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Home on the Range is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


Whenever the user interacts with a campfire, they have the option of sleeping, with all the benefits that sleep brings.


  • In Hardcore mode, sleeping by using this perk will only restore health; it will not grant the Well Rested bonus nor will it heal crippled limbs, though the health restoration alone is highly useful for anyone without a large supply of stimpaks.
  • If the player character also has the Roughin' It perk, this perk will restore the healing effects of sleep in hardcore mode, including repairing limbs, provided that the player character does it at a campfire.
  • This only works with campfires, not the electric hot plates added by Dead Money and Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes

This perk shares its name with the classic folk song Home on the Range. A Fallout-themed variant exists, Home on the Wastes, and is played by the Lonesome Drifter.

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