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The Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters is a location in the Divide in 2281.


The building served as the command center of the base before the Great War.


The building has two floors, but the second floor is inaccessible due to the ceiling caving in. The building contains the main lobby that splits into a hallway and another room. The hallway has two rooms in it. Two marked men inhabit its interior, and two more can be found on the roof. A commissary terminal is located here, in the same room as an Auto-Doc. A RALPHIE poster for the Feel Like a Kid Again challenge is outside of the building, on the northern wall.

Notable loot[]

  • Nikola Tesla and You - Found to the right upon entering the first room. It is at the end of the shelf, at the bottom half covered under a large burned book.
  • Eyebot upgrade circuit board for the ED-Ecated challenge - On a destroyed eyebot. Take a left northward from the entrance and until reaching a room with toppled filing cabinets. The upgrade is underneath the desk in the northeast corner.
  • Hopeville Base - Armory access codes - In the Hard locked safe, down the hallway from the ED-E upgrade is a room on the left-hand side. This holodisk unlocks the Very Hard locked Hopeville armory terminal.
  • Stealth Boy - On an exterior ledge on the third level. Access by going to the roof of the first level by mean of a car ramp, then climb an I-beam to reach the ledge.


Located outside the front doors of the building is a single Nuka-Cola vending machine. Further inspection reveals the remains of a human skull and two arms. It appears as though someone was crushed while attempting to access the machine and was never rescued.


The Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.