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All I can tell you is to find Cachino. He's the lowest level Lieutenant you're going to be able to talk to. Some of the girls say he's been involved in some shady business the Family wouldn't really like. Ask him about it.Gomorrah receptionist

How Little We Know is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: How Little We Know
Talk to Liza O'Malley as part of For the Republic, Part 2
Receive tip from Joana about Cachino at the completion of Bye Bye Love
Talk with the receptionist to discuss the actions of the family.
Ask around the casino for Cachino's whereabouts.
Go to Brimstone and speak with Cachino.
Steal the journal from his room.
Pickpocket the journal he carries.
Show the journal to Cachino and use it to blackmail him.
Show the journal to Big Sal.
Speak with Troike and free him from his contract or threaten him to help.
Ask Big Sal about the Omerta's plan after Cachino is killed.
Destroy the weapons shipment with the thermite.
Speak with Clanden and help him create a chlorine bomb.
Speak with Clanden and either blackmail him with evidence or kill him discreetly.
Speak with Troike and retrieve his disassembled weapons shipment from the fiends.
Kill Big Sal and Nero with Cachino's help.
Return to Big Sal.
Reward: 50 Gomorrah chips (if Cachino is alive)
Pimp-Boy 3 Billion (special conditions)
New Vegas Strip fame
Reward: 400 caps or 50 Gomorrah chips
Pimp-Boy 3 Billion (special conditions)
New Vegas Strip infamy

Detailed walkthrough (NCR/House/Yes Man)

Warning: It is tricky to avoid permanently locking options in this quest. It is best taken after completing Bye Bye Love, as completing this quest will render Bye Bye Love either unobtainable or unable to be completed. Also, If the Courier does not speak to Liza O'Malley before starting How Little We Know, they will not be able to complete For the Republic, Part 2; see Bugs below. Finally, completing this quest incorrectly prevents the player character from acquiring the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion.

This quest can be given by Mick at Mick & Ralph's after asking him for work. He mentions that the Omertas have stopped buying guns from him without a word as to why. This quest can also be activated after talking to Yes Man. If the Courier is going to do the Wild Card quests, make sure to ask him about the Omertas, so that new speech options progress the quest when exploring Gomorrah. Otherwise, the Courier will have to return to Yes Man and opt to ignore the Omertas, if they've given up finding clues.

In For the Republic, Part 2, the Courier will be asked to get some information regarding the Omertas by Colonel Moore. She will then tell the Courier to talk to Liza O'Malley to start this quest. The Courier can also automatically receive this quest upon accepting The House Always Wins IV from Mr. House.


Once the quest starts, the Courier can talk to the receptionist in the main entrance of Gomorrah. If she has a Speech option for the Courier to ask her information about "the outstanding balance," she can point the Courier to Cachino, a low-level lieutenant. The Courier can ask a few of the dealers/bouncers/hookers for Cachino's whereabouts. They will be unfriendly to this and not answer, but Cachino will still turn up after this. Having the Confirmed Bachelor and/or Terrifying Presence perks gives the Courier additional speech options for the same result.

The Courier's inquiries will prompt Cachino to approach them when they enter the Brimstone club. Once the Courier meets him, they need to find proof of Cachino's work he's been pulling on the side. The Family does not know about this work because it goes against Omerta rules, putting his life at risk if it ever gets out. There is a journal in his desk directly to the left as the Courier enters the bedroom of his suite, and another on his person that can be pickpocketed; this is the evidence needed.

The Courier can get the key to his suite from the receptionist either by paying 300 caps, passing a 8 Strength check (making it free of charge,) or passing a 55 Barter check which lowers the bribe to 200 caps. (The Courier can pay her the 300 caps, then pickpocket her to get it back.) Alternatively, the Courier can just pickpocket Cachino since he is carrying a copy of the journal.

Once the Courier confronts Cachino with his journal, he will give them 100 caps to get the journal back; a 60 Barter check makes him give the Courier an additional 200 caps. He tells the Courier about two people in the club who were hired by the bosses as part of their plans and says to talk to Clanden and Troike about specifics.


Take the elevator to the suites level to find Clanden. He will not give the Courier any clues or talk with them about what he does at all, even if the Courier mentions that Cachino sent them. If the Courier goes back and speaks to Cachino, he will mention he did some asking around and the bosses' plans would be screwed if Clanden was not around, so he asks the Courier to kill Clanden discreetly. Alternatively, the Courier can steal Clanden's key off him, which opens a safe behind the dresser next to his bed, or they can just pick the safe's lock if they have at least 75 Lockpick skill. Inside the safe are the snuff tapes.

The Courier can take the evidence back to Cachino, who will give them the option to confront Clanden with the tapes, or the Courier can just confront Clanden with them. Telling Clanden that the Courier has the tapes gives them the option of telling him to leave and never come back. A 50 Barter check makes him leave after giving the player character 200 caps. Alternatively, the Courier can choose to keep the tapes, at which point he will become hostile and attack them.

His room key that unlocks the safe also unlocks the door to the 100 Lockpick maintenance room (on the same suite level to the west). Inside is a hooker's corpse, which the Courier can inspect with 35 Medicine.


Troike is found in the lower Brimstone level. When talking to him, the Courier can choose a 30 Medicine check, saying that the story he tells the Courier about blacking out does not make sense. The Courier can find evidence of foul play by looking for the blackmail note in a safe in Big Sal's office that proves the bosses set Troike up. However, if the Courier picks up the note, they will NOT be able to free Troike from his contract. This makes it impossible to legitimately obtain the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion. Alternatively, the Courier can talk to Big Sal and convince him to free Troike from his contract with a high enough Speech (53) or Barter (45) skill. This frees Troike without having to investigate the dead hooker incident or find any evidence. If the Courier has a Speech skill of 80, the Courier can lie to Troike (resulting in bad Karma) and mention to him they will tell the NCR of his dealing, bypassing the hooker investigation and talking to Big Sal.

Once Troike has been freed of his contract, he will cooperate and tell the Courier about his involvement with the Omertas. He will tell the Courier he was smuggling guns in NCR supply shipments and they can discuss destroying the guns. Troike will give the Courier a key and some thermite to destroy the guns the Omertas have been gathering for their secret plans; with 70 Speech, the Courier can tell him to plant the thermite himself. The guns are behind a unique door in the hotel, with two footlockers containing a random assortment of flamers, sniper rifles, and assault carbines (these might help later in the next part of the quest). Place the thermite on the four crates of weapons and set off the detonator via the now active panel in the hallway near the closest door to the room. If Troike plants the thermite himself, he will get caught and rat the Courier out before the Omertas kill him, but this will not ruin any of the objectives.

The bosses

After the Courier speaks to Cachino upon completion of both objectives, Cachino will tell the Courier that Big Sal and Nero need to be killed now. Luckily, they just put him in charge of finding out who is responsible for ruining their plans, and he will lead the Courier to a small room where the two bosses are. It is possible to convince Cachino to wait for their initiation signal with a Speech of 80 before the assassination. If the Courier did not get the guns from the room before they used the thermite, the Courier can use the sawed-off shotgun Cachino gives to them to kill the bosses, or the Courier could use the holdout weapons they might have smuggled into the casino.

Upon entering the room, the bosses will ask the Courier to have a seat, and a conversation will begin. They talk about how they know the Courier has been ruining their plans and how they want to kill the Courier. At any point in the conversation, the Courier can start combat through a dialogue option, but it is possible with a 80 Speech check to have Big Sal explain the whole plan to them, then the Courier can lie and convince him that Nero wanted him dead. This results in Big Sal killing Nero when combat starts, allowing time for the Courier and Cachino to kill Big Sal. If the Courier wants to avoid combat, they can quickly loot the office key from Big Sal and run outside. The various Omerta thugs in the casino will kindly assist the Courier with killing Nero.

The quest is complete when the bosses are dead. Cachino takes over the casino, earning the Courier Strip fame. If the Courier speaks to him after the fight, he will give them 50 Gomorrah chips.

Alternative solution

If the Courier informs the guard at the entrance to the Gomorrah club that they have proof that one of the Omertas is dealing on the side, he will let the Courier in to see the bosses. Note that the Courier can only do this after they have informed Cachino they have his journal and have decided to keep it. The Courier can talk to Big Sal and offer him Cachino's journal for 100 or 200 caps if the player character succeeds in a Barter check (60). After that, everyone is brought into Big Sal's office for a meeting where a Button man will kill Cachino after he begs for his life. Talk to Big Sal afterward; he will ask the Courier to take over for Cachino, then offer the Courier a job aiding Clanden and Troike in their plans.

For Clanden, it means helping him kill "a large amount of people in a short amount of time". If the player character has a high enough Science skill (60), they can correctly guess Clanden wants to make a chlorine bomb; otherwise Clanden will tell them what is needed. Containers of chlorine can be stolen from the Ultra-Luxe casino or purchased from either Ralph in Freeside or Blake at the Crimson Caravan Company. The chlorine from the Ultra-Luxe is found in a small supply closet with an Easy lock on it, in the area behind Mortimer's counter. The Courier can also persuade Ralph to give them chlorine for free by passing a Science check of 60, but no such option exists for Blake.

Troike will tell the Courier he is a gun smuggler and inform them that he needs someone to retrieve a crate of guns stolen by the Fiends. The location will be marked on the Pip-Boy's map, guarded by 3 Fiends. Once the Courier retrieves the disassembled weapons shipment, return to Troike.

Once the chlorine is given to Clanden and the weapons to Troike, the Courier will then be told to see Big Sal. Upon informing Big Sal of having fulfilled his request to aid Clanden and Troike, he rewards the Courier with 400 caps. The Courier can also speak to him about 50 Gomorrah chips. Choosing this solution will cause one to gain infamy with the New Vegas Strip, and during the Wild Card: Side Bets quest, a dialogue option will appear when talking to Yes Man saying that the player character supports the Omerta's plans of attacking and taking over the Strip.

Quest stages

1 Talk to the receptionist in Gomorrah about Omerta activities.
5 Talk to Cachino in Gomorrah for Mick. Someone in the casino should know how to contact him.
10 Talk to Cachino about suspicious Omerta activities, perhaps someone else in Gomorrah knows how to find him.
20 Check Cachino's room or his person for some proof of his behavior. Perhaps someone has a key to his room.
30 Cachino's Journal should have enough proof to get him talking.
31 Sell Cachino's journal back to him and help take down the bosses, or show it to the bosses to get on their good side.
32 Talk to Troike about mysterious gun shipments.
33 Find out what kind of work Clanden does for the family.
35 (Optional) Let Mick and Ralph know why the Omertas stopped buying their guns.
40 (Optional) Help Mick and Ralph get Omerta business again.
45 Let Mick and Ralph know the Omertas have room in their budget to buy guns from them again.
50 Something about Troike's story doesn't sit well. Talk to Big Sal, or look around for some evidence to exonerate him.
51 Troike would like help talking Big Sal into letting him out of his contract.
53 Show the blackmail proof from Big Sal to Troike.
55 Big Sal agreed to let Troike out of his contract. Return to Troike and let him know the good news.
57 Use Troike's thermite to destroy the guns in the storage room.
58 Troike is going to destroy the guns for me. I should head out of the casino to give him time.
60 Troike should have had enough time to destroy the guns by now. Return to Cachino to let him know.
62 Return to Cachino and let him know the guns have been destroyed.
64 Go to Cachino and the Omerta bosses to meet with them and take them out.
66 Cachino has agreed to take out the Omerta bosses during our meeting with them. Go to Cachino when you are ready.
67 Show Cachino these tapes from Clanden's safe, or confront Clanden with them.
68 (Optional) Kill Clanden.
69 (Optional) Use the tapes to convince Clanden to betray the family.
70 Clanden has been taken care of, and won't be able to help the Omertas anymore. Cachino should be informed.
71 (Optional) Turn Clanden's tapes into the NCR so Clanden can be charged with murder.
75 The door guard suggested talking to Big Sal or Nero about Cachino's journal.
78 Attend Cachino's business meeting with Big Sal.
80 Attend Cachino's business meeting with Nero.
81 Cachino is dead, speak to the boss about what to do next.
85 Talk to Troike to see what kind of help you can give him.
88 Check with Clanden to see what kind of help he needs.
90 Bring chlorine to Clanden. Check near the pool at the Ultra-Luxe, or find out who supplies them.
95 Recover a stolen shipment of weapon parts from the Fiends.
100 Let the bosses know that Clanden and Troike both have everything they need.
110Quest finishedThe Omertas are an enemy and will no longer accept assistance. The surviving bosses have gone into hiding.


  • If Big Sal is convinced to attack Nero, there is a chance for Big Sal and Nero kill each other at the same time, which will prevent any need for the Courier to enter combat.
  • If the Courier is working or intend to work for Caesar's Legion, it is recommended that one should complete this quest by exposing Cachino to Big Sal and Nero, otherwise the player character will ruin their grand plan, which they will learn is actually Caesar's plan. If the Courier completes it by taking the Cachino route, Caesar will become very angry when the Courier speaks to him next and threaten them with death unless the Courier have helped them out before, but will only spare them this one time. The Courier must confess any crimes they have committed against him when they are given the opportunity; if they do not, then the Courier will turn the Legion hostile the next time they enter dialogue with Caesar. Known crimes against the Legion include breaking the Legion/Khan alliance, disarming the monorail bomb, killing Vulpes Inculta and completing Restoring Hope (the relevant trigger seems to be killing Dead Sea).
  • Completing this quest before Bye Bye Love will result in that quest failing or becoming unobtainable, as Joana and Carlitos will disappear. To avoid this issue, complete Bye Bye Love before doing this one.
  • If the weapons cache is destroyed with Troike's thermite, the parts of several recognizable weapons can be seen lodged in the melted debris. This includes a Chinese assault rifle, with only a few inches of the barrel and its attached iron sight visible.
  • If Cachino survives the showdown with the bosses and if the Courier have high sneak, after the Courier talks to him to get 50 Gomorrah chips, one can immediately hide and kill him for good Karma without making the entire casino hostile. Even if the Courier does make the casino hostile, there is a chance they will go back to neutral if the Courier remains in the office with the door shut and had their weapon holstered.
  • It is possible to do this quest the "good" way (supporting Cachino) and still obtain the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion. The Courier needs to get Troike out of his contract by not picking up the blackmail note in Big Sal's office safe, instead convincing Sal to let Troike go and talking to Sal about the guns from Mick and Ralph's before killing Sal at the end of the quest. Alternatively, if the Courier uses the blackmail note to get Troike to let them blow up the guns, the Courier will not be able to get the alternate Pip-Boy.
    • PC players can "fix" the latter situation by removing the blackmail note with the console command RemoveNote 11945d. After this, the player character can proceed to get Troike out of his contract by talking with Big Sal.
  • Confronting Clanden can result in him becoming hostile and attacking. If he happens to do so in sight of an Omerta guard, the latter will not go hostile but rather aid the Courier in combat.
  • Killing Clanden or Cachino before the Courier is instructed will result in failure of the quest, but the player will still receive the same rewards (positive Karma, experience, etc.). Also, if the Courier ignores Clanden initially, but decides to kill him after Cachino sets up the meeting with the bosses, the quest will be failed.
  • The quest objective of "convincing Clanden to betray the family" corresponds to persuading him into leaving Vegas, nothing else.
  • It is possible to finish this quest without dealing with either Clanden or Troike.
  • Killing the greeter or anyone in Gomorrah before receiving this quest will instantly fail the quest.
    • Playstation 3Playstation 3 However, during the quest, the Courier can kill any unnamed thug without consequence.
  • A random, generic gambler may spawn within the weapons room.

Behind the scenes

  • "(How Little It Matters) How Little We Know" is a song written by Carolyn Leigh and Phil Springer, and recorded and released by Frank Sinatra in 1956.
  • "How Little We Know" is a song written by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer, and recorded by Lauren Bacall for the film, To Have and Have Not, in 1944.
  • Troike being set up by the Omertas is very similar to the film The Godfather Part II, where Michael Corleone has Tom Hagen turn Senator Geary by drugging him and making him think he killed a prostitute. Tom then promises to cover up the incident in return for the senator's loyalty.


  • PCPC Upon receiving the "Thermite Key" from Troike and unlock the metal door leading down the stairs, the player character may clip through the stairs and walls adjacent and will fall through bringing them to a different area on that same floor.
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If the player character does not speak to Liza O'Malley before starting How Little We Know then they will not be able to speak to Cassandra Moore upon returning to Hoover Dam. As such, one will be unable to complete For the Republic, Part 2. [verified]
    • PCPC This can be fixed by entering the following console command: SetObjectiveDisplayed 00136166 30 1
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If one attacks the dead bodies of Big Sal and Nero after killing them, you will continue to gain experience. This can vary from 50xp to 750xp each hit. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 When speaking to Cachino before going to kill the bosses, selecting the "Wait" and "Ready" dialogue options may prevent Cachino from further interacting with the player character. When trying to re-initiate dialogue, Cachino will only respond that 'there is no time to talk' meaning the player character cannot tell him they are ready to go; and he will also remain in place and not lead the player character to the meeting with the bosses, preventing further progress in the quest. Leaving Cachino there and attempting to finish to quest later will revert Cachino to previous lines of dialogue in which you can only ask about the bosses' plans, Troike, and Clanden. Note: this quest was undertaken before initiating or completing Bye Bye Love as the walkthrough indicates is necessary. [verified]
    • This bug can be bypassed, by simply finding the small office where the meeting would take place (next to Big Sal's office on the main floor) and killing the bosses, resulting in a quest complete message, regardless of Cachino following the player character there.
    • It is possible to fix this by taking the elevator to the main floor, then typing prid 11118d followed by moveto player in the console to bring Cachino to the main floor. Once Cachino gets to the main floor, he walks normally to the bosses' room and the usual sequence of events proceeds.
  • PCPC Once Cachino brings the bosses to the office for the player character to kill them, he may shut the door while one is outside, at which point the door will re-open and he and the bosses will leave the office and return to their original positions. From that point on, Cachino will only say that it is time for the meeting and there's no time to talk.
    • On PC version there is same (similar) problem when Cachino saying only "Its time for the meeting with the bosses I cant chit chat right now". First mark objective completed with console commands setobjectivecompleted 00110a63 62 1, then prid 11118d followed by moveto player.
    • This can be bypassed if one later finds Nero standing in the office and kill him there.
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 When Cachino is supposed to give the player character the sawed-off shotgun, it may end up in a companion's inventory instead of the player character's. This can occur even if Cachino is still bugged as previously mentioned. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 If one goes to the meeting room when Cachino is bugged, and kills Big Sal, Nero will not attack the player character until they attack him. [verified]
  • PCPC Sometimes, after planting the thermite charge, the switch will not set off the explosives. [verified]
  • PCPC If Sal and Nero's ammunition is stolen from them before sitting down for the chat, choosing the lie option implicating Nero will cause the two of them to stare at one another with guns out, but they will be unable to attack. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 The dead prostitute one can inspect during "How Little We Know" can be found alive and standing before, during, or after the quest is complete. If one examines her the box telling the player character to inspect her will still pop up. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If the player character receives the key from the receptionist, they can lift the book off Cachino AND head up to his room to get another copy of his journal. Sell the first one with the Barter check then talk to him again for the 100 caps and intel on the Family's activities option. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 After receiving the option from Cachino to kill Clanden, occasionally, killing Clanden will result in a failed mission. In this playthrough, Troike set off the thermite and did not know he was exonerated. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If one chooses to bypass the quest and instead simply kill the Omertas, Big Sal may not necessarily become hostile. It is possible to approach him after fighting through the rest of the main floor and pass the Speech 50 check to convince him to buy from Mick and Ralph's, even though in the context of the game this is a complete non sequitur. You also have the option to get 50 chips from him. This will also advance For the Republic, Part 2 and prompt one to lie to Colonel Moore even if the Omertas have been eliminated. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If the player character has chosen to assault the Omertas and kill them all, ED-E may kill one of the unnamed prostitutes in the courtyard. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 If one sides with Cachino for this quest, then goes talk to Clanden without having the evidence to progress in dialogue, then sees Troike and finishes his objective, reporting back to Cachino will cause him to tell the player character that it is time to take out the bosses, bypassing Clanden's portion of the quest altogether. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes, after completing How Little We Know, one cannot tell Mick that the Omertas are buying his weapons again. To work around this, before telling Troike to destroy the weapons, have his contract destroyed by talking to Big Sal before completing the quest. Then tell Troike he is free and then tell him to destroy the guns. Note that if one finds the Troike blackmail note before talking to Troike about the prostitute, although Troike will still have the dialogue asking for help getting out of his contract, Big Sal will not have the related dialogue, so one cannot get Troike out of his contract, thus never tell Mick that the Omertas are buying guns again, and never gets the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion. [verified]
    • PCPC One fix with the console is to use SetObjectiveCompleted 00110A63 50 0, SetObjectiveCompleted 00110A63 51 0, and SetObjectiveDisplayed 00110A63 51 1 to go back to the stage when Big Sal had the dialogue.
  • PCPC The dialogue option that starts this quest can appear without doing Bye Bye Love or starting For the Republic, Part 2. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Killing Clanden may cause ED-E to stop following the player character (it just gets stuck). Making ED-E wait will not help. Ordering it to return to base, then quickly killing Clanden and rehiring ED-E will help. The same thing may happen when killing Big Sal and Nero. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 If one proceeds with killing Cachino and beginning the missions for the Omertas family, the receptionist that Mr. House sends to speak with the player character during The House Always Wins IV, may not give the player character the necessary speech options. [verified]
  • PCPC After talking to Big Sal and telling him of Cachino's treachery, going into his office to have a 'little talk', button man remains immobile, Cachino just sits there and none of them will speak anymore. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 After picking up the blackmail tape, one cannot negotiate Troike's contract with Big Sal. This means one cannot free him and get the Pimp Boy. At this stage, one also cannot turn in Cachino, as he will have his diary back (pickpocketing it does nothing) meaning there is no way to get the Pimp Boy at all. To get around this the Courier must kill Cachino then talk to Big Sal who will buy the guns from Mick and Ralph if the Courier selects the 50 Speech check. Doing this will fail the mission but grant the player character the Pimp Boy after talking to Mike. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 Rarely, when Cachino gives the player character the sawed-off shotgun before they 'talk' with the bosses, Cachino's head may spin around in a full 360° motion. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If the player character gives Cachino's Journal to Big Sal, sometimes Cachino will not move from his place in Brimstone. In Big Sal's office, Big Sal will have his scripted conversation with the chair Cachino should be sitting in, and the Button Man will shoot empty air when he would usually kill Cachino. Cachino will still die - his corpse can be found downstairs where he was originally standing and the quest will progress normally.
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 When retrieving the chlorine for Clanden, it is possible that upon entry to the suite floor, Clanden will be glitched into the wall, making this quest incompletable. Reloading an earlier save may fix this.


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Dead MoneySierra Madre Grand Opening! · Find Collars (8: "Dog", 12: Christine, 14: Dean Domino) · Fires in the Sky · Strike Up the Band · Mixed Signals · Trigger the Gala Event · Put the Beast Down · Last Luxuries · Curtain Call at the Tampico · Heist of the Centuries · Big Winner, Sierra Madre
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