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The Hopeville missile silo bunker is a location in the Divide in 2281.


The Hopeville missile silo bunker is a large facility, extending the entire breadth of the northern map. The entrance is a standard bunker door leading into a hallway that leads into the main room. On the right is a door that will lead to the bot pod, unlocking the ED-E copy. On the left is an L shaped hallway with a maintenance closet. Leading onto the silo door is a broken duraframe eyebot.

In the center of both rooms is a large computer-like system which can be used to restore electricity to the building, giving access to the latter of the two rooms. Beyond the door is the missile. There will be a terminal on the far right that deactivates the sentry bot in the next room.

Notable loot[]

Hopeville missile silo bunker map

Silo interior map

  • Silo network security codes - In Retslaf's desk on the top level, used in the security room.
  • H&H Tools nail gun - Inside the toolbox on the bottom shelf of the storage room on the third floor.
  • Two Nuka-Cola Quartz - One in the utility room on the raised platform by the RALPHIE poster and the other in the reactor room on the second floor, in a crate behind the northernmost desk.
  • Three arc welders - One is on a shelf across from the terminal that releases ED-E, and two are in the room with the mainframe controls next to the corpses of marked men.
  • Roughin' it! bedroll kit - Above the west entrance, behind a blue car.

Related quests[]


When re-entering the bunker after completing the add-on, marked men will be hiding out in the bunker on the first, second, and third levels.


The Hopeville missile silo bunker appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.