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I am not... ready to interact with other humans personally. For now, this designed likeness and modulated voice will have to do.

Homer Saperstein is a self-proclaimed researcher of alien activity monitoring Appalachia.


Homer is the announcer during the Invaders from Beyond event. When Appalachia is under invasion by hostile aliens, Homer assists the defense efforts by monitoring their movements and broadcasting to the Vault Dwellers at the invasion sites.

Homer claims to be "not well-suited to social interaction" and has spent most years alive avoiding contact with other people.[2][1] Homer is not physically present in Appalachia, declaring an unpreparedness to interact with other humans personally, and that the image and voice the Vault Dwellers see is merely a "designed likeness" and a modulated voice. Homer is fascinated with other galaxies and declares a life's purpose to study them.[3] Homer also does not expect human empathy to extend beyond its own species.[4]

Homer mentions having an assistant who helps in the defense against the alien invasion by monitoring extraterrestrial movements,[5] though upon realizing that the assistant has been mentioned, Homer dismisses it as a "faux pas."[6] Homer is able to understand the language of the aliens, though admits it is only a rudimentary understanding of their speech, but does know that they are conducting research. Homer is able to tap into the communications channels of the aliens because they are close to Earth.[7][8]

Homer can be contacted inside Black Mountain Ordnance Works, specifically TNT Dome #8, although only through a monitor. The player character must hunt and/or kill the Emissary to get the mysterious key. The player character can then speak to Homer, who reveals more information. It is revealed the TNT site is Homer's base of operations where research is conducted on the aliens,[9] and that Homer has developed an aerosol formula called Homer's aid.[10] Accepting to use it results in 5% bonus damage against aliens for two hours. Homer claims to be operating from a private shelter used in the event of breaches, and that being in the dome in-person is the standard.[9]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

FoS ghost costume
This character ignores combat and cannot be damaged.
Icon interactions essential
This character cannot be killed.
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This character is involved in quests.

Invaders from Beyond


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Patched three-piece suit
Random ranged weapon
Fragmentation grenade


  • Initially, on the release version of Invaders from Beyond, Homer's communication display was an image of Vernon Dodge. This was later patched.
  • The random encounters needed to unlock Homer's TNT dome are only enabled when Invaders from Beyond is the current seasonal event, though the quest itself does not have to be active for the encounters to occur.
  • Through the use of an exploit utilizing photo mode, it is possible to clip through the door to the other side of Homer's TNT dome. However, if the Invaders from Beyond event is not currently active, it is impossible to interact with Homer's screen, as the prompt will not appear and he will remain silent.
  • Homer appears as the announcer for Daily Ops when the enemy type is aliens. The broadcast at first is from a staticky Vernon Dodge, though Homer quickly takes over and guides the players to defend against the extraterrestrials.
    • The alien enemy type is the only time Homer appears during Daily Ops; in all other instances, the announcer is Vernon Dodge.
    • This content for Homer was added with the Mutation Invasion update, which gave him new voiced dialogue for Daily Ops. However, it had been in the files since the Invaders from Beyond update.
  • With the Once in a Blue Moon update, Aries can be accused of being Homer who reveals the two have contacted each other, saying, "How do you know about Homer? Has he been talking to you, too-- Wait. You're not baiting me on this. Nice try."


Homer Saperstein appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Invaders from Beyond update. His character was expanded upon in the Mutation Invasion update.

Behind the scenes[]

Homer Saperstein's name is a play on Homo sapiens, the scientific name for the human species.



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