Hotel Rexford is a location in Goodneighbor in 2287. It serves as base of operations for Marowski.


Hotel Rexford provides lodging for travelers and scavengers stopping in Goodneighbor and has been in business at least since 2247, when Clair Hutchins became the manager.[1] Chem dealer Marowski runs the hotel and also uses it as a front for his chem running operations. Back its heyday, the hotel catered to a more sophisticated crowd and parties were thrown often.[2] Although the place's glamour has since faded, Marowski and a small group of people stay around to keep it open.


The hotel has an entry area where the Sole Survivor can rent a room, Marowski's office, a second and third floor with rooms and the Vault-Tec rep. There is a basement with Fred Allen's terminal and minor loot, as well as a locked room in the first floor's western stairway with a steamer trunk and two ammunition boxes.


Notable lootEdit

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Hotel Rexford appears only in Fallout 4.



  1. "I have been working in this hotel for over forty years, and this is NOT how I imagined spending my retirement."
    (Clair Hutchins' dialogue)
  2. "Mister Marowski. You should have seen him in his day. This place used to be flowing with high-end chems, beautiful clients, and ooh.. the parties."
    (Clair Hutchins' dialogue)
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