The Hoover Dam terminal entries are a collection of terminal entries from Hoover Dam in Fallout: New Vegas.

Visitor center terminalEdit

Located on the lobby desk in the Hoover Dam visitor center. The terminal is only accessible during You'll Know It When It Happens and will be off any other time.

Hoover Dam Security ReportEdit


Security Report - Ranger Grant

With the President's arrival today, security is running a final sweep of the area making preparations.

Only members of the security team will have weapons at the President's speech. This means that all Troopers at the speech must relinquish their weapons beforehand.

We will limit people allowed to see the speech to a small number to reduce any potential reish to the President.

I've gotten word that the President is traveling with only two Rangers, so our security team will need to be on full alert.

I'd still like to log my concerns about not having enough time to prepare for this, but we'll do our job here today.


Security Duty RosterEdit


Attn: Security Personnel
RE: Security Assignments for President's Visit

The basic assignments are this:
-Rangers will secure the perimeter and keep and eye out for any external threats.
-Additional Rangers will be stationed around the stage and the crowd. their primary job is to keep an eye on the crowd to make sure nothing funny happens.

I want sharpshooters positioned at the following potential sniper locations:
Visitor Center Roof
Western Ridge
Dam Tower 1 Roof - I want a radio up here to check in.

Stay frosty today. Nothing bad is going to happen on out watch.


Engineering ReportEdit


Engineering Report - Mike Lawson

We've received word the the President's vertibird is having some issues with the flight control computer. I've had some of the techs here examine the logs that were sent and we think we can fix the issue with a small computer update. Ranger Grant has given me permission to have one of the NCR Engineers examine the vertibird when it arrives as well as having our computer update the vertibird's systems after it arrives.

Mike Lawson

Flight Control terminalEdit

This entry only appears during the quest Arizona Killer.

Modify Update SettingEdit


Flight Control Software Updated


Corruption detected in software settings.

Flight control systems will be compromised.


Inventory terminalEdit

Terminal is located in the Hoover Dam offices, in an office in the West section.

Initial Inventory ReportEdit


We've begun to take stock on what's left here, but my first impression is "not much." The equipment here is in terrible condition, and will require extensive repairs to get even minimal power production started. Looks like we've got our work cut out for us, boys.

No Clue What These AreEdit


Johnson, I've come across a crate with a couple of suits made of a material I don't even recognize. Do you know what the hell this is? Looks like pre-war tech to me. The eggeheads we have down here are mostly glorified mechanics, so they just scratched their heads when I showed it to them.

Great. Just Great.Edit


Remember those suits I told you about? Gone. Some jackasss ordered a complete reorganization of our storage system and I can't find anything. Wonderful. I guess they'll turn up sooner or later.

Checkpoint terminalEdit

Generator DiagnosticsEdit


Attention all structural engineers:

There was a problem with the remote diagnostic protocols set up for the generators on the dam. It turns out that activating the remote diagnostics has a good chance to cause the generators to overload. Because of this the diagnostic program is going to be disabled.

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