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For the junk item appearing in Fallout 4, see Home plate (Fallout 4).
For the junk item appearing in Fallout 76, see Home plate (Fallout 76).


Home Plate is a location and possible Settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is a possible player character home, available for sale in Diamond City for 2000 caps from Geneva in the mayor's office.


As Geneva explains when purchasing the property, the previous owner bought an adjacent warehouse and knocked down a few walls, making it bigger than most. It is situated within the central market area between Diamond City Surplus and Chem-I-Care.


On the ground floor entered via a blue door is the old warehouse area with concrete block and wooden panel walls. A bare concrete floor is covered by a tin roof. A series of metal posts runs through the middle of the room. This area is initially filled with various junk items including a broken and empty Nuka-Cola machine, an old couch, traffic cones, various small containers including a steamer trunk and a lot of miscellaneous junk items for scrapping. There is a fairly large amount of cinder blocks lining the perimeter on the bottom floor.

Moving through an opening, the original living area has a bare wooden floor with a mix of sheet tin and concrete blocks used for the walls. There is no furniture apart from the workshop (with limited functionality) and a fusebox providing power.

A metal ladder leads to the roof (exiting the building cell) opening into an empty old trailer with two torn cloth covers providing some shade. The roof itself is sparsely furnished with a chair, old bathtub, barbecue, and a dog house. Part of the roof is on a slightly lower level, down a short wooden staircase. The roof space is not covered by the workshop and items cannot be removed or placed here.

There is a power armor station situated outside the red door. This is one of the work stations located in the marketplace for use from the house, which only has a limited range of craftable items available via the workshop inside.


  • The resources cannot be linked by supply lines to other settlements.
  • Home Plate comes with pre-installed lighting.
  • Despite having ownership of the house, taking items out of the mailbox counts as stealing.
  • Unlike settlements, when dismissing companions, this location is not an available destination option.
  • Purchasing the property provides a new fast travel point just inside the home, by the blue door.


Home Plate appears only in Fallout 4.


  • Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png Icon xboxone.png Sometimes if you fast travel to home plate, the map marker will incorrectly display your current location as the Ticonderoga Safehouse.[verified]
  • Icon ps4.png Icon xboxone.png If you scrap the bed that comes with Home Plate, you will never be able to get the Well Rested perk again.[verified]
    • On PC, scrap (or store) the present, "non-Well Rested" bed. Then bring up the console and enter "13b35a".spawndupe, which will spawn a new bed. Upon exiting the console, the new bed should be positionable in workshop mode and should grant the "Well Rested" bonus.
    • Another way to fix this is to open the console, select the current "non-Well Rested" bed by clicking it with the console open (the item ID will appear), and enter the command setownership. This allows one to have the "Well Rested" bonus even in a non-default Home Plate bed.
    • On consoles, reload a previous save prior to scrapping the original bed.