a super special ritual, waiting for my next move. But I still haven't picked out the right tool for the job yet.
232 0076AB1B 0076AB2A Yes. Can you say the same?
233 00781FEE 00782BA5 You hear me father, that's all you are - a bloodthirsty murderer.
234 I mean what is Alex's life to you? Just a little bit more blood on your hands.
235 Shouldn't make much of a difference, right? Whatever it takes to get your way. You're a psychopath.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00745599 007455A6 Thank you...
2 0074559B 007455AA Just make it quick...
3 0074559D 007455A7 If that's what you think is best...
4 0074559F 007455A5 Thank you...
5 007455A1 007455AB Just make it quick.
6 007455A3 007455A8 If that is what you think best, so be it.
7 0076062C 007606DD Impeccable timing, I was just thinking of you.
8 You've gone through great lengths to clear a path ahead for us. The stage has been set for final preparations.
9 007606DF intentionally blank
10 0076062D 007606BF And you! Get back here, ASAP! Over and out!
11 0076062E 0076069D What?
12 0076062F 007606C3 Audrey! We've got a problem.
13 The bastard is gone.
14 00760630 007606A1 Results coming in now... Please... Please be different.
15 No... It's the same. They're all moving... with him.
16 How... Why...?
17 00760631 007606C7 Let's... just finish the test.
18 00760632 007606A5 Oberlin, wait! James!
19 Dammit, he's gone. You're still there right? There's one more device. Please head there.
20 We have to be sure this isn't some kind of fluke.
21 00760633 007606CA That bastard! He isn't planning to fix them, he's planning to bring them under his control.
22 Sleazy... Vault-Tec scum, I knew it! I... I'm bringing him into custody. NOW.
23 00760635 007606CE Let me see Hugo's... Dear lord.
24 It's not just that... They're mirroring it. Following it, almost like puppets on strings.
25 00760636 007606AD Test completed... This... this is not what I expected.
26 00760637 007606D3 God have mercy on us all if it can't.
27 00760638 007606B2 Device 2 starting up now. We will be using the new configuration.
28 Our hypothesis is that the samples from the Lost will begin to behave closer to Uncle Hugo's.
29 Come on, Science... You can do it.
30 00760639 007606D9 Great, now we know the thing that was bound to fail will fail.
31 On to the next device, over and out.
32 0076063A 007606B6 Test completed... Hm, as suspected.
33 They become further agitated. Volatile. They're much less stable than Uncle Hugo's now.
34 0076063B 007606E3 We need a control group, James. This is too important for cutting corners.
35 0076063C 007606B9 Why waste our time on this? We just need to see the effects of the new configuration.
36 0076063D 00760699 Running control test...
37 This will show us how added storm energy under the machines old configuration interacts with their cells.
38 0076063E 007606C5 You won't need to do much. Just activate the device and keep it safe and stable.
39 We can handle the rest from here.
40 00760640 007606A3 We're going to be reading the results as they're relayed back here.
41 We'll be in communication via radio tuners on the devices as well.
42 If this proves worthless... My Father is going to have to...
43 Well, we'll deal with that when we know for sure.
44 00760642 007606C9 I'll mark the first device for you.
45 We'll make contact once we see it up and running.
46 00760644 007606A7 intentionally blank
47 00760646 007606CD intentionally blank
48 00760648 007606AB intentionally blank
49 0076064B 007606B0 That's where you come in.
50 We need you to head surface-side and run the experiment for us.
51 We've set up a number of devices that can simulate the effects of, uh...
52 0076064C 007606D6 I... know. Which is why we run tests first.
53 We aren't simply going to fire up the machine again and hope he's right.
54 We need to be sure first.
55 0076064D 007606B5 We been repairing and adjusting the machine to potentially "complete" the Lost's transformation.
56 Using that... monster upstairs as a template.
57 0076064F 007606B8 Absurd as it sounds, we have solid evidence.
58 00760651 007606E7 We are, and have evidence to back it.
59 00760653 007606BD We think the reason is because he was the one to push the big button, so to speak.
60 He made direct contact with the device... The electricity spread out from him, almost like a conduit.
61 00760654 0076069B My father is the only one afflicted by the machine that has managed to retain his senses.
62 At first we speculated that it could be related to his sight impairment, but we are certain now there's more to it.
63 He seems to have been mutated differently from other Lost.
64 00760655 007606C1 The risk is high, but the reward is too great to ignore.
65 And we may have a missing piece now for an extra edge.
66 00760657 0076069F Thanks to the flesh of that madman, loath as I am to say it.
67 0076065A 007606DB We're going to be overseeing a final experiment that could alter the future of this Vault.
68 0076065B 007606E5 Are you cruel, or just plain dumb?
69 Let's just get this over with. What do you want?
70 007606E6 We both know everything is far from okay...
71 We need to put an end to this soon.
72 0076065D 007606BB Of course! My fathers right hand, here to solve all of our problems.
73 *Sigh* Fine. It's not like we're left with many options.
74 007606BC I'm sorry you've been dragged along like this...
75 I promise, this is the last time we ever help that madman.
76 00760660 007606C0 We can get to that in a moment.
77 Do you want to hear something fascinating?
78 00760662 0076069E Business? No, we can save that for later.
79 00760664 007606C4
80 00760666 007606A2
81 00760667 007606C8 I understand how my methods may seem extreme, but remember you are only seeing the end of this story.
82 There are many chapters you've missed up until now.
83 Perhaps I can provide some insight...
84 00760668 007606A6 Did you know that lightning can reach temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun?
85 Energy beyond that of a star, and yet we can survive being struck by it. The Lost, myself, my... Cassidy.
86 We live with it inside us. Dancing, colliding, beautifully and violently.
87 Invisible forces taking form... right here... inside. In a fervent embrace. Chaos contained.
88 0076066A 007606CC Not a miracle, no. It's nature.
89 0076066C 007606AA Please, allow me to continue.
90 0076066E 007606D0 That's just it, though. This isn't just about me. Please, I'll continue.
91 0076066F 007606AF When I first heard my Cassie's voice... It was magnetic, ensnaring me from across the room.
92 Every foot step perfectly placed, as if I'd done it a thousand times before.
93 It was a force. A path so clear, so natural, a gravitational pull.
94 Two entities brought together, and a magnificent explosion as a result. Only possible with our meeting.
95 The world shifted at our very presence from that point on. We did the impossible together.
96 00760670 007606D5 When the feral mind began to take her... I feared losing her forever.
97 That spark between us lost it's charge, she slipped further and further away.
98 I made a choice. To follow the only path that had provided us any hope. I reignited that spark.
99 I brought her to the device, I pushed it to its limit. I allowed it to impart on us that power greater than the burning surface of the sun.
100 00760672 007606CB No, no, no, you misunderstand.
101 00760674 007606A9 You think I'm speaking of the past? No!
102 00760675 007606CF The creation of the Lost was no mistake. It's failure to reach completion, is, however.
103 A half-step that left them deserted in a reality all their own. But we need to bring them back.
104 All of them-- not just my Cassie. We need to bridge the divide.
105 That is what I'm trying to fix here. That is where I need your help.
106 00760677 007606AE An accident implies a lack of intent. No, it was a choice.
107 00760679 007606D4 Insane? You think so little of me. Please, just listen for a moment longer.
108 0076067B 007606B3 By chance we discovered that time spent near the weather control device had side effects.
109 Positive ones: they seem to quell the symptoms of feralization.
110 It was the only path forward. The only research that bore fruit.
111 0076067C 007606DA We are so close to a solution now. I've provided Hilda and Audrey with all they need to complete our work.
112 If you speak with them downstairs, they will be able to provide next steps.
113 0076067E 007606B7 Danke dir, mein Freund. Truly.
114 00760680 007606E4 That is all I ask.
115 00760682 007606BA You should know by now that I'm no scientist.
116 All of our best minds have lead me here, though. Many of them now Lost themselves.
117 Listen to my plan, then decide whether to cast me the villain.
118 00760683 0076069A Now, is there anything else? I'd prefer if we could begin soon.
119 00760685 007606BE Thank you. They are already caught up and will provide you with the information you need.
120 00760687 0076069C Then don't help me, help her. And the others in this Vault.
121 And the Lost.
122 You can throw me aside once we've fixed this. Please.
123 00760689 007606C2 She knows there's more at stake than her childish passions.
124 She may hate me to my very core-- you may as well-- but that doesn't change what needs to be done.
125 0076068B 007606A0 We couldn't have come this far without you. I hope you know that.
126 0076068D 007606C6 Yes. Hilda and I had been chasing a potential lead for some months now.
127 We reached a blockade, though. One that was obliterated by your arrival.
128 She and Audrey can provide the specifics, but in short, I believe I am the key.
129 Or at least, the results of my mutation are-- As I'll remind you, I'm no scientist.
130 But there is hope. I have seen it.
131 0076068F 007606A4 The weather machine? Really?
132 A machine. A tool. What could be left to discuss?
133 00760691 007606AC You say that now. But when we succeed, when we fix all of this...
134 Well, I imagine she'll come around.
135 00760693 007606D2 It was acquired. A last minute sales pitch.
136 I never anticipated it'd have the impact it did. Both positively, and negatively.
137 I hardly care to discuss history and trivial details. What it was is irrelevant.
138 What it is now: progress. A solution.
139 00760695 007606B1 It is the catalyst for their creation. And the creation of the storm as well.
140 Though both appear to be living far beyond their conception.
141 Our attempts to stop the spread of the feral mind lead to a step in another direction.
142 Now, we course correct.
143 00760696 007606D7 You think I'm happy doing this, James?
144 Of course not, but what choice do we have?
145 This isn't just about us, it's about everyone here in the Vault. Everyone we've lost.
146 007606D8 He's a monster, James! How can I ever...
147 00760697 007606E1 He's not just a liar, he's a killer, Audrey.
148 007606E2 Believe me, I know, but we are so close now.
149 Think of all the people we can help if we manage to find a solution.
150 I will personally hold him accountable once things are settled, but we need to cooperate for now.
151 00760698 007606E8 Oh, great, it's my father's latest hired gun. What are you doing here?
152 007606E9 Oh, it's you... We were just trying to figure out... I don't know. Everything.
153 00761590 007615A0 God damn him...
154 00761591 007615E2 Starting final test now.
155 Audrey... I don't like this. This has got to be a mistake right?
156 00761592 007615A8 How is this even possible... Did Uncle Hugo... know this would happen?
157 00761593 007615EA They have barely changed, but... they are reacting to the sample from Father. Even from across the table.
158 They are... moving toward it.
159 00761594 007615DD Anyone else kind of excited about this?
160 Just me then...?
161 00761595 007615A2 It'll simulate what the impact of different device configurations will have on Lost cells.
162 In other words, we can test what would happen if we followed my Uncle's plan on a smaller scale.
163 00761596 007615E4 We've been comparing tissue samples from Uncle Hugo with ones from Papa and the others.
164 The behavior from Uncle Hugo's sample is far more complex and responsive to stimuli.
165 It's almost as if he's a "completed" specimen, and the rest are just imitating him.
166 00761597 007615AA The experiments I've been running all but confirmed it.
167 00761598 007615EC All of our work is coming to fruition... My research on understanding the Lost, Audrey's on the weather machine...
168 But the last piece is Uncle Hugo. Like, literally, we're examining a piece of him. Gross, I know.
169 But once we have the right data, we can run the machine again to reverse the effects of the Lost... We think.
170 00761599 007615B2 Can we get started already? The tissue samples aren't going to remain stable forever.
171 0076159A 007615F4 Good.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00733834 00735236 Ah you've returned. I've just been thinking on some things.
2 00735239 James T. Oberlin, Chief of Security, Vault 63. Formerly, United States Army.
3 Ordinarily, an outsider would report directly to the security offices, but as you've seen, Mr. Stolz isn't fond of ordinary.
4 How exactly did you end up on our doorstep, outsider?
5 00767D37 Run along now, we really must have the Chief of Security speak with you.
6 We wouldn't want a fox to get into the hen house, so to speak.
7 0073521C 0073523A Oh, wonderful! I was getting worried. Speaking via intercom.
8 0073521E 00735231 Gah! A voice! Oh, yes! I remember that voice! You're here! Speaking via intercom.
9 00735224 0073523B And you were able to dispose of them? Interesting. Must mean you have some combat training. That could be helpful. Not floored by this info, but intrigued.
10 00735226 00735232 Another rat in the race. Perfect, just what I needed... No wonder Mr. Stolz was interested. Not surprised, but also not happy to hear this.
11 00735228 0073523D Yes, that. Don't worry about that now. I have a question for you. As if he just tossed it in the trash without a care.
12 Tell me, are we our brains? Laser point focusing on how the player would react to this question.
13 0073522A 00735235 Very well.
14 0073522E 00762199 My niece can be a bit forceful when she finds a carrot to chase.
15 You have my word, though, you haven't chased your carrot into a trap. Dry, unclear if it's a joke.
16 0076074E 00760780 Pfft, you're another one of those, huh? Speaking via intercom.
17 Oberlin's bound to like you, at least. Speaking via intercom.
18 0076074F 00760765 So here's the situation. You need to get into the Vault, I need to get out. Speaking via intercom.
19 This door isn't intended for easy access, so it'll require joint authorization from both sides to open. Speaking via intercom.
20 I'm on this side, and authorized. You're on that side and... not authorized. But no worries, I've got a plan. Speaking via intercom.
21 All of the Lost were once members of the Vault and should have authorization. Speaking via intercom.
22 You just need to get a hold of a hand and scan it. Easy-peasy. Speaking via intercom.
23 00760751 00760758 That's right. Just a bit of post-mortem amputation and we'll be set. Speaking via intercom.
24 00760753 0076076B Oh, don't be fussy. I'm sure you've done a lot worse out there. Speaking via intercom.
25 Find a nearby Lost, any one should do. Speaking via intercom.
26 00760755 00760773 I promise I - or someone in here, will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Speaking via intercom.
27 Let's just get you inside first, 'kay? Speaking via intercom.
28 00760756 00760776 Just scan the hand once you've got it. I'll be on stand-by, promise. Speaking via intercom.
29 Times'a'tickin', chop chop! Oh, uh, sorry. *Chuckle* Speaking via intercom.
30 Anyway, gotta run, but I'll be back! Scan a hand! Bye! Speaking via intercom.
31 0076210E 00762193 Interesting. Were these different times, I'd be tempted to weaponize such a thing. This is his idea of a joke.
32 00762110 0076219B When the earthquake hit and the storm took shape, we were informed of a surge of energy near the proper entrance to the Vault, back up north.
33 This likely resulted in the security door being propelled some great distance.
34 00762112 007621AE Yes. Significant damage to the tram tunnels that once connected the various research sectors of this Vault.
35 Additionally, damage to the manor grounds directly above have caused some structural integrity issues with the Atrium.
36 Perhaps, most concerning, though, is the various exposed entrances to the Vault spread throughout the region.
37 This has led to an increase in the number of Lost now on the surface, which isn't good for anyone involved.
38 00762114 0076216E That's fine. What is it?
39 00762116 007621C1 That is correct, to a degree. Mr. Stolz had been afflicted during the same accident that created the Lost. Matter of fact.
40 However, he retains his sanity and his ability to communicate.
41 Well, "retain sanity" is perhaps a bit... He's almost actually going to make a joke/juicy gossip.
42 Actually, I apologize, this isn't water cooler gossip. I believe I've answered your question. Mr. Stolz can explain the rest. Snaps out of it. No time for jokes.
43 00762118 00762178 Fine. We believe they possess the ability to channel electricity from the storm, though we're still not sure how. Matter of fact.
44 Perhaps consider rubber gloves next time you want to shake their hands. Dry delivery.
45 Again, the rest is classified. End of discussion.
46 0076211A 0076217F I suppose we shall. Clenching fist.
47 0076211C 00762176 Understood. Anything else? Letting it go.
48 0076211E 00762167 A number. An earthquake, for one. A series of unidentified electromagnetic events for another. Straight forward.
49 00762120 0076217C I'm afraid that's outside your clearance level. Classified. Not having this.
50 00762122 0076218D Our former friends, family, neighbors. An accident some decade back led to their creation. Their condition is irreversible. Matter of fact.
51 Beyond that, I'll leave it to Mr. Stolz's discretion on further details. He clearly knows more, doesn't trust you.
52 Just know, they will kill you on sight without mercy. Communication is impossible. Do no hesitate to strike first. Genuine advice.
53 00762124 007621A1 63's construction had fallen behind due its lofty and ambitious size. Conjuring a tough memory.
54 This left our population exposed to extreme levels of radioactive fallout after the bombs fell.
55 Those of us that survived that exposure ended up like this. Drained by the memory.
56 But working with us so-called "Ghouls" won't be a problem, will it? Raising back to stern, guarded. Almost a veiled threat.
57 00762126 007621B4 Our facility houses a large-scale weather control device. Some decades ago, an accident rendered it inoperable.
58 However, a recent event has led to its reactivation. With that, we have the storm, along with other unexpected outcomes. He has his suspicions about this event, but doesn't know for sure. He's skeptical.
59 One of our top priorities is bringing it back under our control.
60 00762128 00762170 Fine, it's only fair that you're briefed on our situation. Willing, but still standoffish.
61 0076212A 007621BD That's going on your record - and I'm not a marine... Just, get out of my sight. Frustrated then resigned.
62 0076212C 007621C6 Mhmm. Neutral, acknowledging.
63 007637A9 That's more like it. Still a bit stern. "You haven't won me over just yet".
64 0076212E 0076216A This was a test. And you just failed it. Mr. Stolz buzzed me ahead of your arrival. He does not find any pleasure in trickery, but this was necessary. He is disappointed in the player.
65 Vault Dweller from 76. Capable of dispatching Lost. And apparently, a clown. As if reading from a list.
66 Listen, I know a dog and pony show when I see one. I couldn't talk Mr. Stolz out of this if I tried.
67 Take my status report and run along. We'll be working together soon, so I expect that attitude of yours to shape up.
68 Dismissed, unless there's any pressing questions that need answering. Stern, cold.
69 0076212F 007621A5 Mr. Stolz buzzed me ahead of your arrival and filled me in on the situation. More neutral than the other routes.
70 Sorry for the test but wanted to see how you'd present yourself. Not really that sorry.
71 I appreciate your attempt to take this seriously, but I won't say I don't have my doubts... Let's see how this plays out, though. Earnest.
72 Here's my status report for Mr. Stolz. You're dismissed, unless you have other questions.
73 00762130 0076216C I'll take that stolen valor as a joke, so I can save the trouble laying you out. But watch it. He hates this answer.
74 00762132 007621AD Cute. He does not, in fact, find that cute.
75 00762134 0076216D Is that so? He knows the Player is hiding something, he's not happy to be lied to.
76 00762136 007621BA Did you really think that would work? Our records tell a different story about 76's Overseer. Surprised the Player could be that dumb - he works for Vault-Tec, he would have an idea about who the Overseer of 76 is.
77 Maybe you deserve half credit for being up front about the Vault part, though... Hm. No. Giving the simpleton a chance, maybe, but nevermind.
78 00762138 007621BE Hmm... You do seem fit to fight, at least. But that's not really an answer to my question. Showing signs of respect.
79 I won't fault you for a lie by omission, though. You seem eager and able enough. Straight forward.
80 I've already been made aware that you're a Dweller from Vault 76.
81 0076213A 00762177 At least you're honest. Earnest.
82 0076213C 00762168 Well, considering I'm entirely lacking any sort of credentials or background on you, perhaps you can fill me in on your history.
83 0076213D 0076217D I'm asking the questions, outsider. We can address your queries once I've completed my interview. No BS.
84 Now, again, how did you end up here?
85 0076213F 00762190 And yet you ended up here. That's good. Means you can follow orders. I say "jump", you say "how high?". Stern, but relieved you're not a joker.
86 00762141 007621C5 So curious, I love your enthusiasm. I knew I was right about you. Go on, then!
87 00762143 00762172 Ha! You'll do splendidly, I'm sure.
88 00762145 00762180 Now, I'm sure you have many questions - I would expect no less- but I promise your first task will help to answer much.
89 Speak with our Chief of Security, James T. Oberlin, and fetch me his latest situation report. Somewhat facetious about how important this may be. In reality, he doesn't care at all what Oberlin has to say.
90 I'd like to have him vet you a bit before we proceed any further. Said lightly. He does this to keep Oberlin quiet, you are no threat to Hugo.
91 I'm sure he'd be happy to answer questions for you about our current predicament while you're at it.
92 00762146 00762191 In words, no... but I could feel your heart leap at the promise of our joint triumphs to come. Not at all downtrodden by the rejection- he reacts as those the Player has still said yes.
93 Ha. You cannot hide these things from me I'm afraid. Friendly, if not a bit off-putting.
94 00762148 00762169 Oh, please, Hugo is just fine.
95 0076214A 007621A8 Perhaps I should introduce myself to assuage any hesitation you have. Taking a breath, repositioning the sales pitch.
96 I am Hugo Stolz. Overseer of Vault 63, yes, but also a principled man of business from the world of yore. He has said this many times.
97 Founder and CEO of Stolz Enterprises, respected member of Vault-Tec's board of directors, and overall international man of mystery.
98 Allow me to formally welcome you to Vault 63, as our... let's say, outside consultant. The idea comes together in his head as he says it.
99 Yes, that'll do perfectly.
100 0076214D 00762174 Ha! As they say, lies have short legs, no? Translation of a German idiom.
101 Rest assured, you'll see this is quite the legitimate operation we have here. A bit hurriedly, trying to get back to the pitch.
102 0076214F 0076217B Fantastisch! I'm pleased to hear it.
103 00762151 0076218A As you may have ventured to guess on your trip here, our beloved Shenandoah has seen better days. Less... stormy days. Understating the danger, speaking in a friendly way.
104 I'm in the midst of trying to get this under control, but our Vault is still in a bit of a state of shock. None of this is worrying to him, but the others are a bit weaker than him.
105 If you'd be willing to engage in a bit of freelance work, I'm sure I can provide plenty of payment in kind. Hard time hiding a slightly sinister tone. He wants this to be a tempting offer, though.
106 00762152 00762198 No catch, just... opportunity.
107 00762154 0076219F No. Opportunity. "This is even better than money!"
108 And your silly surface currency too, I suppose. Playful, dismissive - not intended to be offensive.
109 00762156 0076216B Ah, we are having fun now, aren't we? As if you've both just shared a laugh- even though you very much did not
110 Listen, my new friend, regardless of what pretenses my dear niece may have brought you here with, I believe I can repay you for your effort.
111 00762157 007621A7 Oh, don't be silly. You certainly aren't from any of the others nearby. He sees right through you. Clearly he "knows" the secrets of the Vaults.
112 There's no need to be coy, I think we can both gather why I'd come to such a conclusion.
113 00762159 007621B2 You jest! Or perhaps try to deceive? Either way, it's so clear now. The way you carry yourself. That hum of self-assuredness you exude. He's not taking you seriously, you're a toy for him now.
114 So obvious, I'm even a bit embarrassed.
115 0076215B 0076216F Wunderbar. Kismet, even. Almost uncomfortable how friendly his tone has become.
116 0076215D 007621BC Ah, fascinating. Is that the faint clicking of a Pip-Boy I hear? How grand. Turning point: Suddenly a plan is coming together in his mind. He can use you. He wants to be welcoming now.
117 A colleague from another paradise below the ground; Vault 76, I take it? What a pleasant surprise. We're buddies now, obviously!
118 0076215E 00762171 You don't say. Do I act as one though? No, I thought not. Not surprised nor amused.
119 00762160 00762184 Anyway, I'm Hilda. Hilda Stolz. Hi.
120 I'm head of the Organics Sector, which is exactly where I'm about to run off to. In a rush
121 But don't worry, My Uncle Hugo is very eager to meet you. Just down the hall.
122 In the Overseers office. As he is the Overseer...
123 Oh, and I've disabled the two-step lock, so coming and going should be easier now.
124 Anyway, like I said. Uncle Hugo. Down the hall. Tootle-loo!
125 00762161 00762194 "Ghoul?" Isn't that, I dunno, a bit childish?
126 Sure, I'm a Ghoul, and you're not Lost. Glad we've got that straightened out.
127 00762163 0076219D Uh, I'm a bit too busy for that, but...
128 Someone inside would be very happy to answer all of your questions. customer service response
129 00762165 007621A6 Ah, good. Well, a bit of a downer, actually. Got my hopes up for a second, but I digress. A bit all over the place
130 00763766 00735237 Willkommen, bitte komm rein. My niece told me to expect you. Cold, distant.
131 And do not mind my appearance. I can assure you I mean no harm. Not quite warm and welcoming, but at least lowering the tension.
132 Can the same be said of you though, outsider? Do you intend to harm us? Said without fear.
133 00762197 Oh, good, you're here! And you're not Lost. I assume.
134 If you are, say so because that would be a major breakthrough.
135 007630DF I believe Mr. Stolz wanted to see you.
136 007637A1 Hm. Where are my manners? I did not mean to be so standoffish; you are a most welcome guest here. Still lower temperature. This almost dismissive.
137 I cannot be too careful. It has been a long time since we've spoken with anyone from the surface.
138 007637A2 What's that? Oh! I have completely gone off the rails.
139 007637A3 Ah, of course, we've only just met.
140 0076AFE1 Calling mysterious stranger... Hello? Anyone there yet?
141 Maybe I gave bad directions... Hello? Anybody?
142 00788A81 *Static*
143 00763767 007637A8 Been expecting you.
144 00763768 00763797 I'll share what I can. Which isn't much.
145 0076376A 0076378D Let's discuss next steps. There's two sets of investigations I'd have you undertake.
146 Your new friend Oberlin can fill you in on one, and I'd be happy to walk you through the other. Almost mocking of Oberlin.
147 Take a moment to relax and process. Speak with either of us when you're ready to hear the details.
148 And once again, I cannot contain my excitement in having you on board. Willkommen im Team, mein Freund. Genuine, but something is under the surface. Something dark.
149 0076376B 00763793 Do not sell yourself short. You are clearly skilled in combat, seasoned by the world above, and knowledgeable on Vaults.
150 You're going to face a variety of challenges in future tasks, but I'm confident we've found the person for the job.
151 0076376D 0076379E And pay we will. He's fine with this outcome, he's used to paying to get his way.
152 0076376F 00763794 Thank you, that truly means the world to me. Hook line and sinker: He has you now.
153 00763771 0076379F All of this is to say, we need your help, my friend. There are many problems at our feet, and you are uniquely equipped to help us.
154 00763772 00763795 A scientist, are you? Just like my Audrey and little Hilda.
155 We are unsure of why, but we suspect that my condition may have mutated differently than others.
156 Perhaps it was my proximity to - oh, never mind me, this sort of talk is dreadfully boring. On the cusp of something interesting before pulling it away.
157 00763774 007637A6 If only it were that simple.
158 00763776 00763796 I appreciate your condolences. Genuine.
159 It has been a very long time since I've spoken to someone who doesn't share this grief with me.
160 00763778 007637AA I apologize, you have the spirit of an old friend about you. I've forgotten there's much new ground to tread between us. Sounds genuine, but almost too genuine.
161 I may have failed to mention this before, but I am, or was, blind. Born that way.
162 After the incident that left me in... this... state, I became able to truly "see" the world. Internally he understands what he's saying, but he's trying to find the words that the player can relate to.
163 Well, perhaps it's more accurate to say, I "feel" the world.
164 Pulses of electricity. Waves bending and refracting. Gentle hums of life vibrating shapes into being. He is describing a peaceful, pleasant existence.
165 This world I see... I share it with the Lost. I live as they do, yet I remain myself... Perhaps more myself than I was before.
166 But others... were lost to it, and to us. Friends, colleagues, loved ones... When they witness this world, their mind, it... This is hitting close to home, a crack in the armor.
167 Well, I suppose I cannot explain what their mind perceives. Just as one could never explain sight to me before.
168 We have been trying to learn why this connection was permanently severed between us. Desperately so. Affirming conviction.
169 00763781 0076379A Consciousness. Perception. Encoding and the formation of memories. Juggling these ideas.
170 To take the observable world and sculpt from it a translation of ourselves. Of others.
171 And in the eyes of others, how many versions of us exist? Almost as if he's stopped talking to you directly.
172 00763782 00763790 Yes, precisely! As if a child answered the teachers question- he is not speaking to a colleague here.
173 But is that not just scratching the surface?
174 00763784 0076379B Ha ha! Such a simplistic view of the world. I envy the narrowness of your perspective. As if the Player is an animal doing a trick for him.
175 00763786 00763792 Oh heavens, no. Nothing quite so supernatural. Thinks the Player is so simple and cute for saying such a thing.
176 00763788 0076379D Are you, the person standing in front of me, simply a brain? Or are we more? A bit annoyed that the player doesn't follow, but still trying to retain a friendly demeanor.
177 0076378A 00763791 Good.
178 00769DF7 00769DF8 Very well.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0072A123 0072A13F If you're ready, I'd like to brief you on a... highly classified matter.
2 0072A140 You're back... and without Daniel. What was the situation?
3 0075472E Are you ready?
4 0075472F You seem perturbed, my friend. Has your work with Chief Oberlin been that taxing?
5 0076A71E Please, head to the drop site at High Knob Tower out west. Look for Daniel, and any signs of the report. I'm counting on you.
6 0072A124 0072A13A I cannot stress enough the importance of this.
7 0072A12A 0072A137 Damn it... Daniel was a good man. But I'm relieved to hear his death wasn't in vain. Thank you for competing his work.
8 0072A12C 0072A13C You're serious? And you have proof? Are you sure? Look at me. Are. You. Sure?
9 0072A130 0072A135 Not quite. When I signed on with Mr. Stolz, I made it clear where my allegiances lie. He did not seem concerned with this.
10 Whether or not he realized that I would maintain those allegiances long after the world came crashing down... well, that's not my concern.
11 0072A132 0072A138 Not long ago, I dispatched a member of my team to pass along my findings to a drop sight I've been using over the years.
12 Unfortunately, he has failed to return, and I fear the worst. Daniel is a good man. It's important we bring him home, if still possible.
13 There's also the matter of the report, and whether or not it had been passed along... Or potentially fallen into the wrong hands.
14 007546B8 00754709 It's refreshing to be around someone who understands the bigger picture. Good luck in your duties, my friend. Be well.
15 007546BA 0075470A Ah, you are no stranger to the game, I see. But you must know you're playing against an experienced player, no?
16 If you understand my meaning... Please add some dead air here, for suspense
17 Very well, you've caught me red handed! I hope this pittance will stay your hand.
18 007546BC 00754705 I would strongly advice against that course of action. Calm but threatening. He does not want the player to do this.
19 I must warn you, disrupting such a delicate balance as the human psyche is a dangerous thing.
20 You don't know what will push someone over the edge. But I will not stand in your way. Just choose your words carefully.
21 007546BE 0075471C I'm glad we could see eye to eye. You have good instincts my friend. You were smart to come to me first.
22 I hope that you can join in continuing this little game. It is, solely, for ensuring Chief Oberlin's happiness, after all.
23 007546C0 0075470B A crueler thing would be shattering the only thing that's kept the man sane for the past two decades. I do this for him, you know.
24 007546C2 00754731 Go ahead.
25 00754732 I hope these questions were relevant. I cannot stress enough the importance of this task.
26 00754733 Very well. Make sure you are prepared when you return. We don't know what the full situation is.
27 00754734 Thank you. I'll see what supplies I get together for you on successful completion.
28 00754735 Locating Daniel is the top priority, along with the report he had on him.
29 If necessary, investigate the drop site as well. You'll find a terminal there that has been used for filing the encrypted reports.
30 It'd be good to know it's still in working condition. You can send the report along yourself, if Daniel was unable to, if you feel inclined to help.
31 I appreciate this, outsider-- no, friend. A good man's life may be in your hands. Godspeed, dismissed.
32 00754736 You're serious? That arrogant sleazeball.
33 007546CE 00754728 Damn it all to hell. Daniel. The rest of them. Leading me on like some child playing make-believe. Steaming mad
34 And Stolz. That arrogant, slimy bastard. I knew I couldn't trust him. I should have followed my gut from the start.
35 007546D0 00754717 After all this time... It takes someone from outside this Vault to finally tell me the god damned truth.
36 Thank you, my friend, this... ugh. It's very upsetting, but I'm glad I have you to rely on.
37 007546D5 0075471A Thank you. The drop is located at High Knob Tower, along the western perimeter of the park.
38 We haven't had trouble with that location so far, but there's a chance the Lost have overrun it.
39 Or potentially some other party, drawn in by the allure of the storm. Either way, you're going in blind. Be prepared for the worst.
40 007546D7 00754730 No, Daniel is a part of the security crew hired by Mr. Stolz, but he is still a member of my team.
41 While I wasn't able to select my team personally, I have come to trust each and every one of them. It pains me not knowing Daniel's condition.
42 007546D9 0075471E Information on the weather machine, the storm, the Lost and... Mr. Stolz's recent activities.
43 If things continue to accelerate as they are, I may end up requesting additional support. It's imperative they be made aware of what's happening.
44 007546F7 00754719 I'm going to kill that... No, not yet. Not now. I can't give him the opportunity to turn this around on me. Fuming mad, then realizing he needs a better plan.
45 Thank you... for bringing this to my attention. I need time to make sense of this.
46 It's best that Hugo remain unaware that I've been shown the truth. Not until I'm ready to act. I will allow him to think he retains control.
47 You've earned a reward for your effort... and honesty. I will let you know if and when I decide to act on this revelation. For now... I wait.
48 Be careful with who you place your trust in down here. It's a viper's den. Dismissed.
49 007546F8 00754716 Thank you for seeing this through. I'm not sure how I'll break the news of Daniel's death to the crew... He was loved by all.
50 I have no further assignments. I'm sure there's others that could use your assistance as well. Thank you again for your effort. Dismissed. Downtrodden
51 007546FA 0075472A How crude. Come now, my friend, what is this all about?
52 007546FC 00754726 Very well. Good luck in your duties.
53 007546FE 00754714 Of course his men work for me. You all work for me, my friend.
54 00754700 0075470F Ha! Is this about those silly reports of his? His supposed "army contact?"
55 00754702 00754722 I would thank you not to throw around baseless accusations. Convincingly offended.
56 00754703 00754710 Allow me to explain. James T. Oberlin is a work horse. Powerful, focused, efficient.
57 But someone like him needs order. Blinders and a carrot, if you will. With too much freedom of thought, people like him are lost.
58 James came to me as a part of a package. I bought a box of cereal and he was the delightful toy at bottom.
59 Now, he was a highly decorated, highly skilled prize, but still a part of a larger whole. The best thing for someone like him is... a simple purpose.
60 He plays this role because he needs to believe its true. A smarter man would see through this facade immediately, but not Oberlin. Oh no.
61 0076A713 0076A71B It's a lot to take in. But don't dally, this is important.
62 0076A714 0076A71C I suspect that's for good reason. There's much about how we operate that civilians aren't privy to. And like I said, for good reason.
63 0076A716 0076A719 Originally I was to oversee a government-funded weather research project. One that was shut down, and then ultimately scooped up by Mr. Stolz.
64 While I was never exactly an expert on the subject, Mr. Stolz found my experience with the project important for the transition.
65 That project led to the development of this very Vault's weather machine, and ultimately our current predicament.
66 I have remained in contact with my associates in the Army ever since-- reporting the good and the bad.
67 0076A717 0076A71D Very well. I'll be waiting.
68 0076A718 0076A71A To be frank, you are among the few here that I believe I can share this information with. Though, I suppose that's not saying much.
69 I have not been entirely honest about my role here. Not to you... nor other members of the Vault. Hugo included.
70 I am Lieutenant Colonel James T. Oberlin, United States Army. Actively, not formerly. I remain in contact with them to this day.