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Hornwright testing site 2 is a location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia.


The Hornwright testing sites were used as breach locations for the Motherlode, allowing the employees to pick up the minerals the robot had gathered.[1]


This location is due west of abandoned mine shaft 1, at the end of the southwest spur off of Route 84. It is one of the most southwestern locations on the map.

There is a weapons workbench outside of the concrete control and maintenance building. The small building has minor loot and a locked room with a duffle bag and a mattress. West from the location is a small derelict encampment with an old trailer and a Grafton Steel truck. Directly south is a cult's sacrificial altar.

Notable loot

Mini nuke - Inside the locked (Picklock 2) room, on the middle metal shelf, on the bottom row, to the left.


Hornwright testing site 2 appears in Fallout 76.