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Oberlin is too busy to assist you, help around Vault 63 to reduce his workload.

Housekeeping for Hire is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update. It is one of two quests given after completion of The Calm Before, alongside Between The Lines.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Speak with Oberlin, who will tell that he is busy and needs help with some of the simpler errands. He directs you to Margaret, Julio, and Laurence, who can be found together in the lounge area of the atrium upper level. Speak with Margaret to learn of the three tasks to be completed:

  1. Investigate the generator noises.
  2. Eliminate the radrats from the storage room.
  3. Put Alfie out of his misery.

All three tasks take place in the atrium lower level, so head down with the nearby elevator.

From the elevators, head into the room to the west. Find Alfie's room keycard in the south end of this room, on a white table next to a red toolbox, directly under a spotlight. Pick up the keycard and use it to open the door to Alfie's room to the south. Once inside, head to the bathroom and enter the hole in the wall into the next room. Here you will find Alfie, who is a hostile feral ghoul and must be killed. He carries a note, Alfie's journal, but it is not required to progress the quest.

Head back and walk past the elevators, down a flight of stairs, until you reach a wide vault door. Once you open the door, a small swarm of radrats jumps out to attack. Simply eliminate them to complete the task.

Exit the storage room and take a right, walking down the hallway and then up the stairs to reach the reactor control room. Use the terminal to open the door; the other options do nothing. Since the reactor room reaches levels of up to 50 Rads/sec in some places, use Radiation Resistance if needed. Enter the reactor room using the now-opened door on your left, where you will find several radroaches and broken pipes. Repair all pipes to finish the task. Two pipes can be found in each corner of the room, with the remaining radroaches surrounding them.

Once all three tasks have been completed, take the elevators back to the atrium upper level. Speak with Margaret to report on the tasks, and optionally learn some gossip on Hugo and Oberlin. Next, return to Oberlin for your reward, leading to The Powerhouse of the Cell.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak to OberlinHugo mentioned something about an investigation he wants me to do. He said I should talk to the head of security, Chief Oberlin, to find out more.
? Speak to the Vault Dwellers in the Residential area.Chief Oberlin wants me to help with issues in Vault 63 that he's too busy to handle. He said I should speak to the Vault Dwellers, Margaret, Julio and Laurence in the Residential area for more information.
? Go to the Lower AtriumThe Vault Dwellers want me to investigate the noises coming from the generator room, clear out the rat infestation, and find the keycard to Alfie's room so I can "take care" of him. I better check out the Lower Atrium, I guess.
? Clear out the rat infestation
? Investigate the noise in the generator room
? Put Alfie out of his misery
? Repair the generator pipes (#/5)
? Find Alfie's keycard
? Return to the Upper Atrium
? Return to the Vault DwellersNow that I've dealt with all of the problems in the Lower Levels, I should report back to the Vault Dwellers, Margaret, Julio and Laurence to let them know of my success here.
? (Optional) Gossip with the Dwellers
? Return to OberlinLooks like I managed to impress those Vault Dwellers by dealing with the problems in the Lower Atrium. They said they would put a good word in for me with Oberlin too. Speaking of which, I should report back and inform him of my success here.
? (Optional) Share what you have heard with Oberlin