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For the holodisk in Fallout 3, see Home sweet home.
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Home Sweet Home is a main quest and achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthrough

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Detailed walkthrough

This quest is obtained upon speaking to Gage after raising the final flag over the fifth of five parks at Nuka-World, cleared out during the course of The Grand Tour. He suggests that with Nuka-World firmly under raider control, it's time to expand to the Commonwealth, establishing raider camps at settlements. He instructs the player to speak to Shank in order to begin laying the groundwork for the undertaking.

At the entrance to Nuka-Town USA, Shank lays out the steps involved in taking over a settlement, which first requires driving off the existing occupants with either force or persuasion. The player selects a method, which gang to use in the assault if violence is chosen (Pack, Operators, or Disciples), and finally a location. Shank reviews his notes on the location, to determine if it's possible to attack the settlement, if some other business (such as a quest) needs to be resolved first, or if the occupants are merely beasts (which requires violence as wasteland creatures cannot be negotiated with).

Optional: The player can meet with Lizzie Wyath, Dixie, or Mason to obtain some grenades, to increase persuasion effectiveness, rile up existing settlers to attack each other, or draw wild animals to attack the settlement, respectively, along with recipes to reproduce the grenades. Lizzie additionally provides the Smooth Operator chem and its recipe, which acts as a less-effective variant of Grape Mentats (+3 Charisma and 10% better buying and selling power for 4 minutes as opposed to +5 Charisma and better purchasing power for 5 minutes) but purportedly with a reduced risk of addiction. This is initially dependent on which gangs view the player favorably depending on territory allocation in The Grand Tour, but ultimately the player can receive all of the recipes if they speak to the other gangs upon returning to Nuka-World before completing the quest.

The player proceeds to the location and secures it for the raiders of Nuka-World, using the workshop to build and plant a flag for the faction it will be handed to. (If violence was employed, the only flag that can be planted is the flag of the gang that aided in the assault.) The player returns to Shank in Nuka-World, who states the next order of business is to provide resources to the newly-minted raider outpost by strong-arming a settlement nearby the outpost. Shank makes a few suggestions based on proximity to the outpost and sends the player on their way.

At the chosen settlement, the player must meet with the leader and convince them, with either payment in caps or intimidation, to supply the nearby raider outpost. The effectiveness of persuasion can be increased and/or the caps payoff amount reduced by having other raider outposts nearby, use of the gangs' optional tools, or building a Nuka-World radio transmitter at the outpost.

Upon returning to Nuka-World once more, Shank informs the player that a raider named Sinner has caught wind of their activities and is planning to attack. The player must return to the Commonwealth a third time and head him off. They can either drive him off with a hard Charisma check or with violence. The latter option may prove difficult as some of his allies will be wearing raider power armor. After dealing with Sinner, the player returns to Nuka-World.

Shank mentions that keeping the gang members happy and loyal is the next step, providing suggestions for objects to build to do just that. At this point, it becomes possible to send Shank to the outpost as a resident, saving the player the hassle of having to keep returning to Nuka-World to carry out outpost operations.

After building enough objects to keep the occupying raiders entertained, the player must return to Shank to learn the final piece of the puzzle, which is securing two additional outposts improve the raiders' presence in the Commonwealth. The player must repeat the steps in setting up the first settlement two more times, which in turn will unlock the second rank of the Wasteland Warlord perk and additional items to build. After the third outpost is established, the quest is complete and Power Play begins.

Quest stages

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Talk to ShankGage seems to think we should start expanding into the Commonwealth. He suggested I talk to a man named Shank in the Nuka-Town market.
20 Claim an Outpost for your Gang
80 Check in with your Crew
90 Talk to Shank
110 Force a Settlement to Supply your GangOn to step two - provisions. Shank said I need to convince a settlement to start supplying my outpost.
140 Discuss Problems at <Alias=InitialRaiderSettlementLocation> with ShankShank said there's some kind of problem at the outpost. I should hear what he has to say.
150 Talk to ShankI've convinced a group of settlers to start supplying my outpost. Time to check in with Shank, see what's next.
200 Check in with your Gang at <Alias=InitialRaiderSettlementLocation>
210 Defend <Alias=InitialRaiderSettlementLocation>It appears our outpost has attracted some unwanted attention from a gang of Commonwealth Raiders. Time to show them who's in charge.
250 Talk to ShankSinner and his gang have been dealt with. I should let Shank know.
270 (Optional) Speak to Shank to Run New JobsIt's time to earn the loyalty of my outpost. And that means making sure that outpost has everything it could need to make it happy. Shank said I should check my Pip-Boy or with him if I have questions about what it might need.
300 Make your Raider Outpost HappyMy outpost has everything it could want for. Shank, here I come.
305 Talk to ShankSo, this is it. The final piece. I need to claim two additional outposts. Shank said to come talk to him whenever I want to run those jobs.
330 Establish Raider Outposts
1000Icon checkQuest complete


  • After establishing the first outpost, special grenades to aid in the capture of raider settlements and their recipes become available by speaking to high-ranking gang members (Dixie, Lizzie Wyath, and Mason). If the recipe is not obtained before the beginning of Power Play, it will no longer be available.
  • Unlike normal settlements, making the raiders at the outpost farm for food will make them less happy.
  • Establishing the first raider outpost will cause the Minutemen to be hostile to the player, disconnecting the player from many things that are supplied from them, such as Vertibirds if one has access to the Minutemen Vertibird signal grenade. Vertibirds called in this way will be hostile but will still land and fly you to your destination.
    • Preston Garvey will instantly hate the player after establishing the first raider outpost, even if his affinity has already been maxed and the United We Stand perk unlocked. This is understandable given that the goals of the Nuka-World gangs are directly opposed to the Minutemen's settlement-related activities. Even if Garvey is not the active companion at the time, he will find out about it and become hostile the next time he sees you. He can still be ordered to move to other Minutemen-allied settlements from the workshop menu.
    • Players intent on violently conquering the specific settlement Garvey is currently staying at (e.g. Sanctuary Hills) are advised to send him away before planting the flag. He is still marked as essential and therefore unkillable, which means he will single-handedly prevent the location from falling to the raiders even if all the other settlers are dead.
  • The only way to have Preston Garvey as a companion and complete Home Sweet Home is to complete Home Sweet Home and Open Season before rescuing Garvey from the Museum of Freedom. In other words; wrap up all the Nuka-World main quests, including the demise of all raider gangs, before having dealings with Garvey.
  • Establishing any raider outposts and then becoming an enemy to the Nuka-World Raiders will cause the settlements owned by them to no longer be under the Sole Survivor's control. All the Raiders at the outposts need to be eliminated in order to regain control of them and convert them back to standard settlements.


PCIcon pc Depending on how you complete Shake Down, Shank may be stuck in a loop where he continuously says "Don't underestimate the power of beating the stuffing out of someone before you shake them down" followed by "A meal's always tastier when you ain't the one that had to grow it." This prevents him from talking to the player about Sinner so you cannot progress with this quest except via console commands. [verification overdue]

  • This may be fixed by the console command stopquest DLC04RaidCoerce.
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