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The Hopewell Cave cemetery is a unmarked location in Appalachia. It is situated directly above Hopewell Cave.


The cemetery is located at the end of a dirt road which starts at Highway 63, due south and close to the Pumpkin House. Along the roadway there is a rundown car with a few tombstones in it.

At the small cemetery, a presumed Union soldier has been buried behind a black fence, with his hat sitting atop his plot. Similarly, the coffin next to his may have been a worker at the local asylum as their hat can be found on top of their plot. Many of the other graves have been dug up, and the skeletons can be found arranged in strange formations.


C.A.M.P.s may be placed at this location.


The Hopewell Cave cemetery appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Many of the headstones at the cemetery have "Interact" prompts, but do not actually do anything when interacted with. This is a leftover from a cut event, and will be corrected in a future patch.[1]



  1. BGS_Steve on Bethesda Game Studios' official Discord: "lol just looked this up. looks like they were from an event cut pre-launch. Replacing them with statics now"