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My men await in the tunnel below. I am to divide them between the dam top and the tunnels that lead to the western power plant.Centurion

The Hoover Dam power plant 01 is a location within the Hoover Dam. During the final quest, this power plant is where the New California Republic and Caesar's Legion standoff in the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.


This is the first and westmost of four power plant sections, alongside plant 02, plant 03, and plant 04. All of the power plant sections have similar layouts, including a large open area in the middle with two giant turbines, with a middle and top tier of catwalks, and work areas along the walls and the floor forming the bottom of three tiers. Each tier has at least two sets of stairs connecting to the next tier up or down.

Head engineer Mike Lawson works in this power plant along with NCR engineers and one NCR trooper. The two turbines located in this plant are N1 and N2, of which N1 is operational. Several traffic cones and fencing partitioning off a generator can be found, situated between the two turbines.

There are several Museum of Technology posters on the walls of this power plant specifically, on all three levels. A large number of empty Sunset Sarsaparilla bottles can be found near the entrance, and several rows of fans are stored on shelving units on the third floor. The only pre-War flag in the power plants is found here.


Hoover Dam power plant 01 appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The Hoover Dam power plants are based on the power plants of the real world Hoover Dam. The equivalents in-game are nearly identical, from the appearance of the turbines themselves to the layout of the room's structure, equipment, and catwalks. In the real world, there are in total 17 main turbines and in-game there are only eight.