Well he set up the city council and set a limit on the price of water. Personally I think they should have beat the tar out of them - oh, sorry. I mean they should have showed them who's boss.Beth

The Hub's central council is an organization that governed the Hub from 2128 to at least 2161.


The Hub's central council was founded at the end of the Great Merchant Wars in 2128 as a result of the negotiations between Roy Greene and the various merchant factions. The council consisted of two representatives from each other Hub caravan parties.

Members included the Water Merchants, Crimson Caravan and the Far Go Traders and the group may have been chaired by the current town sheriff, each of which would have been the descendants of Roy Greene. In 2161 his grandson, Justin Greene, is sheriff. The council's job was to maintain the status quo of the Hub, and help mediate any disagreements between the various merchant factions.


The Hub's central council is mentioned only in Fallout.

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