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The Hornwright summer villa is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102. It can be populated with Liberator robots.


The Hornwright summer villa is a home of Daniel Hornwright, the CEO of Hornwright Industrial. It has two levels and a large open area surrounding it.

The building contains a basement, wherein a Hornwright Estate access keycard can be found. It is also a possible location for the body of the young woman to appear. The basement also contains two workbenches - armor and weapons.

The other level of the building contains a grand piano.

The location also contains a greenhouse, outside of which a cooking station is found, and inside contains gourd and corn planters.

The final building is a two-story garage. The first level contains a car, a tinker's workbench, and another weapons workbench. The upper floor contains a living area, with a bed, safe and furniture. It also contains Kelly's holotape, the note Regarding the Infestation, as well as the Sugar Bombs and rat poison mentioned in the note.

Notable lootEdit

  • Kelly's holotape - Holotape, on the second level of the garage, on the metal shelf under the American flag.
  • Regarding the infestation - Note, on a cabinet in the second level of the garage.
  • Hornwright Estate access keycard - On a cart next to a whiskey bottle and wodden box with two vases in it, in the basement.
  • Random Vault-Tec bobblehead - On top of the gazebo near the greenhouse.
  • Random magazines:
    • Next to the fridge in the garage; between it and the wall.
    • In the basement, to the left of a wooden shelf, underneath stacked wine barrels.
  • Random armor plan - In the basement, next to the armor workbench.
  • Random weapon plan - In the same garage as a weapons workbench, on a metal shelf.
  • Random weapon mod - In the basement, to the right of the weapons workbench, on a crate.


The Hornwright summer villa appears only in Fallout 76.

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