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This is a transcript for dialogue with Hubert (Wastelanders).


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 0054B0D5 0054B0F8 GREETING Hello.
2 Welcome to the uh...uh..hmm.
3 00548A5E 00577C0C Miscellaneous Idles I can't believed we survived.
4 0054B0D3 0054B103 Are you ok? Yes, my memory is just a little foggy.
5 0054B0D1 0054B0F6 Mountainside Bed and Breakfast? There it is! That's it. Welcome.
6 I'm afraid I can't be of too much help. Talk to my wife...uh...uh, just talk with someone else.
7 0054B0CF 0054B0FF Out with it old man. Screw off.
8 0054B0CD 0054B0F4 Most people don't make it to your age. I'd say you are doing pretty good. I get no credit around here. My memory is plenty sharp.
9 0054B0CB 0054B0FD Thanks for your help. I'll go ask someone else for help. Talk to my wife if you want help.
10 0054B0C9 0054B0F2 You keep going. You are tougher than all of us. Have a lovely stay.
11 0054B0C7 0054B0FB Oh yeah. No one trusts you can keep up? Oh no. They keep thinking I forget, but I remember not to tell anybody about who is in the basement.
12 You see, my mind is still sharp. Enjoy your stay.
15 00548A5E 00577C04 Watch out!
16 00577C05 We're going to die.
17 00577C06 They're attacking!
18 00577C0C I can't believed we survived.
19 00577C0D I'm afraid they're going to come back.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
13 005A2B8E 00577C08 Miscellaneous Idles I had no choice. They were going to kill me.
14 00577C09 I thought I was going to die.
15 00577C0A Be careful. I'm sure there are more like em' out there.
16 005B5972 0054B105 Hello.