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Hubris Comics Publishing, often shortened to simply Hubris Comics, was a pre-War printed entertainment company founded in 2021.[1] It was a branch of Hubris Publishing and headquartered in Washington, D.C.[1]


While most notable for its Grognak the Barbarian series, Hubris Comics has produced various comic book series as well expanding into other projects and media. While primarily a publishing house, Hubris Comics had begun to expand into radio, television, toys, and games. The Silver Shroud and Grognak the Barbarian were two of its most popular properties.[2] The Silver Shroud franchise was particularly popular in Boston, thanks to the serialized radio drama broadcast by Galaxy News Radio. Hubris attempted to broaden its appeal with a television series shortly before the war that was instantly mired in creative differences, petty squabbles, and executive interference.[3] In addition to print, Hubris Comics Games Studio, founded in 2062,[4] published holotape games, such as Wastelad and Grognak & the Ruby Ruins.

Hubris Comics also collaborated with several other companies, such as Vault-Tec Corporation to include Vault Boy in their Hell's Chain Gang series and the Underground Life series, and produced propaganda comics for the U.S. government, like Tales from the Front.[1] Hubris Comics partnered with Don't Be Bored Games Company to produce a Unstoppables Shindig board game, which allowed up to five participants to take on the roles of the Unstoppables heroes.

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The Hubris Comics building appears in Fallout 3, as well as a building in Fallout 4. The company is mentioned in Fallout 76 and various comics appear in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Fallout: The Board Game.



Hubris Comics Publishing
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