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The Hopeville armory is an unmarked location on the Hopeville Missile Base in 2281.



The building is located near the Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters. The building itself is a half-cylindrical room about 15 feet long.


The armory can be entered using a holotape, by hacking (Science 75) or (Lockpick 100). Once inside, there is a locker to the left as well a counter with miscellaneous ammunition on it. Further along the left wall is a locker (very hard). Along the right wall are a few rockets on top of a counter. In the far right corner is a bed that can be slept in. The bed does not give the "well rested" bonus. With that aside, the armory provides the best environment for a temporary "player home," as it has several storage lockers that do not reset.

Notable lootEdit


The Hopeville armory appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


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