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For the town in the original Fallout, see The Hub.


The Hub 360 is an unmarked location in the Theater District of Boston in 2287. It is located directly west of the Harbormaster hotel and south of the fallen skybridge. The Hub 360 can also be reached south of another unmarked location called Water Street apartments, through an alleyway, and multiple back-end stairwells.


The exterior east side has catwalks leading onto the roof of the entry facade with an explosives box and a first aid box. The first floor has two doors in from the east side and contains two levels. Three leveled mines can be found on the first level. An elevator leads to up to the next floor.

The next area is two levels with the second partially collapsed and a ramp built on it. The first floor has an exit to the exterior called "Cafe Patio". The second level has an exit to the exterior called "Rooftop Pool", which is above the cafe patio. From the rooftop pool, the player character can exit and enter down a ramp to the fallen skybridge. The other exit from the second level is an elevator to the exterior top of the skyscraper where they can find a steamer trunk and an objective of the Weathervane missions.

There is another entrance to the ground level cell that can be reached by circling around south to an alley on the west side. There the player can take a fire escape to the roof of the next building and cross via rooftops back to Hub 360. This area contains an objective for the Jackpot missions. This area also contains an armor crafting station. An exit through an elevator shaft drops the Sole Survivor into the elevator that leads to the second cell from the ground level cell.

It is also possible to get to this area by taking the elevator to the top floor, opening the hatch, making the elevator move down, and timing a jump just before it starts moving to go through the hatch and land on the ledge of one of the elevator doors. It is also possible to go out of bounds via this method.

Gametitle-FO4 CC.pngThe following is based on Creation Club content and is not canon.

The Creation Club content "Captain Cosmos" adds three more sections to the building: television studios, production offices, and a film set. The "Noir Penthouse" content adds a penthouse.

Gametitle-FO4 CC.pngEnd of information based on Creation Club content.

Notable loot

Related quests

  • Jackpot: Hub 360: P.A.M. tasks the Sole Survivor with unlocking a hidden DIA cache containing military-grade gear and supplies that the Railroad is in dire need of.
  • Weathervane: Hub 360: Tinker Tom asks the Sole Survivor to place atmospheric sensors on high vantage points to detect any anomalies in the air.
  • Greenskins: A group of super mutants has been terrorizing a group of settlers who are unable to defend themselves. The Sole Survivor is called on to make sure they'll never be a threat to anyone else again.
  • Hypothesis: To aid in one of his experiments, Doctor Holdren of the Institute's BioScience division asks the Sole Survivor to obtain a tissue sample from a particularly tough super mutant and return it to him.
  • Cleansing the Commonwealth: Knight Rhys gives the Sole Survivor an assignment to clear the location of what he calls "abominations" to further the aims of the Brotherhood of Steel.


If the Creation Club content "Noir Penthouse" is installed, the closest map marker will be the Noir Penthouse. Fast traveling puts the player inside of the Noir Penthouse, and using the door, connects to Hub 360, essentially turning Hub 360 into a marked location.


The Hub 360 appears only in Fallout 4.