What you want to know? Whole place used to be some kinda rich bastard resort, back before the war. Now the Rangers use the old resort, and we grunts get to live in tents. Fucking typical.Razz

The House Resort is a luxury resort at the heart of Camp Golf, overlooking Lake Las Vegas.


The centerpiece of House Resort & Country Club belonging to Robert House before the Great War, the resort survived the decades in remarkable condition, eventually repurposed by the New California Republic Army and NCR Rangers as a military facility. Corridors and bedrooms that once hosted pre-War captains of industry and entertainment stars were now used by troops as barracks and improvised facilities. Although Camp Golf lost much of its strategic importance by 2281, as NCR lines were expanded to the Colorado and far beyond the confines of the base, it's still the headquarters of the NCR Rangers and their Chief, Hanlon.


There is a large lobby area with some small offices through a door at the rear, a storage area containing numerous metal boxes and ammunition boxes on the shelves to the left, a bunk area and kitchen to the right, and two sets of stairs leading to a second floor with several bedrooms and an external deck.

Notable lootEdit

  • Five Nuka-Cola Quartz can be found on the shelves in the kitchen. These must be stolen.
  • There are 22 purified waters in the kitchen and a great amount of food as well.
  • There is one of the two Lucky 38 VIP keycards used to unlock Mr. House's secret entrance terminal on a desk in the building. Simply walk straight ahead from the entrance, into the hallway with the vending machines. It will be the door on the left, in Chief Hanlon's office.
  • 3 Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps on top of two dressers in a room upstairs. Go up the right staircase, the first room in the right hallway. These do not show as stolen items, and can be taken without consequence.
  • A Fixin' Things magazine can be found on a dresser in a room upstairs.
  • A Fixin' Things magazine and Programmer's Digest can be found upstairs on a table with some ruined books, in the northernmost center room. (As with everything other than the Sunset star bottle caps and the three frag grenades, these must be stolen).
  • There is also a Lad's Life magazine on the bed in the attached room to the east.
  • One Tæles of Chivalrie and a Locksmith's Reader in the same room as the star bottle caps, found by the fallen shelves. In the adjacent room there are three frag grenades on the mantel.
  • A Future Weapons Today magazine can be found on top of a filing cabinet, next to the broken terminal at the end of a 2nd floor corridor.
  • A Boxing Times magazine on a desk upstairs in a northwest room next to a bottle of Buffout.
  • A Meeting People can be found on the bathroom floor in the southern corridor (has to be stolen).
  • A Future Weapons Today magazine is on top of a set of shelves to the right of a broken terminal, in a dead end corridor in the far SSW corner of the 2nd floor.
  • There is a great deal of chems on the bathroom floor and on both bedside shelves in one of the upstairs bedrooms. The room has a collapsed shelving unit directly across from the doorway when looking into the room.


  • The "Lucky 38 Executive Override" option on the terminal in the office was originally supposed to be part of The Moon Comes Over the Tower, but that section of the quest was apparently cut. See that quest's notes section for details.
  • Some of the rooms have exactly the same layout as those in Jacobstown lodge including items.
  • The house is filled with about a dozen Veteran Rangers and half a dozen normal NCR Rangers.


The House Resort appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

On the first floor of House Resort, there exists a large portrait of Mr. House standing in front of a bipedal robot. The portrait is reminiscent of a famous photograph of House's real world equivalent Howard Robard Hughes Jr. standing in front of a Boeing 100A aircraft in 1934.[1]



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