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Welcome to the Shelters Claim Center! Claim your Shelter now to expand your home!

Home Expansion is a side quest in the Fallout 76 update Steel Dawn. The quest will automatically start after viewing a Shelters Claim Center poster or upon entering the Shelters Claim Center, located just west of Vault 51's entrance. This quest introduces the Shelters feature and offers the reward of basic Shelter building items.

Quick walkthrough

Talk to Mr. Clark inside the Shelters Claim Center to access the Shelters feature. This is a very short quest that serves as an introduction to the Shelters system.

Detailed walkthrough

Enter the Shelters Claim Center and interact with Mr. Clark. The robot will introduce the player character to Shelters, an instanced building feature introduced with Steel Dawn. Listen to Mr. Clark and then select the "Yes! I am here for a Shelter!" dialogue option to proceed with the quest.

Before Mr. Clark can unlock the Shelters, there is one small step to complete. One must access the nearby terminal and register as a Shelter owner. To do this, just click the "Shelter Owner Registration System" and then "Register New Owner" to proceed.

Return to Mr. Clark to complete the quest by selecting the "There's nothing else I need to know" dialogue option. One can also ask basic questions to learn more about the Shelters system before completing the quest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak to the Claim Center Bot (Mr. Clark)I've found the Shelters Claim Center near Vault 51. Ther's a robot inside that I can talk to about claiming a free Shelter
? Register as a Shelter OwnerMr. Clark, the robotic salesman inside the Shelters Claim Center, directed me to use the Claim Center's terminal to register as a Shelter owner. Once I'm finished I'll be able to claim my free Shelter!
?Quest finishedSpeak to Mr. ClarkI registered as a Shelter owner like Mr. Clark asked. If I speak to him again, he'll distribute my Shelter to me.


Discussing the Shelters Claim Center's previous occupant, Reuben Gill, with Mr. Clark will start a miscellaneous quest to find the key to Gill's safe in the shelter. The area surrounding the isolated cabin will be highlighted on the map, and another miscellaneous quest to search the cabin occupant's remains will be started upon entering the cabin area. After acquiring Reuben's safe key from Reuben's corpse, the safe can be unlocked and the Passwords note can be looted, allowing access to Reuben's personal logs on the Shelters Claim Center terminal.