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Hollywood is a municipality that merged with Los Angeles in 1910. It is known for its celebrities and film productions.


Hollywood is mentioned by Raul Tejada when he is describing Mr. House's pre-War life.[1] Vera Keyes, a character from the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money, was a Hollywood actress.[2]


Hollywood is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-on, Dead Money.

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  1. Raul's dialogue: "Everybody knew Robert House. He was a genius. A superstar. Founded RobCo at 22, dated Hollywood starlets, the works. They say he saved Las Vegas."
  2. Dead Money loading screen: "Vera Keyes was a Pre-War Hollywood starlet. Her claim to fame was a number of poorly-written romances that nonetheless drew in large box office crowds - and poor reviews."
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