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The Hopesmarch Pentecostal church is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This location consists of a church mostly buried under the radioactive dust of the Glowing Sea. It can still be accessed by either dropping through the roof, or by jumping onto the steeple platform and walking down the stairs. Fighting through the church's ghoulish inhabitants, a wrecked bus containing a steamer trunk, a duffle bag filled with pre-War money, and two suitcases can be found blocking the original church entrance on the gas-filled first floor, requiring visitors to leave back through the spire.

Notable loot

  • Church safe key - On the ground on the second floor, in the same room as the Master-locked safe that it unlocks.
  • Office duties note - On the desk on the second floor, in the same room as the safe.


This location is the origin of the unintelligible radio signal that can be received once relay tower 0DB-521 has been extended. Switching off the ham radio on the second floor causes the signal to cease transmitting. The church also acts as the landmark used by the raider who recorded the distress signal broadcasting in the area to describe the location of the cave where he took refuge.


The Hopesmarch Pentecostal church only appears in Fallout 4.


PCPC One might encounter an "invisible floor" preventing the Sole Survivor from accessing the first floor: when dropping through the roof, the player will land in mid-air, while when entering through the steeple, the player will be unable to progress further down the stairs. However, the ghouls can travel upwards through the invisible floor. [verified]