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The Horse Power Armor is a unique set, created by a demented Raider obsessed with the Giddyup Buttercup. Featuring increased movement speed and jump height, it's off to the races!Loading screen

Horse power armor is a set of power armor in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Horse Power Armor."


The horse power armor is a set of power armor created by a raider named Scabby. Scabby created and used the armor to take revenge on his gang for destroying the toy he was in love with.


The armor has the appearance of a modified version of the raider power armor with Giddyup Buttercup parts on the helmet, arms, torso and legs. It is a standalone power armor type and does not share anything else than its appearance with the raider power armor.

Armor parts

Mk Name DR HP Weight Value Repair Upgrade components Form ID
Physical Energy Radiation


Piece Mod slot Name Color Description Effects Components Form ID


In the basement of the Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ.

Behind the scenes

The horse power armor is a reference to the controversial horse armor DLC for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The DLC was heavily criticized at its release for its steep price point, having since become a running joke within the franchise.