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Horizon Flight 1207 is a location on the Island. It is an airplane crash site inhabited by a non-hostile super mutant named Erickson and his pet dogs.


The site contains the remains of a crashed Horizon Airlines airplane scattered throughout the whole area. The main fuselage and one of the wings houses Erickson and his dogs. On top of the wing, there is a guard station and a small seating area. Inside the plane, there are three cages where Erickson keeps his trained dogs. His living quarters has an Advanced terminal that unlocks the door to the cockpit, which contains a steamer trunk filled with owned loot.

Notable loot

The weapon Butcher's Hook is sold by Erickson.


  • The location is called Horizon Flight 1207 but the plane that crashed has Skylanes Air painted on the body.
  • Stealing any of the owned items, even if Erickson can't see the player character, may turn Erickson and his dogs hostile to them.
  • The Sole Survivor can purchase any of Erickson's dogs from him and send them to settlements to help guard against attacks.
  • Unlike the Skylanes Air wrecks, there is no flight data recorder to be found.
  • There are two back parts of the plane, one behind the plane and another further behind the wreckage.
  • When first approaching the area, Erickson will ask the player character to lower their weapon and talk to him.
  • If the player character has Dogmeat with them, Erickson asks about him and gives the player character a blue bandana for "your pup."


Horizon Flight 1207 appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.