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Home Plate is a location and potential settlement in Diamond City in 2287.


The building is a possible player character home, available for sale for 2000 caps from Geneva in the mayor's office. As Geneva explains when the Sole Survivor purchases the property, the previous owner bought an adjacent warehouse and knocked down a few walls, making the residence bigger than most in the city.[1]


This building in the city's infield (in the central market area between Diamond City Surplus and Chem-I-Care) has three entrances: a ground-level blue door to the left, a ground-level red door to the right, and a hatch up on the roof. Through the blue door is the original warehouse area, with a bare concrete floor, walls constructed of concrete blocks and wooden panels, and several metal posts supporting lower sections of the ceiling. This area is initially filled with various scrappable containers and junk items, including a steamer trunk, a cooler, a wooden crate, two first aid boxes, three ammo boxes, a broken and empty Nuka-Cola machine, a couch, an ottoman, a table, a patio table, a chair, a cabinet, an end table, a cart, a shopping cart, a bathtub, a tool rack, traffic cones, tires, pallets, crates, boxes, stacks of cinder blocks lining the walls, and a fair amount of miscellaneous junk items.

Moving through an opening to the south, the original living area near the red door has a bare wooden floor with a mix of concrete blocks and tin sheeting used for the walls. There is no furniture apart from the workshop (which has more limited functionality than the workshops available in other settlements) and a fusebox providing power. Wooden stairs lead up to a landing with a bed, a first aid box, and a dresser, then to a second landing with a metal ladder and hatch exiting to the exterior roof area.

The hatch to the roof opens into an empty old trailer, with two torn cloth covers providing some shade. The roof itself is sparsely furnished with a chair, a bathtub, a barbecue, a patio chair, and a doghouse. Part of the roof is on a slightly lower level, down a short set of wooden stairs. The roof area is not covered by the workshop, so items cannot be removed or placed here.

There is a power armor station outside the red door. This is one of the five standard crafting stations (the others being an armor workbench near Diamond City Surplus, a weapons workbench near Commonwealth Weaponry, a chemistry station in the Mega surgery center, and a cooking station near Power Noodles) freely available for use in the nearby market.


  • Home Plate has more limited functionality than most other settlements:
    • As mentioned above, the workshop has limited functionality. For example, only a few miscellaneous structures (such as totems) can be created, no crops can be planted or water resources placed, and no stores or cages can be constructed.
    • No settlers or companions can be assigned or directed to the property, and it does not appear in the Pip-Boy "workshops" list. This means that Shaun and Buddy cannot be sent to Home Plate.
    • No supply lines can be linked to or from other settlements.
  • Home Plate comes with pre-installed lighting connected to the fusebox.
  • Even after purchasing the property, taking items from the mailbox outside the red door is considered stealing.
  • Purchasing the property provides a new fast travel point inside the building, near the blue door.


Home Plate only appears in Fallout 4.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Sometimes after fast traveling to Home Plate, the map marker will incorrectly display the player character's location as Ticonderoga.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One If you scrap the bed that comes with Home Plate, you will never be able to get the Well Rested perk again in this location, as beds crafted in the property do not provide this perk. On PC, one way to fix this issue is to scrap or store the player-crafted "non-Well Rested" bed, then open the console and enter "13b35a".spawndupe, which will spawn a new bed. This new bed should be positionable in workshop mode, and should grant the "Well Rested" bonus. Another way to fix this issue on PC is to open the console, select the player-crafted "non-Well Rested" bed by clicking it with the console open (causing the bed's Form ID to appear), and entering the command setownership to enable the bed to grant the "Well Rested" bonus. On consoles, the only way to fix this issue is to reload a save created prior to scrapping the original bed.[verified]



  1. The Sole Survivor: "Tell me more about this house."
    Geneva: "The previous owner bought an adjacent warehouse and knocked down a few walls, so it's bigger than most. And he left behind all his old tools, so you'll have everything you need to modify the inside however you see fit."
    (Geneva's dialogue)