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But I'm being rude! I am Madam Panada, and this is Madam Panada's House of Wares! For all things a traveler needs, I am here to provide! Bullets! Stimpaks! Armor! Weapons! Junk! If you need it, Madam Panada has already anticipated your need and procured it months ago!Panada

House of Wares is a small shop owned by Panada. Its only other inhabitant is a friendly protectron.


Madam Panada's House of Wares offers a variety of badly repaired items, as Panada herself is only trading to make a living. Her real calling (so she believes) is divination.[Non-canon 1][clarification needed]


Panada has taken up residence in the shooting gallery, opposite the bumper cars. A special red protectron patrols near the skeeball racks. There is a bed with a first aid box and two ammunition boxes between the bumper cars and Naval recruiting center.


  • Because the House of Wares is an open booth in the middle of the boardwalk, instead of being safely housed inside a building, Panada can sometimes be killed by a group of smugglers who may appear randomly on the boardwalk.
  • Only a single smuggler spawns directly in front of her shop. Her protectron is more adept at fighting than the typical model, having better accuracy and higher critical hit chance. This can easily be heard during a brief firefight, furthermore, upon arrival, the smuggler will be an ash pile nearly 100% of the time.
  • The protectron wandering about has the same paint job as the Nuka-Cola protectrons, albeit without the Nuka-Cola logo.
  • House of Wares contains the most pinball machines in any one location.


House of Wares appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.