Hospital report: Violent incident is a holotape in Fallout 76. It is recorded by Doctor Kessle.


The holotape can be found in Fort Defiance. It is on a desk in a room in an isolated part of the first floor that can be reached by a collapsed part of the second floor at the eastern end of the building.



Hospital Incident Report. Resident Psychiatrist Doctor Kessle. We had a fight breakout today. All the patients in the dining area for the morning meal and all the attending staff were present. Patient 3E2 has never had any problems with violence but can be verbally abusive to whoever happens to be in the area. The staff intervened, but Patient 3E2 broke free from restraint by biting into one of the nurse's hands. Another nurse and I chased her down the hallway, while the rest of the staff tried to contain the patients in the dining room, who were obviously agitated by what just happened. We were finally able to hold her and administer a sedative, and the unfortunate nurse whose hand had been torn open received treatment. All the other patients have returned to their routines, but Patient 3E2 and 7C1 will need to be monitored in case this is the start of habitual violent behavior. The prognosis for either of them being released has slipped even further into statistical irrelevancy.

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