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History of Morgantown: Author's notes is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found in Morgantown on top of the building where the event quest Back on the Beat is started, the Responders bot shop, on a bed. The roof of the building is accessed by climbing the fire escape on the south side of the building, then jumping to the lip of the roof under a billboard from the highest fire escape, with the skeleton.


...:: History of Morgantown ::...


Epilogue [working draft]

I've accepted my fate, and the fate of Morgantown. It's too bad that I'll never get to meet you, but at least you have the story of this horrible place, and now the story of me.

Good luck, and try not to repeat history. You have a chance to start anew. Please don't be like us.

Author's notes [delete later]

I miss my mom and dad. I have no idea if they've survived, but I heard rumors that Charleston was hit by something terrible so I've pretty much given up hope. I can't leave Morgantown to go find them, and I'll probably die on this rooftop. But hey, at least I'm alive.

Victor suggested we meet up, but I don't really trust him that much. And there's nothing that's going to make me leave this roof - not because I'm afraid of the student gangs patrolling the streets. But ... I've started to notice that... my hair is falling out. I've been dosing out the little RadAway I have in small increments. Just enough to make the pain go away, but not too much. Had to make it last as much as I could. But it's not working anymore.

So, that's the motivation for recording the four volumes of Morgantown's history. It's not enough, but I'm losing strength every day. It's the most I could do.

Brainstorming [old]

1. Detailed analysis of post-war Morgantown.
----- update: not enough time, getting too sick
2. Historical recordings of Morgantown survivor accounts
----- not happening, people are way too aggressively violent
3. Meet up with telescope guy? Big no.
4. Short recordings. Big picture, high level. "The History of Morgantown"? Will need a shorter name, too grandiose.