How much damage your character can take before dying. If you reach 0 HP or less, you are dead.— In-game description

Hit Points (HP) also known as Health are a game mechanic used to measure the health of a character. During combat, wounded characters lose HP. When a character gains a new level, additional HP is awarded. Should a character be reduced to 0 HP, the character dies. Needless to say, HP is an important character statistic to be monitored during play. HP can be restored using various medical items/food items such as stimpaks and wasteland omelets. HP can also be restored by sleeping or paying a doctor (both of these methods heal crippled limbs, except in hardcore mode in Fallout: New Vegas). HP can also be restored by waiting, at a rate of approximately 2 HP per 3 hours (Fallout: New Vegas).

Fallout, Fallout 2

$ \text{Initial level}=15+\text{Strength}+(2\times\text{Endurance}) $

The Maximum HP increase per level is

$ \left\lceil\frac{\text{Endurance}}{2}\right\rceil+2 $


Fallout 3, Fallout 4, New Vegas

Fallout 3

$ \text{Initial level}=90+(\text{Endurance}\times20)+(\text{Level}\times10) $

Example: A starting Endurance of 5 at Level 1

$ 90+(5\times20)+(1\times10)=200~\text{Hit Points} $

Fallout: New Vegas

Between Fallout 3 and New Vegas, base HPs were changed from 90 to 95. Further, fAVDHealthLevelMult was changed from 10 to 5. The result is starting characters from both games with Endurance 5 will have the same HPs (200) but New Vegas character's HPs scale slower than Fallout 3 characters.

$ \text{Initial level}=95+(\text{Endurance}\times20)+(\text{Level}\times5) $

Example: A starting Endurance of 5 at Level 1

$ 95+(5\times20)+(1\times5)=200~\text{Hit Points} $

Max health of a player character without any chem boosts, DLC or perks and at max Endurance is 445

$ 95+(10\times20)+(30\times5)=445~\text{Hit Points} $

Max health of a player character with DLC, chems and perks at max Endurance is 885

$ 95+(10\times20)+(50\times5)+30^1+60^2+75^3+100^4+25^5+50^6=885~\text{Hit Points} $
¹ From Life Giver perk. ² From Buffout. ³ From Sierra Madre martini. 4 From Thought You Died perk (if Karma is at 1000 points). 5 From Black blood sausage. 6 From Battle brew.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4's health scaling formula:

$ 80 + (\text{Endurance} \times 5) + (\text{Level} - 1) \times \left ( \frac{\text{Endurance}}{2} + 2.5 \right ) $
  • Decimals are truncated in the PIPboy.
  • Temporary Endurance bonuses do not add permanent health on level up.
  • Health is retroactive on permanent Endurance increase.

This is a significant change from Fallout 3 and Fallout:New Vegas. The character starts with significantly less health and thus enemies feel much more dangerous. Thankfully, there are unlimited levels and thus an infinite amount of health a character can obtain.


  • The Life Giver perk can add an additional +20 HP per ranks, up to 60 HP.
  • The Survival Expert perk can add between an additional +5 to +15 HP.
  • Buffout (Fallout 4) temporarily increases maximum HP by 60, in addition to a three point increase in Endurance, resulting in a maximum possible increase of 120 HP.
  • At higher levels there may be a limit to max HP.
  • The sound of a heart beat can be heard when the player character is at low health, the sound gets louder (and faster) the less and less health the character has. However, there have been some occasions in which the health is so low that the heartbeat actually stops.
  • Depending on Endurance, a small amount of HP is automatically restored by Healing Rate.
  • Waiting restores the player character's HP by 0.66 per hour.

Fallout Tactics

$ \text{Initial level}=15+\text{Strength}+(2\times\text{Endurance}) $

The Maximum HP increase per level is

$ \left\lfloor\frac{\text{Endurance}}{2}\right\rfloor+3 $


  • The Lifegiver perk gives +4 maximum HP per rank for each level gained.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

  • The Die Hard skill gives an additional +20 maximum HP (up to a maximum +200) per rank.
  • The Rad Child skill allows Cain to regenerate health when others would receive radioactive damage.
  • The Sadist skill grants the ability to regenerate +2 HP for Cain and +5 HP for Nadia (up to regenerate a maximum +25 HP for Nadia and +10 HP for Cain) per rank whenever they kill an enemy.
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