Homerun! is an achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


Score a homerun. Do this by walking atop each of the four baseball bases on the ground of Diamond City. The home base is pentagonal and located near Publick Occurrences. From there, run along the wooden pathway on the right until reaching the next base. Turn left at each base and get the homerun.


To start, search the ground between Publick Occurrences and All Faiths Chapel for the home plate. Run to your right, past the Dugout Inn, the first plate should be on the steel walkway that turns left to the farm. Keep running to next base which is placed on the wood planks floating in a puddle entering the farms. Run to your left again down the alley, past the Valentine Detective Agency, the base should be at the intersection at the end. Run past the Security office and back to homeplate.


  • Diamond City Security guards can sometimes be heard giving the player a clue to get this achievement/trophy; they can occasionally be heard saying "Want to do something fun? Run the bases, trust me."
  • The bases are green and Roman Numerically numbered, I-III.
  • It is not strictly necessary to run to score a homerun; simply walking around the circuit is all that is necessary for the achievement.
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