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Hook up Betty and Hank by freeing (acquiring) Jillian was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios. It is located at the Reservation.


This is a simple quest with major repercussions for the player. When the player finds out that Betty has a crush on Hank (slip of the tongue from Betty), the player has the opportunity to play match-maker. With a player Persuade skill > 30 for talking to Betty, the player can squeeze a bit more solid info from Betty about what is holding her back from conveying her feelings for Hank. Once the player finds out that Hank has a crush on Jillian, his slave, and that Betty feels she does not have a chance with Hank with Jillian around, it's time for the PC to go to work on Hank.

When the player goes to talk to Hank about Jillian and Betty, the player will need a Persuade skill > 40 to get him to fess up about his feelings for Jillian. The player can then explain his need for Jillian pertaining to the Big MT (in limited detail), or lie and say he just needs this particular slave for "personal reasons," and that Hank would be better off going for Betty. Hank will be convinced and will give Jillian to the player – for a small fee. Hey, a guy has to make a living, you know! 1,000 of whatever is used for money in the game.

If the player failed to convince Hank to go for Betty (Persuade < 40), the player can still buy Jillian for 4,000 "whatevers."

If the player blurted out stuff about the Big MT, Measles will overhear and come talk to the player after the player deals with Hank. If the player wishes not to say anything about it, essentially telling Measles to mind his own damn business, then Measles will just walk away, telling the player to hurry with his business and leave. However, if the player gives up some information about the Big MT, then Measles will be intrigued and want the player to tell the information to his leader, Dr. Willem Clark. This is really a separate part of this quest, so look here.

Character type completion breakdown

  1. Combat Boy, Diplomacy Boy, Science Boy - If the character has the Persuade skills, go for it. If not, too bad. You can shoot stuff, though.
  2. Diplomacy Boy - Tailor made. Persuade is the main skill here, so use it.