I just need you to head over to the east power plant and manually activate the switch.Mr. House

The Hoover Dam power plant 04 is a location within Hoover Dam.


This is the fourth and southernmost of four power plant sections. All of the power plant sections have similar layouts, including a large open area in the middle with two giant turbines, with a middle and top tier of catwalks, and work areas along the walls and the floor forming the bottom of three tiers. Each tier has at least two sets of stairs connecting to the next tier up or down.

This section is distinguished from the others by its connection to Oliver's compound on the bottom floor and by the exit to the lower dam exterior on the middle tier.


There is very little of interest in each power plant section until the final quest, where the sections become a running battle between New California Republic and Caesar's Legion.


Hoover Dam power plant 04 appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Hoover Dam power plants are based on the power plants of the real world Hoover Dam. The only notable difference being in the real world, there are in total 17 main turbines and in-game there are only 8.

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