The homing beacon is a unique weapon in Fallout 4. Rather than dealing damage directly, it summons a tactical nuclear missile from the Yangtze.


Three beacons are given by Captain Zao after completing the quest Here There Be Monsters. He gives three beacons to be used wisely.

Once thrown, Zao will launch a tactical nuclear missile from the Yangtze which will land where the beacon was thrown. This does not work in tight spaces, deep quarries or inside buildings. The beacon is thrown at a speed faster than any other thrown weapon.

The nukes will not come from a vertical dive, rather the nuke will come at about a 60 degree dive from a random direction. If the beacon is used in an open area with buildings nearby, there is a chance the nuke will hit the roof of a building or a tree.

The explosion will be similar to a mini nuke in terms of blast radius and damage.

The beacon can be reverse-pickpocketed into the inventory of an enemy and still work, however only one beacon can be active while in the enemy's inventory.


Three are given by Zao as a reward after completing the quest Here There Be Monsters.

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  • If Here There Be Monsters is completed, the beacons will still work even if Zao is killed.
  • Beacons seem to have a cooldown and cannot be thrown in quick succession. The first will come, but subsequent beacons seem to have no effect.
  • The missiles do not have a launch animation when in view of the Yangtze, simply spawning in the sky.
  • When thrown, a homing beacon will drop straight to the ground after the distance most thrown weapons would travel, instead of continuing its trajectory because of its higher speed.
  • The beacons will continue to work on the Island.
  • The beacons will continue to work in Nuka-World.
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