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Hub 360 is an unmarked location in the Theater District of Boston in 2287. It is directly west of the Harbormaster Hotel and south of the fallen skybridge. Hub 360 can also be reached south of Water Street apartments, through an alleyway and multiple back-end stairwells.


The exterior east side has catwalks leading onto the roof of the entry facade, where a first aid box and an explosives box may be found. The first floor has two entrance doors from the east side, and three active bottlecap mines scattered on the floor. A stairway leads up to the second floor, where an elevator leads to up to the eleventh floor.

The eleventh floor is mostly destroyed except for a kitchen in the rear, with the twelfth floor partially collapsed and a ramp built up to it. The eleventh floor has an exit to the exterior called "Cafe Patio." The twelfth floor has an exit to the exterior called "Rooftop Pool," which is above the cafe patio. From the rooftop pool, the player character can descend a ramp to the fallen skybridge. The other exit from the twelfth floor is an elevator to the exterior top of the skyscraper, where a steamer trunk and an objective of the Weathervane missions can be found.

There is another entrance to the building that can be reached by circling around south to an alley on the west side. There the player can ascend a fire escape to the partly collapsed roof of the next building, and cross the nearby rooftops to the east to return to Hub 360. This section of the building contains an entry room featuring an objective for the Jackpot missions and an armor crafting station. An open elevator shaft in the adjoining corridor drops the Sole Survivor back to the first floor.

The Creation Club content "Captain Cosmos" adds three more sections to the building: television studios, production offices, and a film set. The "Noir Penthouse" content adds a penthouse.

Notable loot

Television studios and production offices map Creation Club

Film set and Noir Penthouse map Creation Club

Related quests


If the Creation Club content "Noir Penthouse" is installed, the closest map marker will be the Noir Penthouse. Fast traveling puts the player inside of the Noir Penthouse, and using the door connects to Hub 360, essentially turning Hub 360 into a marked location.


Hub 360 appears only in Fallout 4.