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Horses are creatures mentioned before and after the Great War.


References to the animals can be found in dialogue and on related world objects.



Fallout 2

  • When talking to Ethyl Wright, the Chosen One may mention enjoying fermented milk from a mare, or female horse.[2]
  • Lenny may exclaim, "I've got to talk to a man about a horse" before running away from combat.[3]

Fallout 3

  • A horse toy called the Giddyup Buttercup was popular before the war. Advertisements describe the toy as being, "programmed to perfectly emulate the behavior of an actual horse."[4]

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 4

  • There is a drawing of a horse, chicken and cow used in a framed picture near Bunker Hill. The same drawing appears at an unmarked trapper outpost northwest of the MS Azalea, in the add-on Far Harbor.[7]
  • Napoleon's ceremonial parades on horseback throughout Europe are mentioned on a plaque in the Wixon's Shovel Museum.[8]
  • A horse is part of the Paul Revere Monument in Boston.
  • The Easy City Downs‎‎ Racetrack and Clubhouse featured horse races before the war, and horses are depicted on its signage.[9]
  • Members of the Pack ask one another what a horse was, and if it was similar to a large dog that one could ride.[10]
  • Porter Gage mentions horses twice, once in a reference to betting and once telling the Sole Survivor to "have fun getting shot from off the top of your high horse."[11][12]
  • The Giddyup Kid asks for help corralling horses. If dressed as the Silver Shroud, the Sole Survivor can agree to help, stating, "Horses gone missing? The Silver Shroud shall ensure this is not part of some more diabolical plot."[13] If successful, Giddyup Kid, Sheriff Hawk, and Sheriff Eagle will express their gratitude.[14]
  • Nick Valentine uses the phrase "hold your horses" several times.[15][16]
  • Cait mentions that she is not one to "look a gift horse in the mouth."[17]
  • If the Sole Survivor helps Far Harbor's Cassie Dalton avenge her family, she will comment about a horse and riding off into the sunset.[18]

Fallout 76


Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes
Joshua Sawyer stated during an October 2020 livestream that horses were never considered for implementation in Fallout: New Vegas, as they did not seem appropriate.[Non-canon 1]
On January 24, 2013, Fandom user "StylesV13" added a quote from a personal email claiming to be from a correspondence with developer Chris Avellone.[Non-canon 2][Non-canon 3] The contents of the email pertain to the appearance of horses in the All Roads comic as "an error (no one noticed it until too late)," Raul Tejada originally mentioning horses in one of his stories, and stating that horses are completely extinct in the Fallout series.[Non-canon 4] The contents of the email cannot be independently verified. While a quoted portion has existed in this article since 2013, the screenshot of the email did not surface until 2014 where it was uploaded by a different, unrelated user on a separate website.[Non-canon 5] Comments on the file suggest it was taken from the now-defunct Bethesda forums, but a link to the original post or thread has not survived.
When asked about the StylesV13 email about horses in September 2020, developer Joshua Sawyer commented that he was not immediately familiar with the horses appearing as an error in All Roads, the concept of horses being completely extinct in Fallout, or Chris Avellone expressing it. He had "no idea" about this information, and that if he ever knew, it was "lost like dust in the wind."[Non-canon 6]



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    Ethyl Wright: "(Looks shocked.) Surely you are mistaken. Even a primitive tribal such as yourself can't seriously mean th--"
    The Chosen One: "Nothing like a little communal love, some gambling, and rounding off the day with a few jugs of fermented mare's milk. That's what makes being a TRIBESMAN/TRIBESWOMAN so great!"
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  6. Arcade Gannon: "I'll leave the fighting to the old warhorses. It's what they were made for."
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    The Giddyup Kid: "Thank you, Shroud. Remember to check out the Nuka-Cola refreshment stands. Even heroes like yourself get thirsty."
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  14. Sheriff Hawk or Eagle: "Thanks again for corralling that horse, deputy!"
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  19. Story Time Miss Nanny: "She waved her wand at a pumpkin which turned into a silver carriage, and a family of mice, which turned into a team of horses to pull the carriage."
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    Maggie Stern: "And I can back it up you waste of space. My mom taught me to shoot when I was four years old. I once punched Slick in the nuts just for laughing at me. I could handle you with one hand while I brush my toy pony with the other."
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    Joshua Sawyer: "There was never any thought about implementing horses. Didn't really seem super appropriate, really."
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    There is debate in the Fallout Universe regarding horses and whether or not they are extinct. Most people see them as extinct given that we haven't seen them or heard any mention of them in any Fallout game. But in All Roads we see NCR soldiers on horses.
    So the question is, was that part of Chase's drug induced hallucination, a dream, or was it to show us that horse are in the NCR?
    In the end, it's up the Bethesda, but we would like your view on this matter. Still Bethesda would have been part of the approval of All Roads right?"

    Chris Avellone: "To me, that picture in the comic was an error (no one noticed it until too late).
    While the end decision is up to Bethesda as to whether horses exist in the NCR, it was never my intention that there were any horses, and furthermore, there were still parts of the New Vegas design where we specifically removed the mention of horses from certain narrative points (one of Raul's stories originally referenced horses, for example, and we cut them because we didn't want to imply horses still existed)."

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    Joshua Sawyer: "I have no idea, honestly. If I ever knew, that info is now lost like dust in the wind. Sorry."
    (Joshua Sawyer on Tumblr (archived))