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For other hollowed-out rocks, see Hollowed-out rock.

The hollowed-out rock is found in the vicinity of Megaton and contains loot and a note.


The hollowed-out rock, on a passing glance, appears to be just another ordinary rock. However, a closer inspection will reveal the rock is hollow and contains loot that's very useful at the beginning of the game.

The location is around the back of Megaton. The Lone Wanderer will usually be attacked by three to five mole rats or vicious dogs very close to the end. On the world map, the rock is just west of due south of the Megaton icon, about 3/4ths of the way down the grid square. If one is having trouble finding it, look for a rock surrounded by three trees that are much shorter than the rest of the surrounding trees.

Notable lootEdit


  • If the hollowed-out rock can't be located, have Dogmeat follow the Lone Wanderer and halt in the vicinity believed to have the stash, nearby. Ask Dogmeat to find either chems, weapons, or ammunition. Follow him as he runs to grab the loot.
  • A message just like the one displayed for an openable container says "open hollowed-out rock," therefore it is possible to walk up to every rock in the area and look for the message.
  • If Megaton is blown up, the hollowed-out rock will stay there despite sitting only 60-100 feet from the detonation area. The trees surrounding it, however, will not be there, making it more difficult to locate.
  • This rock formation is not found anywhere else in the wasteland; unlike the others surrounding it, it is not recycled.
  • This particular location is the easiest way to obtain a sniper rifle very early in the game. It is also possible that sometimes when approaching the hollowed-out rock, Sam Warrick might appear, and even though it may be challenging for a low-level player character, since Sam Warrick uses a sniper rifle, this can provide two sniper rifles possibly very early in the game.


This hollowed-out rock appears only in Fallout 3.

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