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For the company, see Hubris Comics Publishing.

Hubris Comics is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287, located just west of Swan's Pond.[1]


The building is small, but has four floors. The entire building is infested by feral ghouls, with a glowing one on the top floor.

A console is available on the top floor that allows the player character to control stage lights for the Silver Shroud set and also play the Silver Shroud theme over the system speakers.

Notable lootEdit


Scavenger's lead - Note found just outside, on the corpse of a scavenger.

First floorEdit

  • Grognak's axe - In a locked display case (advanced), behind the front desk. Can also be opened by hacking the nearby terminal.
  • Unstoppables issue #5 - On the shop counter next to the register, opposite Grognak's axe in the display case.
  • Hubris Comics storeroom key - Inside the right hand side cash register on the counter. It opens the ground floor storeroom, the wall safe behind the counter and a room on the third floor.
  • Scavenger's note (non-quest version) - On a dead scavenger inside the restroom.
  • Gametitle-FO4 CC A variety of graphic t-shirts and the Manager's note in a wooden crate in the storage room.

Second floorEdit

  • Silver Shroud photo - Inside an office to the right of the top of the stairs, which lead up to the second floor. Located in a broken display case, next to a bat and baseball.
  • Hubris Comics office key - In a corner room, in the desk with the manager's terminal. Another copy can be found underneath a desk by the manager's door.
  • Scavenger's list - On a corpse located through a hole in the wall, directly to the right after coming up the first flight of stairs, and through the doorway. (Under the one of the two sets of stairs which lead to the third floor.)

Third floorEdit

Fourth floorEdit

Related questsEdit


Companions may comment when brought to this location, mainly the top floor.


This Hubris Comics appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hubris Comics is in the same location in Boston as the famous Newbury Comics original, flagship location, at 332 Newbury St. This can be confirmed, as an intact street sign for Newbury Street can be seen very close to the entrance. Also, the store entrance is below street level, just as the entrance to Newbury Comics is.



  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p. 453: "This is the local store and office of Hubris Comics, publishers of classic graphic novels. In addition to the downstairs shop, the building also includes offices for the production staff a small television studio on the fourth floor."
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