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Horizon's Rest is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


This settlement is constructed around a transmission tower using pieces scavenged from a Horizon Airlines airplane that crashed on a nearby hillside. The settlement was built by residents of the nearby town of Helvetia, and was led by Ella, who convinced the settlers to pool all their weapons together and lock them in an armory at the top of the tower.[1][2]

At some point, the settlers of Horizon's Rest were slaughtered by super mutants, who now occupy the site. The super mutants at one point kept settlers and a raider in cages. Its de facto ruler is a super mutant skirmisher residing on the uppermost level of the overhang, that keeps the Horizon's Rest jail cell key next to its bed.


Horizon's Rest is a camp that has been built around a power pylon and the wreckage of a Horizon Airlines plane which crashed into the nearby mountainside. Cabins built from parts of the plane's fuselage have been mounted on the pylon and wooden bridges connect the different parts of the pylon to one another and the mountainside.

The cabin at the top of the pylon contains two airplane seats looking out over Helvetia to the west. There is also a locked safe (Picklock 1), a bed, and a steamer trunk in this cabin. The bottom level of the pylon houses a kitchen and dining area. Two recipes can be found here along with assorted crockery and an operational radio. Below the pylon is a small garden where three tato and three tato blossom plants can be found.

There are five cabins sitting on the mountainside near the pylon. Three are living quarters, one is a workshop and one is a locked jail cell (Picklock 1) which can be unlocked with the appropriate key. The corpse of a dead raider lies on a mattress in the jail cell. There are also two cooking stations near these cabins.

The main section of the plane wreckage is located north of the pylon. There are two skeletons sitting on deck chairs in the lower section. A Vault-Tec bobblehead and first aid can be found in the cockpit.

Notable loot

  • Horizon's Rest armory - Note, under the mattress in the northernmost raider's jail cell.
  • SMU-97 transponder - Quest item for Signal Strength, in the cockpit on top of the hill.
  • Horizon's Rest armory key - Underneath a flower pot in the middle shack on the cliff.
  • Horizon's Rest jail cell key - Underneath an overturned flower pot in the shack with a couch and radio, near the large cooking station by the shacks and on top of the metal shelf to the left of the safe at the top of the tower.
  • Two potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • In the cockpit of the crashed plane, on the floor behind the seat.
    • In the building at the top of the transmission tower, on the metal table beside the safe.
  • Three potential magazines:
    • Inside the cockpit section of the fuselage, on a TV stand.
    • On the north side of the electrical pylon platforms, near a covered fuselage walkway onto the rock outcrop, on the metal shelf near the single airplane seat.
    • On the kitchen platform attached to the electrical pylons, behind the three dark red plane seats on the side cabinet with the open chem box.
  • Two potential workshop plans:
    • On a bed in the top building of the transmission tower.
    • In the middle shack, on a small stool.
  • Four potential recipes:
    • On the southern side, next to the safe.
    • In the second shack from the north, in the bottom shelf of a metal table with a yellow lamp.
    • On the bottom level of the structure built into the transmission tower, by the fridges, on the right side of the counter.
    • On the table opposite the recipe on the counter.


Although the world map is presented as an in-universe publication from Vault-Tec in 2076, a drawing of a crashed plane is present on the map to mark Horizon's Rest, despite indications that Horizon's Rest is a post-War settlement.


Horizon's Rest appears only in Fallout 76.