Hornwright Industrial Headquarters is a location in the city of Charleston in Appalachia in 2103. It is the corporate headquarters of the pre-War company Hornwright Industrial.


Located in downtown Charleston, this skyscraper was the heart of the Hornwright Industrial Mining Company.[1]


The skyscraper is divided into nine distinct levels, including, from bottom to top, a sub-basement, basement, ground level, floors 1-5, and the executive suite (floor 6) on top. Floors 2-5 overlook a single central chamber, with floor 1 on the bottom.

The entrance hall constitutes the ground level (floor 1) and has a mezzanine, with a reception desk and terminal, together with a Nuka-Cola machine in the southern room and pools of radioactive water. On the opposite end, up the stairs, are the company archives, while in the southeastern corner is the stairwell linking most levels together.

Floor 2 contains the IT department with Jeffery Vaccarro's terminal and the senior executive exam answer key in his desk. The adjacent room contains a chemistry station.

The third floor was the human resources department on the southern face together with the senior executive exam. The fourth floor contains the conference room and Penelope Hornwright's office, the latter of which has a tinker's workbench. The terminal on her desk contains a message to Yvette. Contained in that message is the password for the automated hiring system in the hiring department.

Floor 5 contains an exit to the external balcony - now the adjacent residential building's top floor, which contains ruined wastelander dwellings and blocked offices, accessible through the ruined technical passage on the western face of the building. The safe requires R. Vargas' key, which is located on the bottom right shelf of his desk.

The top floor, floor 6, also known as the executive offices, can be accessed through the lobby elevator after acquiring the senior executive keycard during the quest The Motherlode. The top floor contains the main lobby in the middle with the executive office of Daniel Hornwright on the northern end and the development lab on the opposite end. Off of Daniel Hornwright's executive office is another elevator which, with the proper identification, will access the sub-basement and the Cave. There is a glass floor in this room, through which the sub-basement can be seen. The executive offices contain another chemistry station. Interacting with the external connection system will result in meeting the Motherlode autonomous mining robot.

The sub-basement level, accessed by the elevator in the executive offices, is where a weapons workbench can be found. The cave is below the sub-basement level, also accessed by the executive office's elevator. The Division of Wealth quest takes place here. As one enters from the east, there is a reception desk where Hijack is encountered. To the left (south), through either security door, is the Motherlode. On the other (west) side of the main room is a door. If one goes through the door and down the stairs, a sign reads "Enter here." This leads through a maze to recalibrate Motherlode. Completing the maze leads back into the reception area.

Notable loot

Holotapes and notes
  • Hornwright HQ - key to R. Vargas safe - Key, adjacent to a safe on a shelf in the desk. Opens the safe.
  • Three potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • On floor 3, in the south corner of the reactor lab, on the metal counter half-hidden by a wooden crate.
    • In the sunken floor section of the external connection system chamber, by the circular Protectron calibration pad, in leg alcove of the red mainframe computer.
    • On the basement level, in the northwest computer room overlooking the sub-basement, in the tiny foot alcove of the jutting part of the red mainframe computer.
  • Three potential magazines:
    • On floor 5, behind the inaccessible door, in the room accessed via the hole in the conference room wall via the duct ramp, on the wood desk (no terminal) with the red wastebasket.
    • On the executive level, in the office with the CEO's terminal, on the curved desk.
    • In the north corner of the sub-level's lower balcony, near a green metal desk and mainframe terminal, on a seat.
  • Potential recipe - Next to the Hornwright building, inside the dilapidated building turned refuge, on a grill.
  • Power armor chassis - In the basement, near the Motherlode meeting point.
  • Fusion core - On the top floor, inside the fusion generator.
  • Three .44 pistols can spawn here:
    • In a cubby of the desk to the left of the west laser door after entering the executive areas (CEO's office).
    • In the sub-level, always inside the Motherlode department safe next to the stairs.
    • Also in the sub-level one may spawn on top of the red consoles in the west end of the upper part of the room.

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The Hornwright Industrial Headquarters appears only in Fallout 76, and was expanded upon in the Wastelanders update.


Main building


The Cave


  1. Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia p.340: "79. HORNWRIGHT INDUSTRIAL HEADQUARTERS
    Though not lurching at an alarming angle like the brick tenement block adjacent to this location, the Hornwright tower is still in a frightful state of disrepair. Though you can enter the place via some treacherous tenement block maneuvering (from the Charleston Herald structure), and you can enter the structure from the fifth level, it's easier to work your way up from the ground floor, via the south facing entrance.
    Inside, the Hornwrights have thoughtfully labeled each level with a number so you know where you are. Enter the passageway between the walls on Level 03 or 04 to reach the otherwise-inaccessible office on Level 05. Or, with the appropriate ID card, you can use the lobby elevator to reach the executive level. Once you shut down the laser grids, you can reach the sublevel basement."

    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia)
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