Hopewell cave is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


Hopewell cave was discovered in May 1816. It played some sort of role in the Native American Adena culture, which existed from 1000-200 B.C. One anthropologist speculated that another culture moved the remains of the Adena people to this cave as a form of reverence for them, an unusual practice. He came to this conclusion because of the presence of tools too advanced for the time period in which the Adena were present.[1]

At the top of the hill that the cave is located under is another burial mound but of a modern kind. A small cemetery used by local West Virginians, it has since been defiled over the years, but many have still been untouched.


A pile-up of trucks, cars and buses block the road outside this small, one-room cave. One of the buses has a locked wooden crate inside, while another has a power armor chassis with raider pieces. One disconnected trailer sports a locked door that opens to a large collection of motorcycles.

The cave contains a pool of dirty water and a deathclaw boss protecting its nest. The cave's walls are lined with brain fungus and firecracker berries, and a duffle bag of ammo lies against the back wall beside a skeleton.

Notable lootEdit

  • Anthropologist's holotape - Holotape, on a crate near the entrance.
  • Reggie's note - Note, inside the cave, to the right of the main cave entrance from the outside, at a hidden alcove slightly above the triangular shaped formation, on a sleeping bag overlooking the cave's entrance.
  • Power armor chassis with raider pieces - In one of the buses outside of the cave.
  • Two random magazines:
    • On top of a small blue basket.
    • Next to the wood pile near the extinguished firepit (can be submerged in the ground).
  • Random recipe - On another crate next to the one with the anthropologist's holotape.


Hopewell cave appears only in Fallout 76.



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