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Hubris delivery locations is a holotape in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Captain Cosmos."


The tape can be found in a container on the Hubris Comics truck behind the Super Duper Mart.


Delivery locations

From: Bud Walsh
To: Jimmy Hayes
Date: October 23, 2077

Jimmy, here's a list of today's delivery locations for the Captain Cosmos toys, but please get over to the Hubris TV Studios at Hub 360 first! They're about to wrap up the big season finale episode and need them for the wrap party tonight. It sounds like they're gonna load up the redemption machines for some sort of raffle.

The receptionist said they're using some high tech space gear from the United States Space Administration. Ask her to let you in to get a sneak peek, but make it quick! You're on the clock!

1. Hubris Television Studios / Hub 360
2. Hubris Comics
3. General Atomics Galleria
4. WRVR Broadcast Station