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The Hub hospital is the Children of the Cathedral's local headquarters in the Hub in 2161.


The Crimson Caravan used to control the hospital before the Children moved in. They've since relocated their operations to the Merchant Market.[1]


A large building with a single main hall and multiple smaller rooms connected along the western wall. The hospital is a place of healing, yet has heavily armed guards present to ensure nothing disturbs the Children's operations.


The area is empty, except for the rear storehouse, which contains:


The Hub hospital appears only in Fallout.


  1. The Vault Dweller: "{1008}{}{Crimson}"
    Butch Harris: "{1108}{BUTCH81}{You can find them over on the northwest edge of Downtown. They controlled the hospital before the Children moved in. Talk about trading the strange for the weird.}"
    (Butch Harris' dialogue)
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