Hot Rodder is a magazine in Fallout 4. Each issue collected unlocks a new custom paint job for power armor.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Hot Rodder is a pre-War magazine for automotive enthusiasts. By reading the Hot Rodder magazine, the Sole Survivor is able to unlock a new custom paint job for power armor. There are three Hot Rodder magazine paint jobs; all three grant a +1 Agility bonus when painted on a full set of power armor:

  • Flames - Red base with black flames
  • Hot Pink - Pink base with white scallops
  • Shark - Olive base with red edges, and eyes with a shark mouth on the torso
  • Creation Club Racing Stripes - Dark blue with two white stripes down the torso. This issue also unlocks a new Pip-Boy skin of the same colors.

All paint jobs earned through the Hot Rodder magazines are free to apply, and no crafting ingredients are required.

Magazine issues[edit | edit source]

Editor ID Issue Location Location description Paint Job Base ID
01 #2 Shark Paint Schemes! Atom Cats garage On the bedside table in Zeke's trailer Shark 00180A24
02 #3 Hot Pink! Milton parking garage By a table next to a bed on the top floor Hot Pink 00185CBF
03 #1 Flame Job! Robotics disposal ground On the desk inside the building Flames 00185CD1
Creation Club #4 Racing Stripes! Propane stand near Federal ration stockpile On the counter to the left after entering Racing Stripes FEXXX000

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