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Holly Barrisford was a linguistics specialist for the U.S.S.A. who was abducted by aliens. She attempted to talk to them, but it ended up in her being either killed or knocked out by the aliens.

Alien captive recordEdit


I'm Holly Barrisford, a linguistics specialist for the U.S.S.A. I think I'm beginning to understand you, but you need to stop shocking me!
(Alien Babble)
Damn. I wish you could understand me. <Alien Noises>. Do you understand?
(Alien Babble)
That's it. You get it. I mean you no harm, I just want to learn how to speak with you. Then perhaps we can discuss what you need from us.
(Alien Babble)
What are you doing with that needle? No! Get it away from me! NO! PLEASE! We can be friends! You don't need to... ahhhhh.

Alien captive recorded log 16 audio recording


Holly Barrisford does not actually appear in Mothership Zeta, but you do hear her voice on her alien captive recorded log.

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